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The Return

Argyle Socks

Not to worry - they're back!

As mini-argyle knee socks, with a solid heel and toe, and a striped sole and gusset, and a fake seam in the back for the decreases to run along.

The someday pattern will include a short version, too - but how great would the long ones be, to wear under boots?

Fire Flowers

I've hit 1000 stitches to the round, with 55% of the body left to knit. I've stopped worrying about finishing this on time - but man, am I tired of knitting the same bitty repeat endlessly. When I get to halfway, I'm going to put one corner on some string, pin it out, and indulge in some brief ogling to keep me going.

Sampler Stole KAL

Clickety for the official website of the Sampler Stole Knit-Along. Pay no mind to the unlovely template at the moment - something pretty will be up over the weekend. If you'd like to join, just email me with the subject "Sampler Stole KAL" and a link to your website if you've got one, and I'll set up author permissions for you. Participants will be able to log in to the Movable Type interface, upload photographs, and compose and edit their own posts (if you've been thinking about switching to MT but wondered what it was like, here's your chance). See you over there!


Oooh, knee socks! I'm in love! They sound absolutely divine - I can't wait. One thousand? Really? Wow. You're so close to half way and I hope you take a picture of the pin out so we can ogle too.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around 1000 stitches to the round, with the number continuing to increase.


missed you today - we had to keep Cloverhill in business without your help!

See you soon, though!

I love the mini-argyle socks. They are very, very cool. Also, I really love the shawl. Keep up the good work!

What?! But I can't wear knee socks! Thank you for including the short version, for someone like me with ridiculously large thigh.

You must've read my mind, b/c I was just thinking yesterday how cute and preppy it'd be to have argyle knee socks!

I am so excited for the argyle socks! And as soon as you get the pattern for the busty gals on the argyle vest done, I will cast on for that. I'm thinking chocolate and pink! I've ordered my Gathering of Lace book and I'll see if I think I can knit that stole. I'm scared!

I LOVE those socks!! I'm halfway through the deep v argyle vest, and I LOVE the pattern- I'm looking forward to your take on a sock pattern!

Can't wait for the sock pattern, so hurry up dear! :D

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