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I bought myself a little present:

I've been a practically penniless freelancer for a long time, long enough that I haven't bought new clothes in years, long enough that glomming dinner off of my parents has lost its shame, and it's only with a lot of rearranging and giving up of old interests that I can buy yarn at all. You've noticed, maybe, that I tend to use economical workhorse yarns; no double-digit balls of luxury this and hanks of vestal-virgin-spun that for me. No fancy gadgets, either - it was a really big deal in my knitting life when Jeff bought me a swift for Christmas.

But now, I find myself in the peculiar and wonderful position of work and hobby becoming the same - it's been little things here and there that I've kept quiet about, all adding up to some big things I'll talk about eventually - and I figured I ought to celebrate. Champagne! Caviar! Yachts! Diamonds! Uh...dressforms!

Alright, so it's not exactly the most festive of celebrations. But it's tax-deductible, and will get lots of use, and it makes me happy. See how easy it is to rationalize?

It's also nice to be able to show you things I'm working on without awkward pinning and twisting to pose for the camera and asking you to trust that it'll look different when I'm wearing a different bra, and the front bands are on, and, and, and. The form is adjusted to my measurements, and I love the way the jacket looks and fits on it.

There was some interest during the planning stages in the princess-line shaping used. Here's a close-up of the front right side:

You should be able to see how a wedge of pattern down the centerline of a star has been "removed" with decreases and increases, just as it would be in whole cloth with a dart. Go back to the first picture - the interruption is hardly noticeable, really, but four wedges in the whole body add up to a pretty dramatic difference in the silhouette. Putting the shaping there instead of at the sides brings some fullness to the bust, an absolute necessity in cardigans to keep the opening from gaping unattractively (it's not closed right now because I'm afraid to fuss around with the cut steek too much before I put the bands on - it's only two stitches wide!). Overall, I'm very satisfied with the final effect.

Now - sleeves ahoy!

I started something new, too:

It's an experiment with that cabled bind-off before I start that wrapped shell. I'm calling it Torc - no sketch necessary to know what's going on. I think I might start over, though; I've got some soft Phildar crochet cotton right now, but I'm thinking more and more that crisp linen would be more appropriate on a bunch of levels. Does anyone out there have experience with Louet Euroflax (the 14/2 sport weight)?

Unraveling - A follow-up to Wednesday's post about blocking is probably in order. I didn't really set out to write a comprehensive guide to blocking, just how I like to do it, but I missed some pretty big things. UNfortunately, this afternoon is already kind of crazy - so, look for it over the long weekend!


Congrats on the dressform! and your jacket is breathtaking already. I'm a relatively new knitter and I adore your site.

I'm currently knitting my first lace project in Euroflax and I'm pretty happy with it so far. The lady at my LYS says that you should definitely wash your gauge swatch before measuring it because it relaxes a great deal. It's a little stiff when you first work with it but the more you handle it the softer it gets. My LYS had a finished sweater and a lace stole from Euroflax and it just amazed how heavenly soft it became and yet still maintained structure.

The dressform is fantastic! And tax-deductible is extremely exciting! Congratulations.

That jacket is looking gorgeous. The shaping is beautiful, and looks great with the colorwork. Barely noticeable, but key.

Congratulations on the dress form !
In a couple of month you will not understand how you ever lived without one....
I am the grand daughter on my father's side of a Modiste from Alsace .......... they are somewhat more normal then those from Paris, but have their quirks believe me....she insisted on me hand sewing zippers at age 9.....today she might be in prison for that...... lol........who also owned a Millinersstore and a mother who was a " Schneider "( a real men's tailor ) and received my first dress form for my 12th birthday and Christmas combined......that was when Germany was just beginning to do well and big prsents were usually still combined.....
I could not sew or knit without one.....having stood in the very last line when God gave out body parts I am somehwat mismatched: short ( 61 inches ), busty ( 36 D) and very bottom heavy ( 41-42 inches ) but have right now a 29 inch waist....no ready made from the store for me......
I have a dress form that can be adusted several ways in each area.......and now that I lost 90 pounds once again can use it......

A question: what is the little welty thing on your jacket to the right of the white thread sticking away from the armhole ? Coincidence...?
Or does it serve a purpose ? I can't quite figure it out....and am curious !
Curious all around , after seeing your new sketch.....and trying to figure out what you will do with all those colos, presumably around the yoke.....

