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What do we think?

I'm ready to cautiously say that I like it. The pattern is really satisfying to knit - the traveling lines that outline the diamonds and make up the intersecting lines wrap all the away around the tube with no inturruption, thanks to a handy little movement of the end-of-round with each row. Then, too, I'm really happy with the directions of the cable crosses - they go one way within the plain purl blocks and the other within the twisted stitch blocks, with the bisecting lines always going over the lines that outline blocks. Lots of fun so far, but we won't know till it's on the foot.

Anja brought up an interesting point the other day:

I've been trying out several different patterns with travelling stitches lately (I'm using EZ's directions for doing them) and somehow all the stitches that are leaning to the left look awful. The ones that go to the right are nice and even. What can I do?

I wish I could say. The sweater I made for Jeff last summer had a large central lattice made up of twisted-stitch traveling lines, and I noticed, too, that the left-leaning lines were uneven and wonky, while the right-leaning lines lay flat and smooth. The right and left leaning lines on this sock look pretty much equally even, and I'm guessing that it's a function of 1) very tight gauge, so sloppy stitches are less noticable; 2) knitting in the round - there's no discord between purl and knit row gauge, and the stitches are twisted every round rather than every other, as they usually are in flat knitting; and 3) moving the line every row, rather than every other row, so the slope as seen as a continuous line rather than a stair-step. I might knit some experimental swatches flat and circular to figure out what's going on and how I can improve my own knitting, but for now, my best advice is to tighten up the left-leaning crosses as much as possible, to pay careful attention to purl row gauge, and to wet-block. The issues with Jeff's sweater mostly dissapeared after a thorough blocking.

Frost Flowers


The preparation continues. I'm not usually one for schematics and progress charts, but just to get an idea of what I'm in for, there's a rough scale diagram of the shawl, with the first 6.25% (that is, 1/16th, or what I should have finished the first night) marked in blue overlay. 53 rows, knitted circularly - I'm starting to maybe regret this, a little.


There's been some chatter recently about the nature of knitblogs, the purpose they serve, whether they're exclusionary, etc. It's all a little too meta for my tastes, and I hate this stuff where people see an opportunity to publicly air grievances, but still act all coy by saying "a certain popular knitblog" or "a certain Midwestern knitblog" or whatever. There have also been some very good, thought-provoking posts across the community, better expressed and more fair than I could be, so I encourage you to read those. Me? I hate blog drama, I hate public catfights, I hate the self-congratulatory, Mean Girls "you're so great", "no, YOU'RE so great, but she's not that great" stuff that goes on occasionally. I blog because not taking advantage of this incredible, immediate way to exchange information would be unbearable to me - I learn more about knitting through the comments you guys leave and by visiting your blogs than in any other way, and I feel it's only right to contribute as much as I have to offer. I'd like to think that we all present ourselves the same ways we would in person in a coffee shop at a knit night - with strong opinions, yeah, but not with snipes or condescension or brattiness - and for the most part, I think we do.


I love the socks! What is it they say about monkeys, and typewriters, and everybody wants argyle all at the same time?

Thanks for the comments and links on the meta blogging stuff. I wasn't aware of any of the controversy until now, and it's interesting to read.

It's intersting timing, too, because I've been composing a sort of meta post for a few days, and have been really wavering back and forth on whether or not to post it. My maybe-post isn't about the nature of blogging, but about the praise we give (or don't give) to certain people or groups of people, about being an adventurous knitter, all in the context of the Knitting Olympics and a message I wanted to send to the participants of a smaller knitalong I'm running. I've really been struggling with wording and tone. It's so hard to write a "some people and their amazing achievements are being left out/ignored" without sounding like you're chastizing those who are doing the inadvertant ignoreing, or who are not the group of people you're directly praising.

*sigh* Maybe I'll tinker with it some more tonight. I really want to put a message out there that is both encouraging, and which pushes some people to think a bit more about what they choose to blog about, and why they choose to knit what they knit. But I don't want to sound like I'm whining, ragging on anybody, or just out for attention.

