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That cabled bind-off is easy as pie:

All it is is a fat i-cord bindoff, with a cable twist and a purled edge stitch to provide the necessary recess for the cable to pop. It has a little bit of a tendency to curl forward, but only enough for the twist of the cable to show properly. Because of this, it won't add much length, but it does fall nicely in line with the body of the work.

To my eye, a six stitch round cable looks more or less equivalent to a four stitch flat cable. Be aware, too, that the difference between row gauge and stitch gauge will create a softly gathered effect along the cable, unless you compensate with a larger needle for the bindoff, or by attaching only three out of four rows (or whatever works). Or just block it out. Or plan to use it in a way that takes advantage of the slight ruching.

If, like me, you're going to pick up stitches and keep working vertically, just pick up the never-quite-perfectly-tight strands where the yarn was brought around to close the i-cord. Knit from those, twisting each strand as you work to tighten them up and force the cable to straddle the two sections of knitting evenly. For some reason, it's enormously satisfying to me that the neat, tidy back of the work hardly hints at all at what's going on in front:

I can think of lots and lots and lots of ways to use this - as an edging along lapels and hems (use a provisional cast-on and work this bind-off later), lying in heavy bracelets around a cuff, combined with short rows to spiral up a sleeve, as an edge for a structured, felted baguette...endless! (In all this, I guess I'll be pretty embarassed if this is already in, like, Knitting on the Edge or something. For the record, though the idea's probably not new, I did think through this version myself).

Unraveling will be up over the weekend. I have some really interesting questions, and am totally absorbed in writing my answer - a treatise on How To Personalize Knitting, with notes on choosing a pattern, making sure it will fit, adjusting for gauge, choosing a yarn, all kinds of interesting things. It's taking longer than I expected, though (I want to do the subject matter justice), and besides, there is a ballgame beckoning me. See you tomorrow!


I know I'm being a lazybones - but I love the medievel-runched sleeveless top sketch you have there. However, you described the process so well I may ultimately find a way to add it to a project myself!!

I can't wait to see the finished resultes. I love the how the cables lay. Great design.

It just keeps getting better and better. Is there some club of devoted followers I can join?

That sketch looks intriguing. Reminds me of some of the costumes worn in Gladiator. Looking forward to seeing the progress!

Wow I LOVE that top!!! I really, really hope that you will offer the pattern for everyone to knit :D

I've got all these ideas milling around in my head - yarns, patterns, etc. I'm on the edge of my seat, waiting to see them unraveled! ;)

awesome. so how do you cross the cables? is that some tasty short-row action going on there after the stitches are picked up?

Ah, thanks for doing this for us all - I'm going to name this bind off "The Eunny bind off" b/c that's what I'll remember it as.

That cabled bind off is COOL.

That cabled bind off is COOL.

That sketch is making me drool. I would love love love a pattern for a cami like that.

The cabled bind off is lovely!

The bind off is awesome. You do amazing work.

Your cable BO looks like a very satisfying and useful technique. I do like the clean finish on the wrong side.

Oh wow, I have almost the Exact same sketch! Was looking to do a greek tunic inspired top, loving your approach to the construction. Can't wait to see it unfold.

I LOVE that shell. It'll be so beautiful.
You never cease to amaze me. If you wrote a book, I'd be one of the first to buy it!

The sketch and project so far are gorgeous. Knitterly without being fussy, and stylish without being trendy. If there's a pattern forthcoming, I'll buy it in a heartbeat.

This is a great technique to tuck away.

I deeply want that top. What a great idea! If you need a test knitter... :-)

Oh my goodness, that sketch is just too stunning for words. It's just so clever and subtle and intricate and... (I guess I was able to find a few words.) I can't wait to see how it progresses.

this looks like it's going to be stunning, i can't wait to see the FO.

Eunny, you "unvented" a wonderful thing! I enjoy playing with cables, so this is definitely going into my technique bank! Thanks for sharing, and for ALL that you share. You inspire me.

Why haven't you written a BOOK yet? Someone needs to beat your door down and make you write a BOOK (and put that pattern in it, along with your pink & green stocking and the cabled sock... )

So many ways to use that cable....I love the sketch...almost roman like.

That cable is really, really beautiful. And very impressive! With minimal skillz, I can't even imagine how you did it sideways. It's gorgeous.

Me too!
I love the top - I've been dying to try bias cables, and that is perfect. Put me on the list for wanting the pattern.
Also, I'm so excited about your next project. I really need help finding what *suits* me as opposed to what I love on paper.Looking forward to your thoughts.
love your blog,

Wow! I can totally see now how you can work individual pieces, cable bind off and then pick up again.

I learn so much from reading your blog.

What did you do by the way regarding the gauge problem with the jacket. I remember you had to rip it back and start from scratch. The second version "fit like a glove". Was the gauge problem related to the fiber? I've experienced gauge issues when I switch unlike fibers and I was wondering if you had any pearls of wisdom to share.

Don't respond if you haven't the time. I appreciate the time and effort you put in.

Eunny, your ideas are just so inspiring every time I read your blog! I totally love the idea of this top, i can already picture the medieval layered dresses being supported by the cables/rope looking fabric!
But putting it in a modern fashion is soo cool!

Hi there....I was thinking about using this BO on a Baby blanket I am doing with a Celtic Center motif and I was thinking about edgings and then I saw your blog....fantastic....if I can figure out how to do it....I don't want my blanket to bunch, is the bunching problem really bad? Do you suggest going up TWO needle sizes?

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