Have a great weekend .....

Yes, you are *very* gifted. :) May you use the new dressform (and jacket) in good health.

A book? Are you penning a book? Please?

Congrats friend! See you soon!

Is someone paying you to design knitwear for them? Say yes, because they should be.

So awesome. Congrats on the dressform! I COVET that jacket like you have no idea (ok, maybe you do) it looks so clever! But I think my mother may have convinced me that I can't knit that yet. Evil mom, I wants it.

Congratulations!! You deserved that!

Congrats on the dress form, but also for being able to get yourself a little present!

The sweater is beautiful.

Hey, are you coming out to play with us Monday?

The jacket looks beautiful. I am really impressed with your design skills. I have believed for a long time that women have curves, those curves are beautiful, and that beautiful knitting should adorn and not conceal those curves. This design accomplishes that end with considerable finesse. I think this is the first complex colorwork garment I have seen with significant shaping, and while I always speculated that it was possible, I am now both convinced and inspired. Thank you for sharing your work.

I am so happy for you! I did notice that you used workhorse yarns and only did a few projects, but I assumed it was due to the fact that you were more restrained and focused than me...

I love the color of your dressform too. I dunno, its so great to see someone do nice things for themselves! Congrats, congrats, congrats!

Emms :D

Yay on the dressform. And thanks for showing the shaping - I love all the technical stuff as well as the pretty stuff!

Can I ask what brand of dress form you got? Where you bought it? I've been wanting to buy one for awhile but I'm iffy on just buying it a Dritz or Singer one from joann.com.

I'm excited to hear about the new project in the works; I also hope it's a book. And congratulations on making your knitting passion work for you and become profitable!
Re: Euroflax linen, I'd ask Ann & Kay, they seem to have a lot of experience with it.

a dressform! how cool! I also want one of those head forms.
the sweater looks fantanstic.

Oh, I covet that dress form. That would be so fantastic to have something so wonderful to try things on as you go. I'm glad that whatever is in the works is good and that it makes you happy. By the way, I'm still very much in love with that jacket. Yum.

Oh my, your jacket is breathtaking!!! I must admit that the closeups didn't have much effect on me, but this, gosh!!
Congrats for getting the dress form too!! I spotted one in charity shop, but it's like 3 sizes smaller than me.

I'm celebrating with you--and can't wait to hear the big news, keeping my fingers crossed for a book from you. I've used the Louet linen for a summer shawl--knits up very nicely and gets softer with each washing.

A dressform!? Yay. That is definitely happy-making. The jacket looks great, can't wait to see it finished!

Will you be selling this pattern on your blog? Please, oh please, do! The shaping is incredible! Splendid! The stuff of knitting dreams!

Congrats on the dressform! How awesome that your passion and work can merge.

I absolutely positively love the jacket. Never in a jillion years could I knit it, but I love it to pieces.

Yay for a virtual you! Of course, the dressform could never replace you, but love it all the same.

I'm very impressed with the darts on the jacket. That must have required quite a bit of fiddling to get the color pattern to fit into the shaping without any detectable interruptions! It's beautiful to look at.

Like June, I have looked for a dressform (I think I Googled "mannequin" something-or-other) and wasn't sure whether I really wanted a Dritz or Singer. Would you mind also telling me which one you bought? Love the way you incorporated the shaping into the pattern, by the way.

Absolutely stunning jacket! Thank you for combining fair isle-stranded knitting with shaping! I really hope you make this pattern available for sale.

Congratulations on the form! I am sure it will serve you well for many many years.

I hope what you're hinting at is a that you're going to publish a book. I'd buy it in a red hot minute. You're such a good writer (my knitting skills are few but I know an excellent writer when I see one -- I'm an editor myself).

Definitely congratulations! I don't know what's made it possible, but I'm happy to hear it for your sake . . . and hoping that, yes, it's something along the lines of a book for the sake of all the rest of us. Your blog entries are always a treat.

And, oh, that sweater is looking just gorgeous.

Nice dress form! The jacket does look good on it. And it adjusted to your measurements, which is an added pleasure.

Congratulations on the dress form!! Don't worry about using basic work horse yarns--many of us use those yarns because the others are too, too "spendy."

