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Knees a-tremble? Check. Heart a-thumping? Check. Head a-swooning? Check.

All the way through the plain waist and into the colorwork, increasing slowly towards the bust. The hem is rolling quite stubbornly right now - I think, though, that a good wash will tame it.

I'm pleased with myself, too, for figuring out what I think is a pretty handy way of dealing with a back pleat - at first, I was going to do a vent, but realized that the logistics of finishing the vent edges would be awkward: cut the opening? Or work the bottom in pieces? Then, I was going to do a box pleat, but realized that having a hem throughout would create a six-layer fabric at the folds. No good. Here's the solution, spread out:

The hems were worked in two seperate pieces, each spanning from one edge of the back pleat to one front edge. At the turning row, they were joined in a circle, with stitches for the pleat cast on between the back edges and stitches for the front steek cast on between the front edges. A few rows of moss stitch to stabilize the bottom edge of the pleat,and everything seems to be fine. You can see the fold lines, sort of, in the photo - mountain folds are done with a column of stitches slipped with the yarn in back, while valley folds are done with the yarn in front.

This will benefit from a thorough washing and dressing as well - hopefully, I'll be able to get a very crisp edge on the folds.

I can't wait till I have a little more to show you guys - the shaping plans are working out really well, though it's hard to see how the pattern changes when there are only 12 rows done. Then, too, I have all kinds of plans for the collar and for how to do the front bands...I think this is what I love most, tweaking and refining and seeing the project evolve into a thing with a personality I had no hand in.


Thanks for the nice comments on the site redesign! Glad you guys approve :)

Also, if you've emailed me or asked a question in the comments re: knitting in the last couple weeks, and I haven't responded, please don't be mad at me! I've been insanely busy with all sorts of things - please feel free to re-send, and I'll get back to you.

From the comments

The brocade jacket is still going to happen, but it's on hold for a little while to make way for this cardigan. My brocade pattern needs a *lot* of messing around with before I'll be happy with it...and this project is so "ready" to be made. Laziness rules the day around here.

Tina wanted to know, "When you swatch fari-isle, do you knit in the round, or knit from right to left, leave the strands behind the work, and then knit from rihgt to left again : ie, only knit (not purl)? I thought I saw an edge that looked like it had been cut, and I just wonder what the best way of swatching fair-isle is?"

I swatch Fair Isle that's going to be knit in the round on DPNs, and cut it up the back. I tend to make pretty generous swatches - I like to see as many repeats of the pattern I can - so I just cut with abandon at the end-of-round, not even bothering to set a steek or anything.

I feel like this gives me the most accurate measurements, the closest to knitting on a circular needle.


Eunny, that is so beautiful! I can't wait to see this completed. I'm also curious about the brocade jacket; did it not work out, or is it simply on hold? It was such a wonderful design. I hope you make both!

I'm just in awe! Your new project is going to be amazing. I don't completely understand the back pleat but I'm certainly inspired!

I love this, can't wait to see more!

I'm just about to finish the deep V Argyle vest and can't wait for more of your designs!

Oh, and what about the socks? The argyle ones? I'm really waiting for those!!


How pretty! And what a clever idea you thought of for the back.

Wow. Simply gorgeous. I love the earthy oatmeal yarn with that blue - it's stunning. And the pleat is just genius.

That's stunning - you are incredibly talented. The colors are great as well. I'll enjoy seeing it develop.

And I really like your new site design!

What a clever way to deal with the pleat!

Wow, you're so smart to be able to just figure stuff out!

And you're also such a fast knitter! I just finished Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style and that took me more than 1 month!!!!! For a scarf!!

The cardigan is looking so lovely! Please, keep posting the technical aspects because they're fascinating!

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!! I love reading your blog and seeing what you're currently dreaming up. Thanks for keeping our (knitting)world so innovative and inspiring. p.s. Just wondering-- how did all this knitting/designing begin??

How clever is that pleat? I can't wait to see this finished, it's going to be brilliant.

I have been keeping up on Bloglines, so I just saw the new look of the blog. Very nice. I dig your new banner.

I can't wait to see moreeeeeee

Oh my goodness! That cardigan looks so amazing. I hope that you will offer it up as a pattern for all, but I do know that would be the hardest thing I've attempted. It would be so worth it though.

Genius. Also, you knit so freakin' fast. WHOA.

Also, you must have done origami at some point. Valley folds, indeed. ;-)

Honey, I'm still waiting for the Argyle Socks. ;)

I cannot wait to see the finished product. You are so clever, I could never imagine myself designing my own cardigan, let alone a pleat at the back. It looks fabulous so far.

you are truly amazing!

I can't believe how fast you knit; do you pick or throw?
The cardigan is amazing and all the words I've seen in the comments, clever, brilliant, are right on.

I've been quite the lurker, oogling your gorgeous work from afar. I could no longer contain myself. This cardigan is amazing!! If you put the pattern for purchase, I'm already sold.

I have been trying to think of new words to add to all that have been said in admiration.....add me to the list of admirers......I am speechless...
I am eagerly awaiting a purchasable pattern for this stunning cardigan....and then.....................
the Brocade Jacket....please !

Mexico City

I'm delurking too to add that this sweater looks really, really fantastic. I've been looking forward to seeing what you came up with when I read the previous post and saw the original picture you used for inspiration.

You are fabulous! Genius on the pleat too. I learn so much about knitting from your posts. Thanks so much for sharing! I'm sure this piece is going to be a super winner :)

Thanks for your answer! I'll do that next time I have to swatch for a fair-isle project.

That jacket is coming along beautifully!

I live at 63326 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?

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