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This was the deck at sunset yesterday.

The mercury is hovering around 50 today, and will be reaching for 60 tomorrow - I think we may have had our fill of fire-tipped, snowy winter sunsets for the season.

Hmm. I know there's a segue lurking somewhere in here somewhere. Oh, yes - big thanks to Kat, Queen of Charming Appellations. Fire Flowers it shall be - so let it be written, so let it be done.

So, Fire Flowers and Leaves doesn't look much different from yesterday.

I moved to a 40" circular the moment I could, but it's already well scrunched on it. I'm at row 102, which means a little more than half the width is finished, but 75% remains to knit.


Joining Non-Wool Yarns For Lace

Joining new balls of wool in lace can be a tricky issue - a double thickness of yarn, as for a Russian join or simply knitting with both strands, might be immediately visible in a fine openwork fabric, and hanging tails can be difficult to weave in truly invisibly. A carefully executed felted or spliced join is the best way to handle joins with a wool yarn, since it creates an invisible join the same thickness as the rest of the yarn. But how do you join balls of non-wool yarn?

The method that follows should work for any type of plied yarn, slippery though they may be. It basically amounts to wrapping two twisted cords around each other. Its main disadvantage is its slight awkwardness - an extra hand or heavy weight helps tremendously in anchoring the twisted strands.

First, tease out half the thickness of both ends to be joined for three or four inches, and break it off. The silk I'm using is a two-ply, so I've unraveled and broken off one ply in each tail about three inches back.

Take one end, pinch or otherwise anchor it where it goes to full thickness, and twist the half-thick tail very tightly, until it begins to kink on itself.

Pull it straight, never letting go of either end or letting it untwist, and lay the other tail (untwisted) over it at the halfway point.

Fold the twisted strand in half, trapping the other tail, and let go. The tightly twisted strand should naturally twist on itself in the other direction. Smooth out the twisted cord and even out any kinks.

Repeat for the untwisted, trapped end, and clip any hanging bits.

The finished join should be smooth, the same thickness as the working yarn, and more or less undetectable. Handy, yes?

Mini Argyle Socks

I ripped out and restarted the Mini Argyles last night:

So extremely, deliciously preppy. Remind me to change my name to Midge one of these days.

Sampler Stole-along

Thank you, Tia, for the brilliant suggestion of starting a Sampler Stole-Along!

Here it is again:

It's a pattern by Hazel Carter for A Gathering Of Lace, and in my opinion one of the most interesting projects in the book. Anyone up for a knitalong? Finished measurements are 20"x68", using cobwebweight on 2.75mm (US2) needles. Knit as a center panel capped by two borders picked up and knitted from invisible cast-on edges, and finished with an edgeing that may either be knitted seperately and sewn or knitted on horizontally, it looks like a great project for anyone who'd like to learn more about shawl construction or just enjoys gorgeous lace. It combines lace fabric (patterned on one row only) motifs - Lace Mesh, Birds-Eye, Four Flowers - as well as true lace (patterned every row) motifs - Shetland Bead, Lace Fan, Daisy/Ring.

It might not be an ideal project for someone to learn lace with, but it would be a great exercise in learning to read your knitting and understand how lace stitches work together and build on one another to construct a motif, row by row. It could be knit with laceweight or even fingering weight, eliminating repeats if necessary, for a heavier shawl or for anyone who doesn't like the idea of cobwebweight - anyone interested? I would love the company.

On First Lace, and On Spreading Wings

There were some really wonderful comments yesterday. I really do believe that knitting can be a lot more stimulating, a lot more enjoyable, a lot more thoughtful than rigid structure makes it - the comparison to training wheels was spot-on. I hate the idea of knitting one stitch or one motif or one row at a time, without considering the ones just formed and the ones to come - how much fun can that possibly be? Anyone can make a series of movements dictated by a chart, just as anyone can take dictation or anyone can follow a recipe. To each his own, but I think some context, some comprehension, is needed to make such things fulfilling.

Allyson - Happy early birthday! Some of the geometric, small-repeat patterns out there make really beautiful finished garments, and are perfect for getting used to the basic movements and feel of lace knitting. Something like the Leaf Lace Shawl or Flower Basket Shawl (both of which can be viewed on this page) - both really look best in fingering or sport weight, on US4-7 needles, and are fun, eminently accessible knits. Good luck! I'll try to put up a lace primer this week, with some thoughts on common pitfalls and ways to reduce the learning curve.


I'm knitting the Kiri shawl for the Knitting Olympics. It's going quite fast. I recently got the book (A Gathering of Lace) and fell in love with the stole. It actually was my plan to knit it some time soon. I hope to get some KnitPicks yarn in about a week or 2 (as I live oversea I have to rely on someone to forward it to me, so it takes quite a bit longer) and then I hope to be able to start the stole, so I surely would be interested in a KAL!

Oh, and I love the pattern for the argyle socks, I can't wait to get started on something like this!


