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I have babbled before about a project I've been planning for ages - "a spring jacket with three-quarter sleeves, notched cuffs, and lapels in an allover brocade pattern".

What do you think?

The color pattern needs a lot of tweaking, but it's a good starting point. The shape of the jacket is starting to take clear form in my mind, too - a back vent, rounded corners, bottom hems, a cropped, close fit with a nipped waist, and I want to try out an idea I've got for a twisted, attached i-cord edging in the contrast color.

I think the real thing will be done in a deeper blue and a paler, warmer brown - it'd be perfect in heathery, antique-y, crunchy-cool-soft Silke-Tweed. On very small needles (maybe a US 1 or 2), it would make for a dense, firm fabric - perfect for an early-spring jacket.

The swatch was done in Dale Tiur, a yarn I quite like in its own right but don't use very often because I don't much care for mohair in sweaters. I picked up two skeins just for the color combination - the amazingSteph and I were spending the morning poking around Baltimore, and the fine-weather sky was exactly captured in that shade of blue. I want this jacket to be rich and almost ornate - I want it to call to mind horsehair chairs and netted purses and sharp, exaggerated silhouettes - but I want it to be sweet and fresh, too, and for that, the sky is as good a cue as any.


What a beautiful and precise pattern! And I love the colors!
Can't wait to see your further ideas and the final jacket!!

What a beautiful, precise pattern! And I love the colors!
Can't wait to see your further ideas and the final jacket!!

No, seriously...wow. I look forward to watching this unfold!

I like it! Very sophisticated.

My jaw literally dropped. That's absolutely amazing!

GASP! Fabulous! I will look forward to watching this take shape. I love the pattern but I think the other color combination that you mentioned will be even better. This is going to be a classic.

Wow! I love this. I can't wait to see the final product. You are truly amazingly talented. Those colours work wonderfully together.

That design is beautiful, Eunny. Honestly, that's the kind of thing you should consider submitting to Interweave or Vogue. So beautiful and well thought out that I wouldn't be surprised if you kept the design all to yourself to have a true and amazing original!

I'll enjoy watching the progress as this jacket takes shape.

Gorgeous, all of it--the brocade, the shape, the colors...are you sure you want to change them?

Wow..... you really could make some money doing this...

It's absolutely amazing; very brocade like. But I have to admit I wonder a bit about using Silke Tweed for stranded knitting, because I find it knits up very unevenly.

ok enough already!

for your next design, i'd like to see a boxy garter stitch vest with a slit neckline...something that perhaps i may have been able to aspire to creating myself.

that jacket is going to be stunning.

it's going to be beautiful


Oh my, that is gorgeous! You have an amazing sense of color and design.

I'm so glad to have found someone who designs such beautiful stranded colourwork patterns (and who wants to design them for fitted garments, too!).

I'm in two minds about the Silke Tweed--it probably won't be too uneven at a tight gauge, and the overall texture would probably give the jacket more of a shabby chic feel--rustic texture, ornate pattern. But on the other hand I wonder if this jacket deserves something a little more ornate in the yarn, perhaps with a bit of sheen. Have you considered Silky Wool? It's softer than Silke Tweed, and can probably be knit to the same gauge. But it feels less durable (although it's great for next-to-the-skin wear).

I'll take a pattern please! lol. It's gorgeous & I do hope that you will be selling a pattern for this and not just taunting your loyal peeps.

Gasp. It's stunning!

I've always wanted to do an all-over brocade pattern for a knitted jacket but I never got around to designing one. I'm excited to see your project unfold!

That looks LOVELY! I've been meaning to knit the Brocade sweater from Rowan 38 - I'll be very interested to see how this project progresses.

Will Eunny be the next Starmore? I can see it. :)

Very pretty brocade. I approve! (grin)

This is a fabulous pattern and I love everything that you have just described. It will be so much fun for me to follow the progress of this jacket. What are you going to call it?

Each time you post your next beautiful project, I don't think it's possible to be more impressed. Then, you're next project comes along and I'm stunned. If the swatch is that jaw-dropping, I can't imagine what the jacket's going to look like!

This has great promise -- what will you do for lapels and cuffs? More of the contrast color? Or will you devise a motif to echo the jacket body (I ask because the motifs appear larger than the planned lapel). I have some experience in hand-tailoring woven fabrics, some of which involved solving the problem of three-dimensional edgings along vent hems - none of the solutions was aesthetically pleasing but neither was the notion of the two hems poking out in the middle of one's rump.

Thanks much for allowing us to participate in your gifted design process. It's a great pleasure.

I'm in love. That's going to be fantastic - can't wait to see it.

Very cool Eunny! I am looking forward to the other color combination. Love the pattern!

Holy Molly!!!!!

I'll scream my opinion - GORGEOUS!

I don't know how you did it, but you managed to make a swatch of the exact brocade pattern I have been looking for all month! How did you read my mind like that, Eunny? The sweater sounds like it will be beautiful, as is everything that you make!

My mind is racing...there are no words, really. Brown & Blue is my favorite colour combination. You are JUST so unbelievably talented. I have to show my husband this one...

Another stunning design. I don't know how you do it.

please write up and sell the pattern! it looks like it will be gorgeous.

Oh my GOSH that is going to be so beautiful! I can't wait to see it!

I love it. Great color combo and the brocade is beautiful. V. impressive :)

Lovely broacde pattern. I can't wait to see how your sweater unfolds.

Wow, I love that pattern. Im looking forward to seeing this work in progress. Your so very talented.

Lovely! I look forward to seeing the finished article - and any further posts on the design process

Wow. That's spectacular, what a beautiful colour pattern. It will be divine in Silke-Tweed, I can't wait to see it!

