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Fire Flowers and Leaves Shawl

"Sumptuous" might be the best word. The deep, saturated color, the luster and cool, dry hand of the silk, the undulating, organic mosaic all those tiny repeating stitches built into - beautiful.

I'm so glad I finally have this up (stupid firewire cable!). No Olympic medal for me - the knitting was done late Sunday night, and dressing didn't happen till Monday - but it still feels like quite a feat to have done this in 16 days. In the last couple days, I was knitting a repeat of edging in line at the post office, a few stitches at crosswalks, and standing up at the stove, waiting for butter to bubble.

The endless repetition of the pattern - Sisyphean knitting if there ever was any - shows off all the subtle highs and lows of color in the yarn wonderfully, though a truly solid color without sheen might have made for a rather flat-looking shawl. As it is, the leaves and petals have dimension I wouldn't have expected - wearing this shawl is like standing in a deep, still pool of color with mysterious activity under the surface. Sundara, a.k.a. Purly White, a.k.a. The Secret Dyer, does astonishing work.

Pattern: Frost Flowers and Leaves, by Eugen Beugler for A Gathering Of Lace
Yarn: Sundara Yarn Silk Lace, custom-dyed
Yardage: Approximately 3,000 yds
Yarn Source: Sundara Yarn
Needles: 2.00 mm (US0) Addi Turbo circular, Crystal Palace bamboo circular, Inox Grey circular
Gauge: ?? 42" square
Modifications: Worked on US0 needles instead of US6 needles called for

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Looks great! I kept checking back for pics of this one. I love the color you chose.

Lovely! 3000 yards!! I've already placed an order with Sundara Yarn--I have a feeling she'll be deluged in the near future.

Absolutely stunning!!

It is simply gorgeous! I love that colour...beautiful.

Beautiful color and pattern. I hope you get a lot of use.

Very pretty! I love the color.!

Breathtaking. Gorgeous. Just...wow.

Looks like all that tedium was worth it in the end (as with so many things in life, really).

It's lovely! Are you happy with the size? Also, despite it being your mom's color, don't let her bogart this one! :)

Good job with the 16 days! Did I read that right? You used 0s instead of 6s? In 16 days?? o_O

GORGEOUS! And the shawl is quite nice, too. :P

All kidding aside, that yarn is bee-yoo-tee-fool. I might need to get my hands on that stuff.

absolutely stunning.

Beautiful! And, oh, that color is just gorgeous. (Sorry about the drool on your monitor....)

Soooo lovely! I was eager to see the shawl blocked. It looks just as awesome as I expected!

Beautiful! A great example of yarn and pattern bringing out the best in each other.

Wow! So beautiful... Way to go, Eunny! And fun to have the Secret Dyer revealed today.

Stunning! Takes the breath away!

Wow! What a gorgeous color. What a gorgeous shawl! :)

Your shawl is just fabulous. And the photo with you and your shawl is even more beautiful! I love the contrast of the bare trees with the rich red of the silk yarn. Great job!

Your shawl is gorgeous! Enjoy wearing it!

beautiful! how huge would this have been if you'd done it on 6s??

That's remarkable. For the love of god. Take the medal.

WOW!!!! Gorgeous

Gorgeous! I love the compact size of it.

Oh wow. Oh wow. Its even more beautiful than I imagined.

Spectacular! I am dyeing silk now for another shawl, this time using the Russian join. But, 3000 yds.?? I guess I'll go back to the drawing board.
Congradulations on a wonderful project.

Wow, I'm SO impressed!!! You've taken about 1/256 of the time I have, and I'm not even to the 30% complete mark....
It's absolutely gorgeous!! I know exactly what you mean about vareigated yarn--I'm going to overdye my shawl (when I finally manage to finish it) so that you can see the pattern and not the yarn....

Oh, so breathtaking! You are amazing. I'm so happy you are pleased with it, enjoyed the yarn and everything! Awesome!

Oh, my goodness, that's beautiful. I am at a loss for words.

Stunning! It is a work of art!

It is amazing-the color is so rich and wonderful. I think it deserves a medal:) Enjoy wearing it and receiving all the compliments.

You set a goal and achieved greatness...a "true" Olympian in my eyes Eunny...

Your shawl turned out beautiful!! I can't believe that you finished it so FAST!! It's simply stunning! Can't wait to see what your next project will be...

Happy Knitting!

I love that color on you and you are so right, the yarn really makes the pattern come alive. Enjoy it!

Simply gorgeous!!

It is simply stunning. I am in awe of your work!

this is so beautiful!!!!!

Speechless here. (This is rare.)

Wear it always. xox Kay

That is beautiful!

