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This and that (interested in larger vest sizes? Click here!)

Thanks for the comments on the shawl! I love it, and it's deliciously warm. The smaller needle size, which I chose because I think the yarn-weight-to-needle-size ratio of most lace patterns is ridiculous and makes the lace look sloppy and loose, created a fairly dense fabric that traps heat marvelously.

Deep V Argyle Vest larger sizes

Sizes 44, 46, 48, 50, 52, and 54 of the Deep V Argyle Vest are now available, and will be sent with any order placed from here on out. I'll be sending a download link to everyone who ordered the vest already - if you don't need the expanded pattern, please just ignore it.

Here's the rub, though - I promised this an awfully long time ago, and you guys have been waiting patiently. I can't thank you enough for understanding - I've been insanely busy the last month or so, as well as confused as to how to approach this - but the truth is, I've provided terrible customer service. If I ordered a pattern from a commercial outfit and had to wait 5 weeks for a promised change or update, I'd be pretty upset.

So, I am offering refunds to anyone who ordered the larger sizes and feels put out by the long wait. I'd just go ahead and refund everybody's money, but I don't know who ordered it for the expanded pattern and who didn't. Please email me if you'd like a refund, and it'll be given cheerfully and with my apologies and thanks for your patience.

Oh, and here's a link to a Vest-along! For some reason, the email I was kindly sent about this got sent to my junk folder, so I'm a bit late on promoting it.

A pattern page will be up tomorrow, with thoughts on fit, yarn choice, and steeking. I'll incorporate erratum into it as well - let me know if you've got anything!

Current knitting

Yeah, that argyle stocking? Ripped. The pattern had a LOT of problems, and I was frustrated just looking at it. I'm working on the (now 6th) iteration - maybe it'll be the one that works.

But I've been knitting, oh yes -

Head over to the Sampler Stole-Along to see everyone else's progress too. We're up to, I think, 25 members already.

New Technique Series

Majoring in Lace will start tomorrow - I'll cover all kinds of things in photos and diagrams and words, from castons to grafting to needles to the right decrease to use where to seeing the big picture and understanding how lace fabric is constructed. Got a topic you'd like to see covered? Leave a comment or email me!


The lace technique series sounds fab. Reading charts makes me googly eyed.

The lace is drop-dead gorgeous! You are amazing. I cannot wait for your lace tutorials; have gotten all my supplies ready and waiting to learn how to knit lace. It'll be fun! And, yes please, I would like the download for the larger sizes vest pattern. And NO refund is needed. How often do we have a chance to purchase a custom designed pattern? From the designer, herself??

I wanted to tell you that your technical series and tips are about the coolest thing! I am nowhere near ready to do steeks, and some of the other advanced knit-magic you perform, but I enjoy knowing that the info is there and admire the time you take to decipher it for us.

As for lace - that is something I have ventured into and will look forward to learning from you. I would say reading charts is an important topic. I've learned to read simple charts, and now prefer charted knitting to non-charted! Once others learn, they may see how useful charts are and not be intimidated!

Your blog has been a source of lace inspiration and interest for me. Before, I thought lace was just too fussy and antiquated to get into, but now I look at it very differently. I can't wait to read what you have to say about lace technique!

To that end, I would love to hear an overview of lace cast-ons and the effect, use, advantage, and disadvantage of each. I also have a devil of a time picking up stitches (in any project, not just lace) in a clean, consistent way, if you have any advice for this.

Woo I can buy the vest now!

I am looking forward to this lace series already. I think perhaps I will do the reading on it BEFORE I start the print o the wave stole.

Now to think about that vestalong...

WooHoo, another technical series. I can't wait. You've inspired me to put frost flowers on my list of things to knit (maybe this summer). The new lace is gorgeous.

I hate to bug you with this, but I looked through the stole along page and didn't see a link to the site that sells the pattern...I don't suppose you have a location handy for purchasing it? I adore it.

yay! more tutorials!

i am in desperate need of advice for weaving in the ends on a delicate lace piece. of course that's sort of skipping to the "end" before the beginning, but if you can offer any illumination i'd sure appreciate it!

Eunny, this is my all-time favorite knitting blog. Strong words, but I mean it.

I'm excited for your lace series, I'm ramping up to my first big shawl - I have questions about the type and weight of yarn. Seems like different patterns will be better displayed by heavier/lighter warmer/cooler yarns.

I am greatly lookin forward to Lace 101. I have been bitten by the bug and would have started on your Print o' the Wave Stole if I had remembered to bring my yarn winder along with me on my Spring Break. Instead I have two skeins of 440 yd laceweight in hanks. I might break down and handwind it.

