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I felt quite pleased with myself, Ali MacGraw-ish and bohemian and pretty, until Jeff busted out with the "I-I-I-I want the knife!"

Pattern: Shedir, by Jenna Wilson for Knitty Breast Cancer Awareness Month Printable issue '04
Yarn: Rowan Felted Tweed in color143 (cocoa)
Yardage: Approximately 100 yards
Yarn Source: All About Yarn
Needles: 3.25mm (US3) Addi Turbo circular; 3.25mm Crystal Palace bamboo DPNs
Gauge: ?? 17" circumference around ribbing
Modifications: Yarn substitution; main crown Saxon braid pattern worked for 3 repeats instead of 5; all traveling lines worked with twisted stitch for greater stitch definition.

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delurking to say it looks wonderful on you - never trust a man with fashion advice.

you are gorgeous! and the hat looks pretty nice as well ;)

Your Shedir turned out really nice. I prefer the yarn you chose instead of Rowan Calmer.

Looks great! I almost laughed out loud with that Golden Child reference.. too funny!

hahahaaa! Jeff wins!
He made both shmoo and myself laugh.
And Shedir is lovely. Now I have yet another yarn option to contemplate when it comes time to knit it up.


That's amazing!! I love the pictures too ;)
Just ordered some Calmer yesterday, so I hope I'd like it more than you do.

You look so cute in that hat! Now I need to find stash yarn I can use to make it.

I think the depth is just right! Looks great!

Oooh, I like!

Lovely hat that looks great on you!

Looks great! I have an extra ball of Felted Tweed laying around so I'm glad I can use it to make this project! Thanks for the inspiration!

Beautiful. I like that hat pattern and your yarn really makes it better.

Sophisticated? You betcha! I love the color you chose, I have this pattern in my "to knit" pile

That hat is gorgeous! Thanks for reminding me about that knitty issue-I always forget about it. I've been looking for a good hat pattern and that one is great. I think the twisted stitches really make it stand out.

Hey! That turned out great! I've had that pattern hanging around in my "Oooo!!! I'm going to knit that!" pile of things that never get knitted.
Eh, perhaps one of these days!

eunny, you look just adorable in this hat. so so so cute. great photos.

Very stylish, and well made alterations!

Your hat looks great on you! I like how the cables mingle in with the ribbing! I don't get Jeff's comment about the knife though...I'm a little slow...

Happy Knitting!

Looks great! I love how the thin cables are very defined in this pattern, and I expecially love it in the felted tweed.

Looks fab! Great combination of rustic yarn and delicate pattern. Thanks for the comments about my WIPs. I'm pretty happy with all these colors too. Livens up my gray Ohio winter. :)

It looks beautiful on you! Good job. I love that yarn.

very nice! i was thinking, though, when you said shedir was a deep hat. it's supposed to be a chemo hat, so has to cover more, since hair is not involved. as for the calmer, i bought a ball when my daughter's friend showed up with non-hodgkins lymphoma, and they had to shave her head because the radiation made it fall out. she wore the hat alot (she told me so, lol) but i didn't use shedir. i used a pattern from the knitting calendar, and that worked well.

You look so beautiful in your beautiful Shedir. I love the photos too. Oh how I miss the sun!

That is a gorgeous gorgeous hat!

I love it! The color and yarn are great in this pattern!

I love the photo of you in your Shedir. It looks great.

Just wanted to say Happy New Year to you and hope the Year of the Dog will be a good one for you.

Great photos, lovely hat!

Another wonderful project. I love it and it looks great on you.

Wow, that was a blast from the past - took me a minute to come up with the reference, although as soon as I read it I could hear it in my head!
That hat is lovely, anyway, although now you may hear Eddie Murphy ringing in your ears when you wear it...

Lovely Shedir!! Must remind self to finish the two I have in varying stages of knit soon :)

Wow! That hat looks really cool and intricate!!

Lovely! I really like the more rustic looking yarn you used--adds a certain depth.

you look great eunny! love the lighting in that shot...very magic hour. and oh how i love felted tweed. one of my fave rowan yarns. aside from KSH, that is.

Wonderful!! I just finished one, but I need to do it again as it was a bit snug & short. I like your idea about the twisted stitches - I may give that a go.

Is it possible for you to knit ANYTHING remotely ugly? :) I don't think so. Love it. I like the combination of the tweedy yarn and the cables. Good choice! :)

What a great color you chose--I love it! And it's helpful to know that you can knit this hat out of wool instead of Calmer and still have it turn out beautifully.

I think it looks great!! Love your fair isle vest by the way - absolutely gorgeous!

Your shedir looks great. I am knitting this, too. It's taking forever, but I am sure it will be worth it.

Your Shedir is really beautiful! I noticed that the yarn was from All About Yarn - that is my LYS! Does that mean that you live near me? *just curious* :)

I love your new home! What a pretty hat! Nice job.

I love your hat. You look so great in it!

I wish i had non supah curly hair so i could wear a hat like that w/o being ridikulous lookin'


You guys are the 57285 best, thanks so much for the help.

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Your work is impressive. The lace is beautiful and your sweaters fit so well.

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