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Wow. I'm amazed by the response I've already gotten - thank you so much!

On to some clarifications and question answers -

I paid you - now where's my pattern, huh? HUH??

First, thanks for your order! If it's been an hour or so and you still don't have the pattern, one of several things might be going on:

1) Are you checking the right box? Unless you send a seperate email directing otherwise, the pattern is sent to the email address you gave PayPal.

2) Are you using a free mail service, like Hotmail or Yahoo? Receipt of such a large file seems to be pretty hit-and-miss with these providers. If you have another email address, please send me a new message with the alternate email and the address you used to purchase. I will resend another pattern right away. If you do not have another address, please send me a message to that effect, and I'll direct you to a download link for one-time use.

3) Did you pay using an eCheck? Delivery will be held until the payment clears (within 4 business days, says PayPal). Please be patient - thanks!

You're always welcome to send me an email asking where your pattern is. I believe (crossing my fingers here) that I'm caught up with everything purchased through 30 minutes or so ago - please let me know through email if you bought before then but haven't yet received the file. One way or another, I'll get the pattern to you with speed and my apologies for the delay. Thanks for your patience.

It says you're unverified. Can I trust you?

I like to think so. I set up this PayPal merchant account only yesterday, and haven't yet had the time to go through their verification process. Rest assured that PayPal is secure - besides, you know where I live (on the internet, anyway). Feel free to publicly blast me if you feel you've been ripped off.

All this seems pretty disorganized and shady. What's up?

I'm still trying to iron out the wrinkles in the system. In the very near future, I'll be setting up a quick, painless auto download system for immediate delivery, as well as a new storefront area of the site with FAQs, erratum as it comes, and tech help. Please bear with me - I absolutely respect that you want to get what you pay for.

This pattern sucks/is overpriced/is hard to read/won't print properly/is confusing!

Leave a comment or send me an email to that effect - I'm always looking to improve, clarify, tweak, re-release, do better.


I hope nobody tells you this pattern sucks or is overpriced or any of that - they'd be dead wrong!

I bought the pattern this morning through my husband's Paypal account. So if you remember seeing the name Mike Honeycutt, it was really me. So excited to start it!!! Thanks again for sharing it!

I second Stephanie's comment. The pattern is awesome and I didn't find the purchase process shady in any way : ). Thanks again!

One just *knows* that someone is going to read "You're always welcome to send me an email" as "You're always welcome to send mean email." Not that the people who would are waiting for permission :)

I bought and received the pattern today, and it is very well written and informative. I hope no one actually told you it was a bad pattern!!

Can't wait to get started on this.

It's a very well written pattern and so worth the money!

I know my ISP works funny with large emails although I think 3.5 should be okay. I am going to wait for the instant download - I'm not going to even start working on this for awhile. I just thought I would pass on though about The Knitting Vault http://www.theknittingvault.com/index.asp If you run into a bunch of website problems with selling on your site. They do take a 60% commission though - I guess it depends on the headaches that you have selling the pattern your self.
Looking forward to the download link though.

Oh, yeah. You strike me as extremely shady and someone who's going to put out a crap pattern. Puleeze! People need to get a grip. I'm off to order now.

are you checking out payloadz (http://payloadz.com/)? you can set up using paypal, and they'll create automatically a one-time download link - it's really easy to set up, but if you need any help, ask me! ;)

I'm so glad it's up!

I'm a little sad that I'll have to upsize a bit (I'm now about a 45 inch bust), but I'm sure it'll be more than worth it.

Thanks for coming up with such cute and creative stuff!

I *think* Payloadz is what Anna (Ameila Raitte of My Fashionable Life) uses too.

I received the pattern no problem today. I am pumped. I don't know if I'll knit it soon but YAY its another pattern added to my stash!

just wanted to say you are such a knitting inspiration!

I'm so glad you put this up for sale. I have been looking for the perfect sweater vest to make, and this might well be it. Thanks!


Received my pattern in record time after paying w/Paypal...Thanks Eunny, the pattern looks good and all the info on steeking looks very helpful! Your hardwork putting the pattern together is much appreciated!! I'm planning on knitting the vest w/Jaeger extra fine merino in light pink and brown...As soon as I finish WIP ~ I'll be ready to cast-on!!

Happy Knitting!

The download function works perfectly! Your explanations are very clear, and even if I have made several steeked sweaters, I think I still get some new ideas.

I have looked through the pattern and it's great! Thanks for all that info about decreasing/steeks. I'm so excited to get started on this!

Hi Eunny,

I have too many knitting projects in the pipeline at the moment, but am really hoping to start on your vest when I've finished the birthday sweater I'm starting for my mum. I just thought I'd let you know I've been really impressed by, and grateful for, your generosity on this blog - in both patterns and wisdom - and have great respect for the way you've dealt with this first foray into selling your work.


What software do you use to chart your patterns? I have a few that I would like to chart in the same way.

Eunny, yahoo has been playing up lots recently - mail isn't always getting through quickly due to the viruses going around. So some people won't get their pattern for a while - some of my email is showing up three days late!

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