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March 18, 2006


I have babbled before about a project I've been planning for ages - "a spring jacket with three-quarter sleeves, notched cuffs, and lapels in an allover brocade pattern".

What do you think?

The color pattern needs a lot of tweaking, but it's a good starting point. The shape of the jacket is starting to take clear form in my mind, too - a back vent, rounded corners, bottom hems, a cropped, close fit with a nipped waist, and I want to try out an idea I've got for a twisted, attached i-cord edging in the contrast color.

I think the real thing will be done in a deeper blue and a paler, warmer brown - it'd be perfect in heathery, antique-y, crunchy-cool-soft Silke-Tweed. On very small needles (maybe a US 1 or 2), it would make for a dense, firm fabric - perfect for an early-spring jacket.

The swatch was done in Dale Tiur, a yarn I quite like in its own right but don't use very often because I don't much care for mohair in sweaters. I picked up two skeins just for the color combination - the amazingSteph and I were spending the morning poking around Baltimore, and the fine-weather sky was exactly captured in that shade of blue. I want this jacket to be rich and almost ornate - I want it to call to mind horsehair chairs and netted purses and sharp, exaggerated silhouettes - but I want it to be sweet and fresh, too, and for that, the sky is as good a cue as any.