Have you seen Jade Starmore's Elizabethan Jacket? There are a few similarities with the design you describe, I thought you might be interested to see it. I would include the URL but I'm afraid my comment would be tagged as spam, so...
Go to virtualyarns dot com, then to designs, then to A Collector's Item, and finally scroll down and go to the Elizabethan Jacket. If, you know, you're interested. :)

That is my dream jacket! I absolutely love it - and my favorite color combination too!!

Good lord, Eunny! Your knitting boggles my mind. I cannot even attempt to compare my knitting to yours...it's like I'm kindergarten and you're advanced calculus...gorgeous and scary! heehee

In my defense, I can share really well, and I never eat paste.

I am in awe.
That is too gorgeous!

I love what I see so far and I can't wait for you to get the pattern done so I can BUY it and make one for myself!!! ^_^

This is a very classic, stylish design! I am always so impressed with watching the design process through your eyes; thanks for sharing these snippits.

beautiful brocade pattern, great color combination(s) seen and unseen. This is going to be spectacular!

This is a very classic, stylish design! I am always so impressed with watching the design process through your eyes; thanks for sharing these snippits.

Beautiful and timeless...

Please post a pattern for sale once you've finished!

That is absolutely, stunningly beautiful. Why haven't you published a knitting book yet?

I am sooooo jealous of you Eunny- I am coming to kidnap you, keep you in my basement and make you knit for me and only me!!!


Crazy Emms

Oh my goodness. Gorgeous!!! I have wanted to do a brocade pattern and almost started a rowan pattern for one but wasn't confident that that the sweater would look nice although the brocade pattern was great. I can't imagine going to all that work and then having a frumpy sweater/old lady look result. I am very interested to see how yours turns out.

That is absolutely delicious. I think my heart just skipped a beat. I love the colors, love the pattern, love the shape and the details. Love it. I can't wait to see it unfold.

It's really stunning, Eunny... just like everyone else said! I gasped when my browser opened!

that is stunning! amazing! i love the sound of the design. now if only i could wear a jacket like that! i ahve the same problem i did with the argyle vest: i'm too busty. sigh. design on, though!

That is absolutely amazing! Wow!!!

wow!! wow.

I've said it before, you have great taste -- meaning, of course, that your taste is just like mine! It's almost spooky; when you first described your ideas for this jacket, in a list of various projects, I remember thinking, "Yes, yes, exactly! I've been wanting something like that too!"

I've done some brocade work, and I think the swatch you've got looks great. I like almost all the design elements you're talking about, except the cropped part.

I'm a rather exaggerated hourglass shape, myself (big bust and hips, and a relatively small, but horrifyingly short waist). Cropped tops tend to be problematic, as they make my thighs and butt look huge. I tend to prefer something a little longer, to lengthen the line of the body a bit and to add some coverage over the hips (though still nipped in the waist). I can't help noticing that the model in your sketch seems to have a nice, long torso, with nice, slim hips.

Sigh. I wonder if I'll be able to adapt your cropped version to something that'll fit me....

Okay, enough selfish stuff. Clearly, it's gonna be great, and I can't wait to see the pattern.

I love the brocade pattern - large, but intricaate enough that it's not overpowering at all. I think the colors you're describing will pair really well with it and can't wait to see how the design goes from here.

Gorgeous, Eunny. So amazing.

I will say I made a couple hats from Tiur and they are very itchy. I think you are right to change the final yarn. ;-)

OmG, that is simply exquisite!

Absolutely. Mind. Blowingly. Breathtaking. I swear to god. I can't wait for you to finish this and post the pattern!

GASP! is right. WOW! I am at a loss for words.
Your jacket is going to be gorgeous.

You truly scary good, Eunny. I cannot wait to see the finished product.

What an extraordinary design! Tailored, luxurious and classy...how did you ever do it?

I look forward to watching the jacket unfold.

You are so amazing. So talented with such vision. I wish I had a tenth of your talent. I can't wait to see the jacket unfold.

You are so mindbogglingly amazing and talented. I love it!

I love your jacket plans, it'll be astonishing for sure. I'm currently knitting with Silke-Tweed and I love the stuff; I love how it feels in my hands while knitting and how the knit fabric looks and feels. The tweedy flicks color emphesize the main shade without being too busy. I can really recommend it.

couldn't read all of the comments, but I'm sure that I'm just echoing what everyone else is saying. I love the tapestry jacket idea. It's gorgeous and the sketch looks like it'll be a very fun piece to wear. I'm just running scared from an entire project in fingering weight yarn in fair isle... perhaps too much for me to tackle? looking forward to seeing it come to fruition for you though.

Great pattern and colors.

Hi Eunny! The swatch looks fantastic! Beautiful colours too. You know, it kind of reminds me of a Kaffe Fassett design from this past Fall Rowan mag, but better! Can't wait to see the jacket!

Hello from Paris-France !
My english is bad but i MUST absolutly say to you that i love your work, creation of pattern and motives (?? is it the right word ?)it's really beautifull.

That's right, tease me again. Show me gorgeous, wonderful things with NO PATTERN!!! Where, may I ask, is the pattern for the argyle/fair isle pink and green socks??? I would love a pattern for this - please please please, abject pleading here, please make a pattern available for this when it's done? By the way, your lace tutorial is awesome. I have been knitting lace for a long time, and I learned new things, thank you!

Um... the brocade is a lovely design, but my irrepressible subconscious made me see a cartoon cat in it. Of course, that would only make me like it more...

That is just simply, amazingly, beautiful.

Hi, Eunny! I've been reading your blog for a little while now and haven't commented yet.

I love your lessons! I saved them all and sent them to my e-mail so I can print them out when I go to the library (no printer, such a drag).

wonderful blog! your stuff is amazing and thanks for the lessons!!!

All men can't be masters... Edmund

All men can't be masters... Edmund

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