Thanks for the Russian join tutorial. I'd never even heard of it until this past weekend, and now may have to try it. Enjoy the snow--I always loved it when we would get the day off back when I work at U. of MD.

Thanks for the joining tutorial--I'll definitely give that a try. I don't know why the pink & white mini argyles left me underwhelmed, but the pink & green--yum!

I'm in love with everything argyle you make. Any chance you'll be drawing up a pattern for the mini-argyles once you finish them?

I met a woman the other day who went by "Patch" - does that just scream Nantucket, or what?

The shawl's looking great. Does the silk content change the blocking dimensions?

love the joining technique. thanks for the step-by-step!

OH MY GOD! I love love love the colors for the mini-argyles! I have a zillion projects in the planner right now, but seeing those made me want to ditch them ALL and make some socks...

say eunny...i am just learning how to do stranding with a pair of fair isle socks, and teaching my dumb fingers to carry mc in R and stranding color in L.Could you tell me ..is that L strand always going to be a twisted stitch or am i knitting it wrong?

So *that's* what you do with laceweight yarn at skein changes. I'd been overlapping and fudging, with naturally not so great results. Thanks for the tutorial.

I ran across your site not too long ago and I love everything that you do. Your shawl is beautiful! I love the argyle socks and hope you can put the pattern for them up!

I am usually VERY wary of joining knitalongs, but GOD ALMIGHTY! I want to knit that! And I think I could use the company. I've recently traded someone for Gathering of Lace, so it should be showing up in the mail soon. Not sure where I'll get the yarn, but I think I HAVE To knit this, so count me in.

Midge daaling, your socks are absolutely divine! Eunny, the lace is still lookin' good. I'm interesting the this knit along, but I'm not sure I can find the time. I'm going to have to ponder.

Hi Midge- I mean Eunny... Your argyle socks look lovely! So, so, pastel coloured! And your fire-lace.. looking amazing already. I hope you don't get bored with the pattern, because I'd love to see it ready and blocked soon.

I'll join the knit-along for the Sampler Stole, that would be loverly. And I love those socks. Green and pink seem so spring, and so fresh this time of year.

Oh, those socks are so very Midge. Hee hee!

The shawl is gorgeous. Although gorgeous isn't a strong enough word to describe its beauty.

Love the Russian Join tutorial and I appreciated your thoughts on knitting glow from yesterday. Something for me to strive for.

Thanks for the tutorial on your joining technique. Your pics are great! I commend you on your tutorials. You explain very well in words what is usually a visual demonstration (as well as providing instructive images).

Since you are looking into complexities of lace knitting...have you seen the doilies at yarnover.net?

Your Fire Flower is gorgeous.

Fabulous illustration of your splice! I typically do a modified Russian Join for nonsplicable yarn - just weave one end into another (no looping back), but the yarn is doubled for the length of the join. Your way looks much better!

I was sorry to miss the party last night :( Hope you girls had fun!

I love your argyle socks. Those are some of my fave colors. and argyle is one of my fave patterns. I think I need to learn this ;)

Thank you so much for the directions and pictures on that join - I'll definitely be trying that out. Those socks are awfully cute.

Love the join tutorial, I'll be trying that for my next project.

And, I would love to join you on a lace knit-a-long... I have some black cobweb that would be really cool for it.

i love your mini argyles! you are inspiring me! what yarn are you using for those argyles?

I've never heard of that joining method before, but it's so nifty! I'm going to have to try that. It looks much easier than the Russian join with piercing the thread with a needle....

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your knitting and your blog. Thank you for the wonderful information on alternative ways to join yarn. I've always simply woven my ends in, but will now try some of these techniques instead.

What a great little joining tutorial! Thanks for the tips.

Oooo. Momma likes the pink and green argyle. May just have to give in and try those!

Aieee! I think I just touched the blogosphere!

I really like your tutorial on how to splice yarn. I will have to try that the next time I join yarn. There were a few more details in your description than I've seen in others.

That is a very clever splicing technique. And a very, very cute sock in progress. (I'm tempted to join you in your lace sampler stole-along, but I really shouldn't add anything to my current batch of unfinished projects.)

Damn, I think I'm in love with you mini-argyle socks, and I have just the exact coloured yarns. MUST knit that after this gorgeous deep V argyle vest.

I'll join :) I've been looking at it for a while now. I've got some ukranian cobweb weight yarn and I'll use my 3 mm bamboo needles I think.
Just let me know when you want to start :)

Cheers Eva

As always, your thoughts about knitting are so beautifully articulated. This post reminded me of something my favorite professor said about the law. If you learn it as a series of rules, taking it at face value, never looking for interesting connections or understanding the "whys" -- as you would when you are studying for the bar exam -- the law is about as boring as anything can be. It's when you apply creativity, and curiosity, and deep understanding that the law becomes really fascinating. Same with knitting, or maybe just about anything in life! Although I must say that the most rote, boring knitting in the world has a lot more to recommend it than bar review. :)

I am working on two lace projects now -- Anna's Nautilus socks and Backyard Leaves. This is really my first time with lace and I absolutely love it. I am tempted to "stole along" with you, but maybe it's over my head. In any case, I am really looking forward to reading your lace primer!