I have a question for you concerning your needle substitutions when it comes to lace. I agree with you that many lace patterns call for larger needles than they really need, but is there a nice, short conversion method in going down in needle size (such as, if the pattern calls for US6 then you should just sub in a US0)? Or is the solution simply to swatch, decreasing in needle size, until you find a nice fabric?

Yay! Thank you for having another tutorial - I am days away from embarking on a big lace project and reading along with you will be absolutely perfect. Thanks for such a fantastic blog - it's always an enjoyable read!

I bought your vest pattern when it first came out, but need the bigger sizes. Can I get an update? Thank you!!

Ooooh, a lace series! I was the lucky winner of one of the Harlot's olympic prizes - 5 skeins of hand painted lace weight. I've never knitted lace before but have been wanting to try it for months...am thinking of knitting a shawl to raffle off in benefit of my husband's imminent kidney transplant. I've been nervous about starting lace, but now that you're doing a tutorial I'm all set - everything will be okay. Thank God for Eu!

Thank you for your first paragraph today. I have restarted a pattern 8 times with fine yarn and 3.75mm needles and it's just too uneven!
Lace question: why does shetland lace use a 3 body stitch to 4 row edging ratio and russian a 1 to 2 ratio? Both edgings are garter based. No rush on the answer. I am really looking forward to your lace series.
Your shawl is stunning!

You absolutely do not need to apologize. I have been waiting for the larger sizes before I ordered and have not minded the wait at all. I have enjoyed seeing what the others have been knitting and it gave me time to think on color choice and make sure I wanted to embark on this project. I've never steeked before.

And I know it's gushing, but you really are my knitting hero. YOU, my friend, are an absolutely fearless and talented knitter. You take the knitting world by storm. And I, for one, don't mind waiting.

Yay! A Lace Tutorial!! I am absolutely smitten with lace but I have yet to actually accomplish finishing a project to its end. This is because I have a hell of a time fixing errors in lace. If I screw up the stitch count, drop a stitch, whatever, I am completely and totally screwed! And I'm not a novice knitter. I can "read" my other knitting and fix most mistakes fairly well. There's just something about lace that just messes me up. I'll be following your tutorial avidly, and if you can help me with fixing errors you will be my knitting hero! I'm also reading the knit-a-long and I'm totally in love!

(sorry, highly complimentary comment ahead)
I just wanted to tell you what a great knitter you are. This blog hasn't even been around for very long and already you have a very devoted following.

I'm very excited about the lace tutorial. I'm not that interested in lace (I might be too young to wear shawls), but I like reading your in-depth lectures. Frankly, I'm a bit surprised that you haven't gotten a book offer yet.

Hi there!

I just bought the vest - but the pattern I got on download is still only up to 42 inches?

Der. It's just further down. Sorry. Thanks for sizing it up!

You rock!

That stole piece looks beautiful--and I don't usually like pink that much! Great job as always.

Oh noooooooo! Wee argyle sock! We hardly knew ye! Well, that saves me from having to give it a try huh, Eunny?

i will be eagerly awaiting ALL of it! i'm about to dive into the peacock feathers shawl from fiddlesticks for my wedding shawl, and it's only my second lace project, so i've got some trepidation. wish me luck!

You got game girl!! And when I say game I mean mad, crazy knitting skills.
Your Sampler Stole is breathtaking. I would love to join your along, but have too many deadlines already. I look forward to your tutorial because I know that I will learn a lot.

I am no beginner in fair isle knitting, and still I found your tutorials very good, and even picked up something new. So, I'm looking forward very much to the lace tutorials, an area where I am not so advanced.

Goodbye again, mini argyle sock. *sniff*

I've got a request that might go beyond the bounds of polite request into the lands of imposition - but if you could talk about how to design a lace garment, I would be so appreciative. I've got a wee niece destined to be born in about two months, and I'm set on knitting her a christening robe/gown. I've yet to find a pattern that suits, and while I have the Barbara Walker books, I've never designed something with a main lace pattern, and then had to pick an edging, figure out what to cast on for the skirt/bodice/edging, or how to incorporate all the parts into a whole! Every time I pick up the yarn and start thinking about it, I get so frustrated! Is it just a matter of swatch swatch swatch and practice, fail, repeat?

oooh ooh pretty. Maybe after learning from you I might try lace! :)

Until then if you want to go over how to set in a sleeve or short row the shoulders- maybe Helen's Sweater or my Salina will be finished. Cause no one can beat a Eunny Tutorial :)

YAY for the larger vest sizes. I don't think I signed up to get that version of the pattern, but I would love to and guess what... I'm even willing to pay extra got get it :)

I also didn't know about your lace tutorial, but I'll be ready to participate :)

I'm soooooo jealous of your stole. Good thing you live so far away or it just might "disappear" hahahaha.

