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There was name-taking, oh yes.

Do you hear that sound? It's me, sighing in relief.

It's so much better. The difference is that between Grisham and Faulkner, ikura and osetra, Martinez and Clemens - obvious, ridiculous to argue, tragic to never realize. Incomparable.

The much-maligned Crystal Palace needle really isn't so bad - I have plenty of them in my needle drawer, and though I've fought with the join in the larger sizes, these teeny ones aren't a problem. The cord and the bamboo meet with an irritating little crack, but loose-tensioned stitches go over it without too much of a hassle. The biggest problem I've encountered with them is the eventual chipping and splintering that always happens to the tips - I have no qualms about taking sandpaper to bamboo needles, but it's awfully irritating to have to do it almost constantly.

I have a set of Inox Greys coming to me on Saturday, but I'd be happy knitting on these for the rest of the shawl. I had maybe almost gotten used to the slippery, blunt Addis, but going back to what I'm used to for lace - grippy, pointy wood - is so much more comfortable, it's sort of depressing to be confronted with my inability to evolve. I can knit while reading, without worrying that those slippery silk loops will jump off the needle tips; I don't dread k2togs anymore; one full round has gone from 15 minutes to less than ten.

A good thing, too, since there's, like, 62% to go.


Where are they now?

This really needs to be the last time I rip and re-knit. I didn't love the very tight, stiff fabric I was making on US1 needles (great for a jacket...not so great for socks), so I've taken out a repeat and gone up to US2s. The yarn is starting to show some fatigue from being knit and ripped four times - I've never actually killed a yarn before, but I might be well on my way to my first murder. The good news is, on only 64 stitches, these ought to go by blazing-quick.

Columbia Knit Night

Clyde's is booked on Monday, so the plan is to meet at the Panera on Dobbin Road. 1) They're happy to accomodate us; 2) they have bright lighting; 3) free Wi-Fi abounds; 4) there will be sweet, sticky pastries within easy reach. All good things, right?

So, then:

Columbia Knit Night
Monday, 20 February
Panera Bread
6435 Dobbin Road
Columbia, MD 21045

Hope to see you there!


Glad you got off the addis. I agree with you, not the best for lace. And the poor argyle socks - so sad. Fifth times a charm, right?

Mmmmm Panera! mmmmm free wifi! Mmmmm dayglo chow mein noodles!

Panera. Actually one of my favorite places--I love their coffee.

Think of me while you're stitching and whatnot, won't you? :)

Goodbye again, mini argyles! See you soon.

The difference is that between Grisham and Faulkner, ikura and osetra, Martinez and Clemens - obvious, ridiculous to argue, tragic to never realize. So which are better, the 1st or the 2nd?
Kidding! I'm kidding. Poor mini-argyles, indeed.

i love cp needles for all the flack they get. why are they so hard to find?!

so is there some knitting legal group I have to report you to? those poor mini-argyles, what did they ever do to you? monster! I think we need law & order: CI stat

My knit group meets at panera for all those reasons too! I didn't realize how poor the lighting was at our last place until we started meeting there - I can actually take something I have to see to do!

I think I may be almost completely over my Addi crush. They're so lauded, and they certainly have their good qualities, but I just can't stand the bluntness anymore. There are very few projects for which I will put up with them.

I love bamboo needles simply because of the natural feel of them. It's wood, it's fiber, I'm being all naturalistic and earthy.

Poor saddy argyles! I look forward to their eventual rebirth!
I'm really glad Panera worked out. Sorry the Clyde's people weren't accommodating.

See you soon.

Poor mini-argyles.

I'm sure you know this, but just in case: if you wash almost-killed yarn in warmish water with just a tiny bit of dish soap and hang it to dry (do not weight as some directions suggest), most yarns will relax to their original elasticity again. It's worked for me whenever I've tried it, at least.

A little while back there was some discussion about Norvegian knits and steeks. I was reading this Swedish knitting book (Uuve Snidare: Stickning - en lustfylld knost). In the book it says something about the Norvegian knits becoming fashion in the 1930´s. That's when people started knitting the sweaters in the round and using steeks. Before that they were knit flat. There were also some changes to the patterns. Originally the bottom half of the sweaters used to be natural white without pattern, because this part was supposed to be tugged inside trousers. After becoming commercial the sweaters became more decorative in general, a common story amongst traditional knits, I suppose.

This week's knit nite is looking more promising - not as much school work! So, looks like I will be able to make it and finally meet you all ;)

See you soon!

I love how you rip rip rip and don't worry about making a mess. Thata girl!

I was so inspired by the argyle socks that I went out and got some Baby Ull - I'm going to try to chart my own. Thanks for the idea!

Hope the knit night continues for a bit - I'll be down there in a few weeks!

I've had the same problem with my Crystal Palace DPNs -- some of them developed a crack in the tip that was invisible to the eye but would occasionally pinch my finger. Too bad cuz I really liked them up to that point.
I hope you do eventually finish your mini-argyles - I loved that last picture you posted of them. I'm currently working on some socks with a bigger argyle pattern just around the top and even then I had to rip MANY times and adjust tension & nbr of stitches to get them to fit over the heel. Good luck with yours.

Ick, why I can't use bamboo needles. So sorry. :(

I love that red yarn. Love love love. Hope you can tell us about it soon!

Aieeeeee! The socks! Bring 'em back--please?

(And while you're at it--any chance you'll give the Austrian knee socks another go? Those were amazing too.)

Oh. I'm so sorry I can't join you Monday night. I hope you do this again soon so I can meet you all.

I just discovered the Inox grey circular needles - they are perfect! The yarn slides, no problem, and the tips are nice and sharp!
You will LOVE them!

Hello! I realize this may be a tad presumptuous, but I promise I'm only asking because I've been reading your journal for a while now and you seem to be the sort of person who enjoys creating/designing things*. I was wondering if you would be willing to take on a commission/challenge once your current/queued projects are completed?

I've sketched out a sweater design I absolutely adore, but I have very little idea how to go about making it -real-. The design involves cables, shaping, pleats, and a bit of texture (or possibly colorwork). If it's something you'd consider, I can e-mail you a picture of the sketch. From there, you can make a decision (or let me know if you'd like more time to think it over) and come up with an estimated price for dragging the idea into reality. If this isn't something you'd be interested in doing (or have time to do), would you be so kind as to direct me toward some good resource material? I've yet to knit a sweater and I think this would be a really nice way to learn. Your patterns are incredibly detailed and easy to follow. The sweater in question is (I think) a good sampler of techniques.

Take care & Rest In Peac-- err Rest In Temporarily Suspended Animation, loverly argyle socks!

*Not only do you seem to enjoy it-- you're really -good- at it as well.

Ack! It seems my comment posted under another name.
Christabel = Mary. :)

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