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Finishing the Argyle

See what I mean about the whole funny-shape-before-cutting thing?

The mysterious crocheted steek - caught during its nocturnal prowlings!

I used an odd half ball of Dale Tiur for the crochet - it's a 60/40 mohair/wool blend in a DK or so weight. It felts if you look at it the wrong way (total nightmare to frog) - perfect for a secure, tight steek even with not-so-sticky Merino base knitting. Come to think of it, it would make a beautiful, unusual Fair Isle, the colors luminous through the ever-so-slight halo of mohair...

After cutting.

And after adding bands and blocking:

I really love the finished product. I don't think it's a complete slam dunk - there's some funny stuff going on in the bust, and I really should have either shaped the shoulders or made them a bit narrower, but I'm not going to get too grouchy over it. It fits tolerably well, is really cute, and is just the right kind of sexy librarian thing to cheer my up during these gloomy months. The false starts made the sketch-to-FO process about two weeks, but the knitting of this particular piece only took two or three days - huzzah for sleeveless knits!

Next up? I have another plan for a sweater, but right this minute I need something to keep my melon head warm. The smoke ring was totally bogarted by my mother the first time she saw me wearing it ("Oh, that's so my color! Did you make it for me?"), so I'm thinking Knitty's Shedir might be on the menu.

Off to the yarn store!


I was thinking about your smoke-ring today. I am considering making one still for myself. I waffle about it a lot. Shedir is on my want to make it list, but so are a ton of other things! :)

i have been breathlessly awaiting this FO! fabulous! it's absolutely stunning- you even paired it with your originally forecasted outfit! very chic.

Bless you for sparing us the scissors this time. It does look odd before cutting, doesn't it?

Beautiful - and such a quick project for you. I just love the brown and cream.

it looks like a weird cozy before cutting. love the color scheme, but you knew that already.
hah! your mom is a sneaky one. but come on, she did get you all that lovely yarn

I like the shoulders as you knit them,. and really like the look of the deep "v" on the neck.

I love the colorwork pattern--and especially the vertical stripes at the sides.

Congratulations on a great knit.

Would you care to show us what the underside looks like? Being a newbie to Fair Isle, I'm curious to see your floats.

Oh please tell me you are going to write up the pattern. I love it!

soo beutiful and wonderful, love it!!

I love v-necks and simple use of color, totally something I would wear.

I have that same compute :)

What pattern was that?

Thanks for the in-depth explanations throughout the project - I enjoyed them!

It looks just lovely! And I agree, the stripes up the side look stunning--an excellent touch.

O. M. G. ! No way on God's good green earth that I ever could have anticipated that gorgeous!! outcome. You are a Goddess! Would you please share the pattern for us Eunny-wannabees? Thank you so much for walking us all thru this......

Lovely! The stripes along the side add a great dimension to the vest, and overall, your work is amazing!

Thank you for your series on steeks -- you covered everything I've wanted to learn more about! Your blog is fantastic.

2 - 3 days? THAT's INSANE?!?! How did you knit that in 2 - 3 days. Do you even work at all?

That is a beautiful vest, and you definitely got the sexy-librarian look down pat. Love it. I love the smoke ring too (and my response to my mother would have been NO WAY! I would have made her buy me new yarn to make her one. :D )
And here I thought I was doing well because I'm almost halfway done with the body of a sweater I started 6 months ago...

Oh WOW! And it fits so well!

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