Congrats on the dressform! And, um, the hints are getting stronger... you should just up and tell us. :)

Congrats on the dress form! i went the cheap method and bought a used mannequin that isn't even my size. LOL. but i love putting my knitted items on it and taking pictures! :) and your jacket is gorgeous!!

Oh, yes -- please please book book!!! (And GORGEOUS work by the way. I wish I knew your secret method for planning/charting things out - Eunny designs from start 2 finish. unraveling??

Congratulations! You deserve it all, whatever it is. I know a lot of curvy women have a problem with dress forms because the bust is too small (and often too high) and when you adjust it the shoulders get wider - how does this one work in that respect?

Congratulations on everything, from dress form to The Secret -- you deserve it all and more for your skilled, informative, well-designed (in every sense) posts. And that's just the bit of your abilities that you reveal online :-)

How are those socks doing?

The jacket looks LOVELY on the dressform. So professional!

I have recently used the Louet Euroflax, I made a string bag BECAUSE I was not sure if I woudl like it and it is expensive. So I used it for a small project....I really really liked it. It was rough in an honest way, like a basic quality wool. I like the feel of slightly scratchy wool.

The bag turned out great, I am going to wash it today and see how the softness develops. I am going to tackle a bigger project with it now. Positive review from me!

So, SO beautiful. Medieval and modern, all in one.

Enjoy the new toy, you totally deserve it. It's nice to know that you come up with all those beautiful designs and projects without using expensive supplies. Gives us poor girls out here hope :)

Congratulations on your dressform! My grandmother had one and swore by it, and I've always secretly pined for one - maybe someday. ;)

My experience with Euroflax was terrible. I am not allergic to any material, but for some reason I was violently allergic to their linen, even after washing it. I had to shove it away in a plastic bag, and I currently can't even re-sell it on Ebay because I can't ball it without having a really extreme reaction. I hope I'm in the minority here, but I just wanted to mention it.

I too hope there's a book in your/our future cuz WE NEED YOUR BOOK. Someone (maybe Grumperina) recently had a post in April, I think, on washing Euroflax linen before you knit with it, and the advantages of doing so. Now I need to go get in line for the book.

Ever since I started reading your blog I have been wondering how and when you were going to profiting from your talents. Good for you!

Hope it's a book in the offing, the knitting world would be so thrilled. Your cardigan (and the complimentary dress form) is amazing. The design and shaping are the work of a truly great artist.

um, hi... I may or may not have posted a comment here before, but..I cannot wait to see this cardigan finished. it looks like the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

and what a great dressform!! :)

happy weekend!


Absolutely breathtaking! (Literally!) Your designs, skill and abilities are all amazing! I worship at your very feet.

Wow Eunny. You're so amazing its scary!!

What brand dressform is it? I desperately want one but the brand sold at Jo-Ann does not come in my size.

Good luck in your future endeavours, Eunny: they sound like they'll be great from the hints!

It's always nice to treat yourself...especially if it's also something that you'll be able to get a lot of use out of in the future. It sounds like things are going well for you. That's great! I didn't even notice the dart in the overall picture until you pointed it out! THe jacket looks amazing. Can't wait to see more of the sleeve!

I am in awe of your talent!! I found you via Julia of Vesper Yarn. She is knitting your Deep V. Your work is absolutely gorgeous and inspiring. Your instructions are so thorough, well thought out. I truly hope you can make a living doing what you are doing because you have a gift. I saw someone posted earlier that you should write a book! I would be the first to buy it! Also if you post more patterns to purchase...I'd buy them! Take care and have fun with the new toy!

I thinks that's the most beautiful piece of knitting I've ever seen. It just keeps getting better each time you show us.

*crosses fingers* I hope it's a book!!!

I used the Euroflax Wet Spun Linen last summer to knit Grumpy's Tivoli-
T. Although the yarn was a bit harsh to knit with, it turned into a beautiful fabric once washed. It also comes in beautiful colors! If you're curious: http://nonaknits.typepad.com/nonaknits/project_tivoli_tshirt/index.html

What a lovely knitting blog. After searching and reading so many it is really wonderful to read one that is not so "Trendy" and filled with lovely picures of your work. I also agree with your view on fashion.

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