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Pattern: Deep V Argyle Vest

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**UPDATE 2/1/06 - Automatic downloads through Payloadz have been set up. Click, purchase, download, print. Easy as pie.**


Took long enough, didn't it? Hopefully, it's worth it - there a lot of information here, presented in a package I'm pretty proud of.

The Deep V Argyle Sweater Vest, perfect for mild-mannered supergirl alter-egos. Best accessorized with a healthy dash of irony, or a complete lack thereof.

Includes detailed, diagrammed instructions for crocheted steeks, full written instructions, and full-garment charts for each size. All the information needed to make this a successful first colorwork and/or steeking project is included here in exhaustive detail.

Bust sizes: 32" (34", 36", 38", 40", 42")

Finished bust measurements: 32" (34", 36", 38", 40", 42")

Finished length: 21.5" (22", 22.5", 23", 23.5", 24")

16 pages, 3.5MB. Adobe PDF compatible with Acrobat 5.0 and newer.


I'm working on setting up an automatic download system, but patterns will be emailed individually for now. I promise to get it to you as quickly as humanly possible (within a few minutes, during East Coast business hours). ***IMPORTANT NOTE: The pattern is quite a large file, at 3.5MBs. Please make sure your mail client is able to receive files of that size, and your internet connection able to handle it. If you are unable to have the pattern delivered through email, you may wish to wait until automatic downloads are set up (in the next two days).

2/1/06 - Automatic downloads through Payloadz enabled.

Now - to get caught up with everything else!

Sample images from this pattern:


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oh eunny..i've been waiting for this for what feels like eternity now! thank you. love it.

Fabulous! I can't wait to give this guy a try at some point.

Yippee! Thanks Eunny!

Damn Paypal, they're down or I would own that pattern by now . . .

sweet! I can't wait to get that in mah hot lil hands!

SO exciting! I've made my purchase and I can't wait to receive it - thank you so much for doing this!

YAY! I'm buying this first thing in the morning!

You rock, Eunny! I probably won't buy straight away, but you can be sure it's on my winter knitting list!

you are amazing :)

This will definately be on my to buy list. Thank you Eunny.

buying it right now.. 16 pages for $5? wow! thanks so much ;)

You are a superstar. Thanks for doing this!!!!

Thank you for making the pattern available!

Oh, I love the fact that you included an image of your sketchbook. So cool!

Fantastic! This pattern is more than worth its price, and thank you for all the work you did to make it accessible!

Awesome pattern! I'm definitely going to download this one.

I'm so psyched!! Do you think I can easily alter it to include long sleeves?

Yay for Eunny! Thanks for taking the time to do this.

great job Eunny!
have you tried payloadz?

Wow. Thanks so much for all the work you put into this. I can't wait to introduce my hands to the ways of fair isle and steeks.

Looks good . . . congrats!


Beautiful beautiful pattern Eunny.

What a lovely pattern!

wow eunny, the pattern looks so professionally done. i will definitely get a copy after some of the WIPs are wrapped up. gorgeous work!

WOW, Congratulations on a great pattern!!!!

I just tried to buy this, but they wouldn't recognize my card. Which is quite irritating! Is there any other option for purchasing???

Okay, nevermind. I just made an account instead.

It looks sooo professional and detailed. Way to go - way better than what you'd find in any magazine. I'm going to have to order it. I don't know when the heck I'll have time to make it, but it's too cute to pass up.

Your work is exquisite! Hope you'll consider selling your patterns on The Knitting Vault--check it out!


Looks very nicely done and professional! Thanks!

Just printed out my pattern.... O. M. G. !It is phenomenal! What an excellent job you have done, on the pattern, the steeking diagrams and of course, the actual knitting. Please feel very, very proud of yourself!
And thank you for sharing all your time and expertise with us! You are amazing!

Thanks Eunny :) I'll be purchasing this one.. when I'm not scared of it.

Awesome! I bet it is fabulously written and well thought out.

Picked myself up a copy :) If the yahoo address doesn't work, becida at gmail dot com should do it.

Just finished printing it out; has to be the most value for my $$ I've ever gotten from a pattern! Can I ask what software you used for the schematics? Everything looks uber-professional--great job.

Eunny, this is fantastic. I now know what I'm knitting for the knit olympics.

Gosh, 16 pages??
I'm questioning my knitting ability now, but what the heck, I want it!!
Thanks, and I hope paypal is working ;)

Wow, thanks Eunny! my computer is sick, so I'll wait till it's better before purchasing but I'm so excited! Would you be terribly offended if I used another Fair Isle design for it?

This pattern is adorable. I just bought my copy and am already looking forward to knitting it. Great design!


Hurray!! Thank you so much for making the pattern available to us! It will be the best $5.00 I have spent in a long time...

Happy Knitting!

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