Cheers Eva

I've just ordered 1200 metres of something wooly/lacey and am eagerly trying to compose something fairisle-ish. Can you please give hints on how to make lace edging corners? You can fins tons of patterns for lace edgings but zero on corners, and I am thinking of making at least four of them.

Eunny, you are a dream! I've never managed to finish a lace project, but am about to embark on my largest yet (actually am considering your print o'the wave stole for my wedding shawl! I have some photos of the dress on my blog... can't decide.. ). Anyways - just wanted to say that you are phenomenal! Inspiring knitting, incredibly informative lessons. When are you going to collate this into a book? : )

Yikes! Eunny, your Whispering Pine link took me to an unsavory site.

Can't wait for the lace tutorials.

Oh, perfect! I've got a lace craving at the moment, and have a lace garment in mind that I'd love to design. I'm sure your tutorial will be a huge help.

I'm really looking forward to the lace tutorials - I'm a beginner lace knitter. I did manage to finish Birch for the Harlot's Knitting Olympics but I have aspirations to Peacock Feathers and Frost Flowers. One thing I would like to see clearly explained (and I apologise if it is too much of a rookie question, but I have not found a decent explanation anywhere) is exactly how to knit or purl through the back loop. Where exactly should you put the needle for each and is there a difference? I thought I knew how to knit through the back loop, but then I came on an instruction to purl through the back loop and it made me wonder if I'd been knitting through the back loop wrong all these years. Thanks for taking the time to explain all the stuff you do, it is a real service to less experienced knitters and we do appreciate it. In my dreams, I knit like you!

Just got my download for the larger sizes of Deep V! Woohoo! No refund needed here, because your pattern is worth every penny. I just bumped up other stuff from farther down in my queue. Sorry to hear about the Argyle socks frustration, but am very excited about your new lace tutorial. I never wanted to try lace before, but you have made me a convert! Thanks for all the hard work you put in to advance the craft.

Looking forward to the lace tutorial. My main problem is that I am a careless lace knitter. I appreciate some info about how to fix mistakes. Sure, I should/could use a lifeline, but if I don't I get so baffled about how to make sure all the yo's and such are still there after I've had to tink.

refunds? don't be silly. I'm delighted to have the designer provide a pattern in my actual bust size, i'm used to having to fudge it all myself!

Christ, that is GORGEOUS!!!

I would like you to start on Annie Modesitt's VK cover Twisted Float shrug. I am saying this for selfish reasons. I'm starting it and it just doens't seem to be working out. The stitches are just not looking right.

I can't wait for your Majoring in Lace series! You are amazing, and your tutorials are incredibly concise. Also, I just so happen to be about to embark on my first big lace project, beyond a trim or a panel in another project. I'm going to be using your Print 'o the Wave pattern, and it will be my first big handmade gift for Mom.

Thanks so much!

the stole is looking great! I'm really looking forward to your lace tutorial too. :) I just started to explore the world of lace and I'm sure whatever wisdom you have to offer is going to come in really handy. thanks!!

Lace series request: I've knit and designed a fair bit of lace, but I still often have problems figuring out how to make borders (especially wide ones that are directional)go around corners neatly. I know that there must be some good techniques out there, but I just haven't found them yet.

you ripped out those stockings?? AAH! I loved them!!! that was goign to be my next pair of socks! :) now i must wait for your new pair to see if they are better...

Thank you so much for sending the link for the expanded size- version of the vest pattern. I think that is providing exemplary customer service, and I also think it's great that you took that issue so seriously! I appreciate it, and imagine everyone else who bought the pattern does too. (As a comparison-- think about other designers who may or may not post corrections/ updates to their patterns to a website much later-- leaving most of us to just limp along with the original versions. At least you notified pattern- buyers of the updates!)

Is this where I register for Lace 101? Are there any pre-requisites? How about enthusiasm... Yes ma'am, I have that in spades. Blog-on!

Your new shawl is so beautiful! I am looking forward to your lace tutorial. One thing I would like to know is how you choose a pattern, especially assessing how difficult it will be.

Casting on for lace... for some reason this is just not resonating with me. Yay for Eunny!

Wow. Most impressive series you have going! Did you do all the diagrams? I am in awe of the people who have time to knit and blog about it and manage to make these kinds of informative posts as well. This is a must read, and I look forward to the rest of your series!

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