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Unbearably Smug

Can you guess what this is made of? It's slubby and bumpy and generally ugly, but I am unabashedly proud of it - sort of like admiring your baby's spit-up, I'd imagine.

The lovely Amie (check out her article for Knitter's Review - wonderfully written and a must-read for anyone traveling to Sheep & Wool this weekend) came armed with tasty things last night: a drop spindle, her own excellent instruction, and more than enough fiber for me to spin happily, clumsily, obliviously, until it was suddenly much later at night than anyone had planned on.

From left to right: a little Dorset roving, a little Merino top, and an attempt at some mohair. Not pictured: the snarled, slubbly, broken, knotted, and tangled bits and gibbles my office is littered with.

What a wonderfully thoughtful gift (I've been meaning to learn to spin for months) - what a frighteningly effective way to lose hours! It's gratifying to know that you're making progress, of course, but to actually see that each attempt is a little better, drafting a little easier, thickness a little more even, plied yarn balanced a bit better? Completely addicting. The possibility of a wheel, of laceweight, of shawls knit in my own cobwebby yarn? Intoxicating. Thank you, Amie!

Summer sweater

The breather from last week is...still breathing. I knit hardly at all over the weekend, but I'm getting back to it - a light summer shell in Hempathy. The hand is quite soft, but the patterning is nice and crisp.

It'll have a high, very wide boatneck - demure and sweet over a camisole, except -

The back is cut to the curve of the spine. Worn the right way - over a backless, nude-colored bustier, with a businesslike pencil skirt and Serious Slingbacks - it will be incendiary.


Wauw, for a first spinning that's really neat! Mine didn't look half that nice :D.

Just out of curiosity, what size needle are you using for the top (well, in mm if you can, I'm European you see :D). Love it though I wouldn't wear such a deep back as my back is ... not to be shown to much.


Ok, now that just hurts. I can't believe you figured out plying too. That swatch looks like it could've been out of machine spun yarn, its so even. You're one sick puppy Eunny Jang!

(Wanna buy some more roving with me at MDS&W?)

That shell is already jaw-dropping - we'll all be clamoring for a pattern, I'm sure. "Hempathy" is such a great name for a yarn, and your little balls of handspun are adorable!

You're an amazingly fast knitter! I love how the shell is looking, and seeing your first attempts at drafting really makes me feel like I've been slacking in the drop spindle department.

Everything is so lovely!

woohooo... sexayyy.

Yowch. That is going to be one hot sweater. Incendiary indeed.

(And I love how you fantasize not just about a finished knitted item but about how it will fit into a particular sizzling ensemble, about the whole sartorial statement. I do the same thing.)

WOW, your knits are soooo beautiful...hot stuff indeed!

Love the spinning! I received a drop spindle and roving from my SP7, but have yet to attempt creating my own yarn. The sweater will indeed be beautiful... and yes, incendiary on you because you are young and slim. On us more "mature" women we would look like sausages oozing from their casings. Probably tmi, but it is lovely.

the summer sweater is coming along beautifully! i've been thinking about trying hempathy on my next top. the all-over patterning is a great choice for the fiber mix -- letting it behave more like a woven than a knit. great combo!

Incendiary is right! Holy cow!!

Your spinning is lovely as is all you touch. Like magic!

Wait, you think we'll need to go to yarn stores in addition to MDSW? I'm pretty sure my budget'll be shot on the festival grounds. :)

Nice spinning--it looks great!

Eunny, that is so beautiful! I can't believe that is a "breather." You never cease to amaze.

Your summer top will be stunning.

Oh, Eunny! Your "breather" is breathtaking. I was enchanted by the first photo a couple of days ago; these photos are great. And your spinning. I'm jealous. It took me ages to get to the point you seem to have achieved effortlessly. Such a talented woman! Enjoy MDS&W.

Congratulations on the spinning! That's fabulous for your first (almost first) attempt. And yes, your "breather" is gorgeous.

wow, love the new design. it's going to be smashing!

I love the way you visualize a whole outfit. Makes me want to plan what I wear. Inspiring.

That sweater is quite awesome - would love to make it if you come out with a pattern...

Wow, that's one sexy sweater. I really hope you'll publish it :)

Wow Eunny. You better publish Incendiary... or there will be fires indeed...

Emms :)

Eunny, I'm so envious! Now I want to spin toooooo.

The sweater = HOT. I saw the last entry and knew I had to have it. So sexay.

Your summer sweater is gorgeous, sexy and elegant at the same time.

I'm awestruck. Again. That summer top it so lovely! It would be fab if us mortals could get a wing at that pattern eventually! :)

When will Eunny publish her first book of outragously cool and chic patterns? I'd buy it in a heartbeat.

Eunny my dear, when you said "something quick and light for summer", how could've I suspected such an amazing thing?
Now I'll be waiting anxiously till the pattern come out. Wait, maybe I should even buy the yarn for it first. Duh!
Can't wait to see more spinning too ;)

another knitter-cum-spinner! so thrilling. looks like a lovely beginning.

What Eunny didn't mention is that little swatch was made with the stuff she spun about five minutes in, and is a pretty solid little sport weight.

We should all bow at her feet (but we'd likely get hit by a falling spindle...)

Gorgeous. Are you making a pattern for this?

i love, envy, covet your work. really spectacular.

Way to go with the spinning! You're becoming a jack of all trades, well, yarn related anyways.

The summer top is - as has already been said - stunning.

I **SO** envy your design talents. I don't have an ounce of it myself.

Wow! That is all I have to say. Just amazing.

Wow. That shell is going to be amazing! Nice job on the spindle spinning - I didn't have the stick-to-it-tivness to do it. My sister now spins though....Hope to see you this weekend!

That shell is fantastic. Just. Fantastic. And I'm so jealous of your spinning ability!

Man, that handspun looks fabulous. You're a quick study for sure. Be careful, you'll be over on the dark side with the rest of us before you know what hit you (but it *is* fun, isn't it). And the summer sweater - raaarrrr. I love it. I would love to make one to wear to my office. That's the first summer thing I've been tempted to knit.

So that's what I should wear with my backless nude bustier!

I love your sense of style.

Excellent first handspun, it made a great looking swatch. But that summer sweater - wow. It's amazing!

Please, please tell me where you got that pattern. unless you designed it *gasp* yourself? i love to wear something that can be described as 'incendiary'. BTW, welcome to the addiction of spinning! I learned recently myself, and let me tell you, it gets rapidly out of control. my first lesson on a drop spindle was april 9th and my wheel will be in its new corner on monday! even the husband can get mesmerized while watching.

The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend? Me too! If you really want to pursue (and will excel at, I don't doubt) spinning but are reluctant to leap into the purchase of an expensive wheel, may I suggest seeking out a fellow called Babe who makes PVC wheels which he sells at S&W. I got one from him last year, along with my first wheel lesson, and have been a happy spinner of lace-weight yarn ever since.

What cute little balls of handspun fluff! I'll have to admire from afar, lest I become infected with that spinning bug thats going around.

Also, your shell is beautiful and wonderfully unique. I look forward to seeing more progress on her.

Your summer top is fabulous and so unique! And your spinning is excellent, too.

Love the top, cant wait to see it finished and modeled.

Where is this pattern from?

I'm knitting up Orangina in Hempathy. I'm excited to see another project out of it.

Welcome to spinning!

I have recently undergone my first handspun swatch as well and was amazed at how evenly it knitted up. Congratulations!

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