I think we do too. The socks look great - I really love how the design is shaping up. And the shawl...may the knitting gods be with you because that's a whole heck of a lot of knitting for the time you have. You're a braver knitter than I.

You know how I feel about a good schematic to keep track of progress. Oh, yes. Bring it! Maybe you'll change your mind after this one ;).

Man, that is a big ass chart for a big ass shawl. I bet once you get the yarn, you'll be a tad less regretful. At least one would hope.

Could you please share with us what you are doing to keep the pattern matched up at the beginning of rounds, on your sock? I have been hesitating to start a project because I'm not sure how to solve exactly this problem.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on blogging. I appreciate you linking to my post. I have to say that I agree totally with your last sentence- with very few exceptions I've found that to be true. Unfortunately I've had some unpleasant email exchanges over the post I wrote. It's amazing to me, but interesting as well. I have always thought that the blogging world would be a fascinating study.

I love the socks! Beautiful pattern.

Maybe I'm just really simple, but the reason I blog is to meet new people and to get new ideas for knitting other than what's at my LYS. I created a blog last year so that I could participate in SP5, and I've had a lot of fun with it. I've "met" new people that I'd consider friends now, and I've taken myself beyond the safe boundaries of stockinette stitch. Sure, some of my triathlete friends think I'm a nerd when I talk about "one of my online knitting friends," but I'm glad I have those. Plus, I think that in general, knitbloggers are much nicer than some of the knitters I'm physically around.

And of course, I love your socks.

Good luck on finishing 53 rows in one day! You may want to get the circular cast-on onto the needles before the Opening Ceremonies start, because it's a real bear to do. Took me nine tries to get mine started. I'll be cheering you on, and very anxious to see how yours looks on smaller needles. I'm betting it'll be gorgeous!!!

the sock looks way gorgeous. your post is always interesting to read. i think we all blog for the different and same reasons. at the end of the day, we all just want to knit and make friends, no?

I think it's mostly post-modern over thinking that's been getting some people riled up.

I love those socks...in a postmodern sort of way (oooo what does she mean by that!?)

ugh, metablogging discussions *yawn*, it's so... 2002! ;) Let's go back to the yummy knitting stuff already.
Love how the socks are turning out. I hope to become so clever during my knitting journey. (yup it's more "mwah mwah you're wonderful, we're all wonderful, life's graaaand" commentary. Oh wells)

I like how the socks are looking, but you are right. The proof is on the foot so to speak.

Loving the socks way better than my devil-intarsia socks.

But I was going to comment about something else . . . oh, right. Your chart. That's great. But also depressing. Because I REALLY don't want to think about how much knitting is 6.25% But it might help me finish. Or it might just make me anxious for 2 weeks. Who are these people who think knitting is relaxing.

Stunning socks.

Heh, I thought I was out of the meta world when I ditched my phd program. Apparently, it can find you anywhere....

Thanks for commenting on the tricky travelling stitches! I should point out that I have knitted mine in the round (I don't dare to think what they might look like if I knitted them flat). I'm glad to know I'm not the only one with this problem, though - it's hard to learn from books. I suppose I'll just have to try again (and block :)

The bloggers who agonize over "the popular bloggers" and people being "left out" have always puzzled me. The reason I blog is because I want to blog. Sure, it's nice when I meet someone who reads my blog, and I suppose if I thought *nobody* read my blog I might give it up. But I mostly blog for myself, to put a little of what I know out there, and to help keep myself on track with projects. When I try to explain the spinning I've done lately, I find that just ordering my thoughts enough to make a semi-coherent post has the effect of clarifying things in my mind also.
It's nice to be a part of a community, but OTOH, I've always been an outsider, and I'm fine with that.
IMHO, all that angst is left over from elementary school or high school. I'm WAY over that stuff.

I am always amazed at what you are knitting. Really. The sock looks great.

Thanks, too, for commenting on the recent goings on in knit-blog-land. I don't really understand it. I feel honored and encouraged when someone comments on something I knit or wrote, but I don't know that those comments are why I blog (at least I hope it doesn't become the reason). I'm amazed at the bloggers who have hundreds of regular readers, but I don't know that I feel left out. (I had enough of that in High School.)

