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Everyone loves a meme

Fire Flowers looks the same as it did yesterday – I’ve worked a few rows, but we got so caught up in watching the alpine skiing events last night, I didn’t get much done. Have you seen the countdown ticker over at the Harlot’s blog? It’s sort of gruesomely fascinating to see the seconds slip by.

Sampler Stole-Along

I'm glad there's some interest! I'm going to set up a blog for it this week, with an official start date of March 1st. It'll definitely be a no-pressure, join-anytime kind of thing, so please do think about joining up!

Columbia Knit Night

Whoo hoo! I'm excited about meeting everyone next week. Coleen is checking out the possibility of taking over the back room at Clyde's (no fee or commitment to order dinner), but there are plenty of other places to meet if that doesn't pan out. I'm thinking 7:00pm, Monday, 2/20 - does that feel good to everyone?


Steph tagged me for a meme last week, and I’d forgotten to fill it out. So…

Instructions: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place, then add your blog to the bottom slot:

mebeth rambles
see eunny knit

Then add 3 people to tag:

I hate tagging people for memes - so, if you're reading this, and would like to play along, consider yourself tagged.

What were you doing 9 years ago?
I was 13! I have no idea what I was doing - talking on the phone and obsessing over boys and crying over Titanic, probably.

What were you doing 6 years ago?
I was getting ready to graduate high school, still talking on the phone and still obsessing over boys, and laughing over Titanic

What were you doing 1 hour ago?
Working on a pitch, and doing some serious internal bitching over an editorial shake-up at the magazine I've worked most often for. All day, I've been regretting those beers last night.

Name 3 movies/tv shows you can't turn off if you stumble across them on TV
1. The Andy Griffith Show
2. Deadwood
3. The African Queen

3 things you want to improve upon this year:
1. my fitness level
2. my patience
3. my troublingly hermit-like tendencies

Name 3 things you can't live without (aside from knitting):
1. books
2. newspapers
3. heels

Name 3 things you could live without:
1. endlessly self-congratulatory, unintentionally self-parodying "news" outlets
2. the word "metrosexual"
3. pantyhose

Name 3 things you really like about yourself:
1. my attempts to be pretension-free
2. my skin
3. my ability to get ready to go out in five minutes flat.

How about you?


Hmm, I think I did this one. I love reading 'em, tho - all the odd little tidbits I learn about people. :)

Good God, did Titanic really come out 9 years ago? Yeesh. For some reason that really makes me feel old.

I ,too, have been trying to leave my room once in a while. I'm forcing myself to "go out" and mingle with other human beings. It really hasn't been too successful. I've gone from being "creepy hermit" to "partypooper." I guess that's a step in the right direction, right?

Ooh, so excited about the knit-a-long! And you are a young-one, you can't always tell from pictures :-)
And hey, nothing wrong with hermit-y-ness

I love the meme. I think I'll answer it one of these days. Have a good evening with Fire Flowers and don't look at the counter - it kind of creeps me out - time really does fly when you think about it.

OMG, you're just a baby! How old were you when you learned to knit?

I am interested in the Stole-Along but don't have the book yet. Does anyone know if there is an estimated yarn requirement for the Sampler Stole listed?

First, of course, I must add my kudos to your blog -- it's as elegant as your knitting, and that's saying something. I especially love the tutorials.

I do want to post a warning about the "Gathering of Lace" book and its patterns, though. You'll obviously be fine, but lace beginners, watch out: The patterns are notorious for being riddled with errors (I was warned by a great yarn store lady in Providence). And yes, the sampler stole is one of the compromised patterns. I downloaded the errata pages from www.knittinguniverse. com, and there are at least ten errors in that chart alone.

Admittedly, I'm a lace beginner myself (I just finished my first Orenberg shawl). I do use stitch markers and I tend to take a long time to “get” the logic of the pattern, but after reading your eye-opening comments I’m going to try harder to ditch the training wheels. Someday.

Final question, for everybody: Where do you wear all this lace? There are so many shawl/stole patterns I love, but they always seem so dressy. I love getting dressed up, but I don’t really have enough occasions to justify making half a dozen evening wraps.

I'm a fan of wearing lace anytime, especially to work or the grocery store or restaurants or anywhere the temperature is insane (esp air conditioning!). The shawl may be dressy, but the rest of me probably isn't. Not so good with little kids poking fingers in and pulling everything though.

I don't mean to sound insulting, but Woah! You're only 22? You write with a whole lot more maturity. I'm impressed.

Ah, the back room at Clyde's. When I worked there, that's where we had meetings.

Clyde's is over by the lake, right? When I first read that, I thought you meant the one in Tysons, hehe. I'll try to make it! I'm so excited, knitting in Columbia is wonderful. You've got All About Yarn AND MD Sheep and Wool. Yay!

Slacker Coleen here! I haven't had the chance to deal with Clyde's yet, but I promise I will get to it on Thursday and let you all know. I am so hoping I can come on Monday. I will be very sad if I can't make it!

You are how old! you make me feel ancient :-)
Your knitting makes you seem older because it is so accomplished

Keep us posted on where/what time for the knit night - I'm heading down to Columbia soon!

I really like this meme and am going to take it and use it on my blog. :)

Maybe my goal for the 2008 summer Olympics could be to knit that sample stole. I've never knit lace...

holy crap! you're only 22? you must have been knitting in the womb (ouch)!

I'm up for the sampler stole along.........love that one!

hey, you should check out winnie's "practice swatch" deep v argyle vest at knitting escapism. really cool (despite it being too tight...)!

Y'know, at one point I figured that you were young, just by reading your blogger profile. Then I changed my mind and thought that you were my age when I was reading about how long you've been knitting. Guess I was right the first time! And guess you were snickering when you read the email I sent you earlier this week and mentioned that someone was young - I think she's a year older than you!

I'd be up for joining that KAL. I haven't knit much lace, but I have knit some, and I'm enjoying challenging myself these days. It's in A Gathering of Lace, right? Need to get the book.

I tried to look at the directions for your Print O' the Wave Stole, but when I tried to open it, I got a file damaged message.

You're 22? man, I feel old. I could be your mom. It's a june/february romance then, isn't it?

Holy crap, you've only got a bit more than a year on my daughter, who will turn 21 in May.

I've knit a load of Hazel Carter designs, and I love them. I might have to think about this Sampler Stole KAL. I've been wanting to do the Mediterranean shawl as well.

"my attempts to be pretension-free"--i love this about you.

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