Fabulous color! Now we know where you got the yarn and can go get some for ourselves! I really like the photo of it on you outside. The colors and composition are wonderful.

Your shawl is absolutely stunning!! Such a gorgeous color and the sheen of the silk is beautiful. Amazing job!!

Oh my heavens, Eunny!!! That shawl is amazing. Truly Stunning. I say, when you account for the time difference and everything else, you are most certainly a knitting Olympics medalist - you get Gold, Silver and Bronze. Amazing work!

absolutely stunning!! just stunning!


Wow, that is really amazing, the shawl, the color and the remarkable speed of your knitting! Congrats!

Magnificent! What a gorgeous job: you truly are Gold Medal worthy.
And thanks for letting us know about your Secret Source.... no secret any more, I just ordered some yarn from her!

Beautiful! Just beautiful!

Gorgeous, as your projects always are. Can't wait to see what you're cooking up next.

Btw, I'm itching to try your Deep V Vest, but my yarn is on backorder :-( The pattern taunts me every day.... I'm so excited!

Very beautiful! I love the photo of you amongst the trees.

Amazing! The color, the drape - just lovely!

Your lace knitting is truly, truly magnificent. And I get great pleasure out of your rich and careful word choice - "undulating, organic mosaic" - lovely!

gorgeous pictures with an even more gorgeous shawl. i love it. and will definitely keep purly in mind when the next time i need yarn. any kind of yarns.

Deep silence landed here in Oulu - once again just breathtaking result. Thanks for sharing it with us and for your just a nice way of writing.

Simply. Stunning.

Fabulous. I absolutely love it. And it's so amazing you knit it in 16 days.

Stunning. What inspired the use of size 0 needles instead of size 6? Also, I see many square shawls. Is there any particular reason to knit the square rather than just two triangles?

breathtaking... and on US0s! holy moley! i'm surprised it didn't take you two years! you deserve that gold medal anyway :)

Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Congratulations on a magnificent project. Have a wonderful time swishing around in that thing!

I'm just in awe, that color is soooooo pretty. You earned a metal in my books ;)

Wish I could knit like you!

Your shawl is gorgeous!!

Regards from Buenos Aires

OMG. It is so beautiful. So beautiful. I am in awe.

The yarn, the shawl, the photos...just breathtaking. You deserve GOLD!

I am sooooo coveting that shawl.

One word--Spectacular.

It's magnificent.

So beautiful. You did a fantastic job, absolutely fantastic!

YAY, the secret dyer isn't secret anymore! I'm bookmarking her.
That is one incredible shawl. I'm seriously envious.

So breathtaking and absolutely beautiful. I have been checking often for a photo. Man - you are talented! I so love this blog!!

Your shawl is beautiful. I've been wanting to make that shawl since I first set eyes on that book, but yours is a variation that goes beyond what I would have imagined.

Three thousand yards? Really? Did you use it doubled?

It's mindblowingly beautiful in any case.

That's a beautiful shawl, and nice color.

Like, wow.

Very very pretty. You really do a good job making the projects look so enticing from your starting yarn shot to your FO "studio" shot.

BTW. why did you go down to size 0 needles?

I know it's boring to say the same thing everyone else has already said, but I couldn't help myself--that shawl is stunning--and the fact that you completed it in 16 days is beyond my understanding.

Great work!


At the risk of overuse -- absolutely breathtaking!

0s?!? If it wasn't so extraordinary, I'd say you were insane. ;-) Inspiring. Beyond inspiring. Thank you for sharing your phenomenal accomplishment.

The shawl is beautiful and the picture of you in it is a really cool picture.

I never would have believed it if I hadn't seen it. You know, we could use some more pictures. I love it that much. More pictures!

I've been reading your beautiful blog for a while. I just found out that someone syndicated it to LiveJournal (and I thought you might want to know), so that's where I'll be reading it from now on.

Must add it too...
GORGEOUS shawl. The photo is just GORGEOUS also. So clear and well done.

It's beautiful! I just noticed you buy yarn from All About Yarn? Are you from Columbia, too?

Beautiful yarn and a beautiful pattern! Another stunning project by Eunny.

Stunning! When you get a sec - so is the pattern written for a rectangular shawl as you made? There are no clear photos of it in the book.

Its BEAUTIFUL. The color and pattern work so well together. You are my inspiration for all future lace projects!

Everyone has said this, but I am compelled to: This is just gorgeous. You look gorgeous in it! Your knitting always inspires me Eunny.


Wow, that's absolutely beautiful.

That first picture is amazing!

You and the shawl are totally awesome.

i love your shawl! and your spinning looks good, too! i would recommend priscilla gibson-roberts 'high whorling' as an excellent book on spindle spinning.