I don't really know any other knitters and sometimes you just want to talk about what you are knitting. My blog has become a way for me to talk about it. If people "listen" (i.e. read) that's great, but if they don't...? I'm used to no one listening to me. I work with all guys... :)

That sock is coming out very well and I cannot well until you finish it. What is the name of the colorway of the yarn? It is a perfect deep red that reminds me of a red wine or cranberries.

I love your socks. I would love to have the pattern and make some myself. :)

ps your creations are really beautiful.

Keep on doin' what you're doing, I love your blog, love those socks is it a commercial pattern or your own design, I'd love to try it if you'll share the pattern.

Thank for sharing your thoughts about blogging. Couldn't agree with you more.

Could you arrange me a "supporting Eunny's crazy Olympic Challenge" button for me to put on my blog? ;)

I like them too, especially the twisted stitch blocks. I'm curious, did you try plain knit blocks and not like the way they looked, or did you just go straight for the vertical twisted stitches under the diagonal ones?

Bet I know who you've been reading. Really, avoiding the self-congratulatory, bitter and rude (isn't that an odd combination?) is the only solution. There are more amusing, intriguing blogs than anyone could read, and yours is a consistent pleasure. Just delete those others from your bookmarks and let us watch over your shoulder. You're doing good work.

I'm with you on blog drama - not into it. It's like being back in High School with the cliques there. No thanks!

The red sweater is beautiful! I'd be up for a pattern of that when it's done!

You know, I hadn't considered all of that controversy! I only blog to share progress and get feedback on projects (and so the third-parties who want knitted items can see progress on line!)

Have you given any more thought to a regular gathering near Baltimore?

That aran is STUNNING. I am in the planning stages of knitting one for my hubbaroo. I don't know why, but the amount of time it will take is putting me off. There are so many things out in blogland that others have knitted that I want to knit- that's actually my main gripe about reading blogs. I see too many things that I but yarn and the patterns for, but I never will have enough time to knit them. Woe.

Ahhh, the 'left-leaning' or 'SSK' dilemma: not so clean/clear as K2tog, or 'right-leaning.' Sometimes (and I'm not saying always) doing your SSK as "slip one as if to knit, slip the next AS IF TO PURL, and then knitting them together" works to flatten out that decrease better, keeping it from being so wonky. Try it. And try using it for the SSK side of sock gusset decrease on your next pair. Speaking of socks, I lovelovelove your twisted stitches socks and hope you make the pattern available! Twisted stitches are my most recent passion. I finished 'Fern' from Stillwater last year, and never had so much fun on a sweater.

I love your red socks!

rock on, Eunny and I hope you don't change a thing. I just found you a short while ago and i had never even HEARD steek before. i am reluctantly anticipating trying it.

Cat fights are boring and while I confess to certain jealousies for other knitting blog queens, it is purely in a spirit of joking and play. What ball of knotted yarn might I be hiding under if not for my knit blog sisters? I love you all.

I've found that how I execute a left leaning decrease makes a big difference for me. My SSKs are much, much more even than my K2togtbls. So I always go with a SSK. To the extent that there's a difference between the ssks and k2togs, I've just not worried about it and have never noticed it once a project was blocked. I may try Ar's trick though, just to see if it makes a difference. Great socks!

I think they're gorgeous and I love that red - it makes me hungry for some reason. Or maybe that's thirsty for a nice glass of red wine.

I only recently started stopping by and your projects are all fabulous. Very impressive work!

I LOVE the socks. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I will be eagerly awaiting your pattern. (There are some things I can figure out on my own. but socks frighten me (yeah, I'm working on that one) so socks with pretty designs frighten me even more...)

I pcked this tip up a while ago, and it might have been from the "yarn harlot," so you may well have read it at the same time. For left-leaning decreases, do a ssk, slipping the first stitch knitwise, the second purlwise, and then knitting both tbl. The key is to remember to knit the stitch tbl on the following row as well (unless it's another ssk.) Hope that helps!

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