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We are so close, so near, so frustratingly, mouth-wateringly, finger-tinglingly within sight of the finish line. For weeks now, my brain has been bursting with ideas for things I'm itching to knit and techniques I want to try - princess shaping in a spring jacket with three-quarter sleeves, notched cuffs, and lapels in an allover brocade pattern...a split-neck pullover quilted with twisted stitches in knotwork patterns, shaped with decreases all in one row...a mesh-paneled, fitted hoodie with extra-long sleeves and wooden buttons for wearing over a bikini. I want to knit other things, other patterns, work out other little bits of math, doodle other sketches. I'm tired of taking progress photos that offer no noticable change, just as you are of seeing them - I think we're all ready for this project to be over.

On the other hand, I'm glad I did this - I do think I'll have a beautiful finished shawl at the end, one that I would never have had the patience to finish without my loudly-stated public commitment. Isn't that irony for you? The finished product, with its simple, small allover pattern, is much more to my taste than frilly lace constructed of many different stitches, but I didn't have nearly as much fun knitting it. This is symptomatic of a bigger issue - I tend to dress very simply, avoiding wild pattern or color, but knitting such dull stuff makes my eyes roll back in my head. What's a girl to do?

There will be interesting things to look at soon, I promise. Blocked shawls, and new sketches and project starts, and maybe even a finished pair of...


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Please say you are posting a pattern for those socks. I want them. In fact, I think I want to knit everything you knit. I am not a stalker. Really.

Man, you ARE a tease. ;)

I can't wait to see what your mind comes up with next.

i gotta confess, i stop by everyday, hoping i will get a chance to see "the socks". i have even bought the yarn for said socks. really.. no pressure. i could just wing it, but the monogram on the heel has me as excited as a kid in a candy store...

and i can't wait to see the finished shawl.

I ditto erin's statement. I not only want to knit everything you knit, but i want to knit it in the same colorway! Thanks for being an inspiration.

Tried to find it in the archives but can't. Is the yarn for the argyle socks Baby Ull? One of each color? (Just in case I happen to run across some tomorrow!)

I'm with you on the knitting v. wearing thing. But, I think the things I've seen you knit are classics that go nicely with a subdued wardrobe. Keep plugging on the shawl; it'll be worth it in the end.

Oooooh, I can't wait to see the sooooocks!

I only just discovered your blog, and i have to say it's been a while since i've been so inspired by what I saw. Beautiful work, yours, thanks for the hours of pleasure i got reading your archives.

Oh! Those socks! So perfectly springy, preppy, and...librarian sexy!


Yeee-ha, Eunny's showin' some skin!!!

Combine that with the deep-V Vest and you can change the name from "See Eunny Knit" to just "See Eunny"!!!


did you realize that your socks match your blog? how very coordinated of you :)

i'm looking forward to seeing them finished!

Naughty girl, you ARE a tease! ;-)

This is how anxious I am to start those socks (and how nerdy I am in general): I was in Walgreens tonight and I stood in line behind a woman wearing a Fair Isle vest. I kept looking at the colors, trying to decide which ones to pick for the socks!

oooh ooohhh I'm loving those socks!! I can't wait to see the finished pair!!

My interest is most piqued by that list of garment ideas you just rattled off. Wow. Though, I also can't wait to see the finished shawl and socks.

Aaah! Are they done?!? Oh my!

But really, if you don't want that shawl when you're done with it.....:)


You're on the homestretch! I can't wait to see your finished shawl. Wheee! Also, I'd love to know... What are your sock DPN's of choice? I'm knitting my first ever pair of socks via magic loop and I'm not so sure I like it. Its really easy, but the loop pulling is kind of annoying.

I totally agree! I, too, am a conservative dresser and fussy lace really doesn't appeal to me. But, I'm knitting Birch right now, and it's so boring that I just can't bring myself to finish it.

ACK!! you are a tease w/ those socks!! SHOW ME SHOW ME! they are cute (from what i can see ;))

Must ... Not ... Check ... Eunny's ... Blog ... Every ... Hour ... For ... Socks.

Yeah, I struggle with the issue of my personal dress style (Fair isle? Thanks no. Lots of cables or bobbles? Mmm, I think I'll pass, thanks. Lace shawl? I'm not *90* ya know!) vs. what interests me in knitting (another monochromatic bleeping stockinette sweater? I need to poke my eyeballs out.).

So far, I've resolved the tension by getting really involved in the patterns I choose. I rework them massively so that I'll know they fit. The other thing I do is change their construction (ohh, how could I do this all in one piece from the top down?). It doesn't always make the knitting more interesting, but I get totally jazzed by the build-up! You've obviously taken this even further by writing your own patterns. I'm not there (yet).

Also, I knit stranded work and other things I would never want to wear for others (largely, the children of friends--so they're also small projects).

As I continue to grow in my knitting, I think this wll be one of the biggest challenges I face--how to maintain an interest in the process while producing items/garments I like.

I'm not bored of seeing your progress shots! - particularly as I often can't see them: they come up as white-framed blue squares. I don't think it's a problem with my computer as I don't encounter it anywhere else whilst interknitting, and I have found this quite a bit recently on your blog. Thought you might like to know :) (also, I like pictures).

The socks are beautiful! And regarding yesterday's "Subtle" posting...I'm getting very tired of clown barf yarn too. Color is a wonderful thing, but as you said, everything doesn not have to be verigated.

I'm dying over here from argyle envy. And argyle lust. Soon to become argyle gluttony?... I'm just working my way through the deadly sins, I guess.

Oh, those socks! Can't wait to see the full monty. :-)

holy smokes! those socks are a beautiful sight.

I knew I'd feel the same way about the Knitting Olympics and thus was a spectator. I have so many things I want to try out Right Now there's no way I'd have had the patience to stick to one thing. Congrats on getting through the shawl.
I echo all the comments on the socks too!

I can't wait to see a finished sock! A monogrammed gusset is such a cool idea. I know what you mean about this olympics thing. I like that it's gotten me to buckle down and finish something quickly but I, too, have so many ideas that I feel like I can't focus on now.

My, my. Those socks are truly darling. Your sense of color is brilliant and the pattern is fantastic. Way to go!

Gurl!!! You're shawl is looking good. mine's still in baby stages.

These socks are amazing and I absolutely adore the deep v-neck vest. To Die For.

I was just chatting with my gals over at the garterbelt about you. (We love your work)


Cant wait to see all of it!

I cant help but wonder where all you get your inspiration and how you know how to do all these magnificent things! Keep it up :)

Eunny, you are AMAZING! I don't know how you do it. Every one of your projects is gorgeous and you knit so fast... looking forward to seeing your new socks and shawl.

Those socks look delicious! Can't want to see them :)

Oh, Eunny, you silly girl -- everything you post is interesting to look at, and your writing makes it doubly so.

"princess shaping in a spring jacket with three-quarter sleeves, notched cuffs, and lapels in an allover brocade pattern...a split-neck pullover quilted with twisted stitches in knotwork patterns, shaped with decreases all in one row...a mesh-paneled, fitted hoodie with extra-long sleeves and wooden buttons for wearing over a bikini."

Regardless of what I'm knitting right now, I read things like this, and I instantly want to knit them all as well. This blog is addictive!

eunny, why does knitting cause that frustration? sometimes I am down becasue I realize I am not enjoying the process. or i am rushing myself.

Don't feel rushed regarding these amazing socks. Enjoy the pattern writting and the design process. I can wait.

So in love with the socks...My yarn was ordered days ago and arrived today. Oh the anticipation for the pattern. No rush...Take your time...

The socks are gorgeous!

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