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There are photos, but they are inside a mysteriously unresponsive camera.

It's killing me, a little, since there's so much to see - a shawl, finished (though not, technically, for the Olympics, since it wasn't washed and dressed until this afternoon); a sock, finished (though the pattern needs a lot of tweaking, and I'm pretty sure I'll rip and reknit). Bah!


awww....sorry, Eunny.

You finished the shawl! Way to go. Can't wait to see the pictures, which I'm sure will be worth the wait.

kick it! and then try again! :)

Sometimes when my camera is unresponsive I have to jiggle the usb plug connecting into the powerbook and then iPhoto kicks up.

it will be gorgeous and I will be waiting patiently :)

Wow. I can't wait to see it. I pulled out the pattern over the weekend and drooled over it. I'm trying to decide if I could swing that shawl - maybe this summer.

I saw that you still get a gold medal!

how I love technology.

Waiting patiently, pondering the yarn for my attempt.

Oh, rats--that stinks for you (and for those of us who are super-curious to see both finished items). I hope your camera comes around and behaves itself soon!


I'm seeing allot of people saying they finished and got the gold, even though their work hasn't been blocked yet. I thought blocking was suppose to be finished by the time the torch went out...interesting

The suspense!

BLAST! *drums fingers on desk* I wanna see your SOCKS!!!!
Give it a good kick for me!

It must be that your pictures are so lovely that your camera doesn't want to give them up. I can't wait to see them, though!

A few frustrating days make the good days that much better! I'm looking forward to seeing your finsihed shawl and socks.

I have no doubt the pictures will be worth the wait. :-)

Even though you didnt get a gold medal, the Yarn Harlot is accepting entries (for the prizes) from everyone who participated so if you haven't already: send her an email!

Regardless of wether or not you won a medal, your shawl is gorgeous. Having recently been addicting to lace, I am envious of your FO and want to steal it!


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