What a great tutorial on the 'join'. Can't wait til the argyle sock pattern is available - I looooove them!!!

Count me in on the stole Knitalong! My yarn, needles and pattern are ready, I just need some inspiration.

Love the argyle socks! Very preppy indeed.

And what an awesome Russian join tutorial. I'll be putting that to use soon.

Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh, I gasped when I saw the mini argyles. How fabulous! If you end up writing the pattern out for sale, I'll so buy it. Smashing!

Love those socks! And I think those colors do call for a preppy name...howzabout Buffy?

I had no concept of a decent way to join a plant fiber. You are a genius.
And I am in love with your preppy socks.

Our deck looked a little like that on Monday morning - and now it's warm enough for me to run in shorts outside this afternoon. Then by the weekend we'll be back in the 30s. Gah.

Love the preppy socks! My vest is turning out rather preppy as well, which is making my friends laugh, b/c I have not been known to be preppy in the past. But diversity's a good thing, I always say!

That join is freaking brilliant. I'm so glad I discovered your blog--I learn so much from you!

The argyle sock is divine. Between you and Julia, I think I feel argyle fever coming on. And the colors, oh, the colors! Nothing says spring like pink and green.

What a beautiful shawl! I hope that the repetitive portions move quickly so you can get them over with. I agree, knitting mindless lace is trying, because you can't totally defocus or you will make a mistake you'll regret having to tink back for.

Have you thought of usig two long circulars when your stitches get two crowded, much in the same way sock knitters do? Two 42" circs might help with the stitch crowding problem.

By the way, I'm knitting your Print O' The Wave stole for the Olympics -- thanks for a great pattern. US Team Lace, baby. :)

First I want to thank you for the steek lessons, they'll be put to get use for my Olympic Knitting.

While I'm working on the Shetland Tea shawl, I would love to do that sampler.. except well there are all sorts of things already on the needles and other fighting for their time too.

Love those mini argyles!

Not only are you a Goddess for your knitting prowess and your outstanding tutorials, but you are a mind-reader, also. Have just ordered some Alpaca Cloud to do the Trellis Scarf in IK's Spring issue. Have never done lace before, so your lace tutorial and tips will be a Godsend! What type needles are recommended/preferred for lace work? Thanks so much for all the time and effort you put into your excellent blog. And LOVE those argyles!

awesome -- i'm in the middle of my (reduced difficulty -- i'm a lace novice) version of print o' the wave and will need to join the second ball sometime soon -- thanks for the beautifully-photographed tutorial!

Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'm going to try to Leaf Lace Shawl. I never much thought I'd be a shawl person and was thinking of trying your Print O'The Wave stole, but edging, grafting....maybe a good second or third lace project! I'd love a lace primer -- anything to help unravel the mystery of lace knitting!

You are truly a knitting goddess full of a plethora of information. Thank you soooooo much.

Nice, thanks for the information. I love the Flame Flowers. Boring knitting or not, it's stunning to look at. Also, thanks for posting all the information about knitting/joining/steeking/whatever. I learn so much from your blog! I'm no fan of the women in ALL my LYS's here who teach knitting - I wish you were here to teach! (Why they think I should PAY a woman to teach me to knit while looking down her nose at me because I don't already knit, I will never know.)

Thanks so much for the joining info....I'm working on a shawl in kidsilk haze-I came to a knot (!) in the yarn and am going to try the technique you described above.

Eunny, you have no idea how much I would appreciate a lace tutorial/ primer. I took up knitting a year ago just so I could knit lace and the only thing I've been able to do so far is Branching Out and a few repeats of Print O' the Wave. I need help.
I adore your blog and enjoy basking in your talent daily.

It's been said already, but I have to add my "Love those mini argyles!" too.

I've decided to do the flower basket or the lace leaf as my first real lace project. Will be keeping up with your blog on your thoughts on lace knitting. Thanks for the information on joining!!! You're a fabulous knitter.

I love the pink and green socks!

holy cool technique!! can't wait to try it.

Oh your shawl is looking GORGEOUS! I've been contemplating that pattern for such a long time but when I finished the Shetland Shawl (that same book) I got a bit burnt out. I think I"m ready again! Yours is lovely.

I also ADORE the mini-argyles - the colors you picked are my absolute favorite combination! Where did you find that pattern??

Would you share the mini argyle pattern?

I had to come back to find this post as someone just send me some silk yarn. This will be a fabulous way to join it. I have made silk thread in Japanese Embroidery so this should be easy for me to do. Thanks!!

I just found your tutorial on "joining non-wool yarns" through a link on Knitter's Review Forum. Thank you so much!!

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