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Deep V Argyle Vest

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Mysterious Korean merino wool, DK weight, in dark brown and cream
Yardage: ?? Two 100 gram balls, each color
Yarn Source: Gift
Needles: 3.5mm (US4) Addi Natura bamboo circular
Gauge: 5.5 st/inch; 34" around chest
Modifications: --

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Gah, I totally love that! Is it ever possible that you would share the pattern?

Beautiful vest! It looks wonderful on you... and a little cleavage action never hurts :).

That's an awesome vest...and I don't even like vests. I can't get over how quickly you manage to complete everything.

It looks so wonderful and it is neat to see it through the process! I love the deep V too!

I love the blending of vintage style with a modern cut. Very cute!

**bows down to knitting greatness**

Simply stunning. I loved watching the whole process and progress. Lovely.

It's really cool! Not at all what I was picturing - that's a good thing. :)

Super gorgeous!

Wow! Just gorgeous!

In agreement with everyone else: Wow, fast, and Wow, beautiful!

I can't wait to try a steek now that I see how wonderful the results can be!

The vest is great. I am so into brown right now. How do you manage to knit so quickly? It is amazing and such beautiful work! Can't wait to see the next "thing".

i'm usually not a vest kind of girl, but i love your argyle vest. it's too lovely for words. awesome job.

Absolutely Beautiful!

Job well done! What an inspiring knit. Thank you for sharing.

good lord, that is gorgeous! fabulous job, eunny.

Amazing! Really unique and lovely combination of technique, color, silhouette, etc. And you call yourself a patternmaker?!

that is probably the nicest looking knit vest i have ever seen. be proud, it looks awesome!

I love it! Gotta have one like it!! It looks so much better than the scrumply mess, that's living in my knitting basket... trying to fool me, that it is becoming a nice vest ;)
Looks really good on you!

Wow Eunny! I really love the fit. It's so tailored and looks so slick! I love it!!

Gorgeous vest...bravo! :)

OMG! You are a knitting goddess! If I saw that in a store I'd totally buy it. And really, I don't think I can say that about anything I've ever knitted. Bravo!

That is the first vest I have ever liked (loved is more like it!). You are an amazing designer.

Normally I abhor blog commenter flattery, but Good Lord, how cute are you?! What a great vest! The deep V takes this garment to another stylistic level altogether.

Well done!! Love it!

I am not worthy! That is too damn gorgeous. Love the vintage look of it. Such a good fit too.

Very flattering on you. Its just lovely.

it is absolutely gorgeous!! i've never steeked and this vest makes me want to give it a go. so flattering.

AWESOME! Very chic! You did such a great job!

Simply fabulous! Great work!

That's a very attractive sweater! I'm impressed with your speed - it's taken me since Saturday (or maybe it was Friday) to knit most of a very small item in aran weight yarn. I used to be a fast knitter, and then I had kids. Heh.

I can't wait to see what you do next - your blog has been very informative and entertaining. Thank you for the steek series - I've got it bookmarked for future reference.

Looks great, and I loved getting to see how steeks can work for other things than sleeves! Love it!

Wow! I love that vest!! The deep V is especially flattering. It looks great with the pink oxford too. Think you'll ever share the pattern?? It's just too great!

It looks so great on you! Very flattering.

Absolutely gorgeous! You are a fabulous designer/knitter. Thanks for blogging...

Amazing :) I like the deep V neck and the color design you used. Beautiful job as always!


WOW!! I love the pattern, fit and color! Will there be a pattern to buy? It is the cutiest vest I have seen for so loooong! Thank you for the inspiration!

Happy Knitting!

Oh honey.......that's just beautiful. I loathe vests and yet, I think I would wear that. At the very least I would sit and watch you wear it for hours.

Your vest is GORGEOUS! I don't even like vests and I'm drooling! Please, please, PLEASE Eunny make this into a pattern! I have yarn and a fistful of dollars!

Love it! The patterning and the deep V-neck - it all just works together.

I love this! It looks very flattering on you. So sexy librarian of you. :)

Good stuff, indeed!

Usually the words "sexy" and "vest" don't go together (unless someone is saying "What's sexy about a vest?")

But in this case... :)

I just wanted to thank you so much for all the steeking chronicals. I have truley enjoyed reading every post, stopping by several times during the day to see if you have updated. You have brought a lot of happiness to a poopie week.

I may even be tempted to try it soon.

Thanks so much again, your vest is lovely.

Dude, I'm green. Absolutely green with envy. Its beautiful. *swoon*

I'm not a vest girl, but that is super sexy! It's just perfect on you, dude I dont know what you are talking about problems. Two days?!

OH man, it is sooo cute! If you posted the pattern, I would totally make it! Also, I LOVED the steek info! I'm just venturing into the world of color knitting with a Lopi sweater, and your explanations are some of the most clear that I've seen!

Try Sex and the City, meets librarian. That is sooo freakin hott. Eunny you should post that one to sell. That is soo hott. Pretty please. Even if you charged 200 bucks for the pattern I would buy it.

I wouldn't have money for my art supplies, but i'd be walkin the campus in style.

Try Sex and the City, meets librarian. That is sooo freakin hott. Eunny you should post that one to sell. That is soo hott. Pretty please. Even if you charged 200 bucks for the pattern I would buy it.

I wouldn't have money for my art supplies, but i'd be walkin the campus in style.

AHHHHHHH, Eunny- you are my hero! Great job, that is beautiful!


AMAZING! I think it turned out fantastically. I also think you should post the pattern - this is one vest I'd pay for!!

Very, very cool!

So nice! Such a beautiful line. Such a great look.

Oh it looks so nice... I wish you would post the pattern - or even SELL it. i would buy it... even if was only in one size! I just need a little bit of hand-holding to get started.

Oh... *Wow*!! Sexy and gorgeous. And thank you for showing the before-during-after os the steeking, it was very informative. :)

I. LOVE. THAT. VEST. Too super cute! I don't know if you're sharing the pattern, but I sure hope you do, cuz I'd totally drop everything that I was currently working on to do that baby! Another awesome FO, Eunny.

eunny, you are a feat of nature. i don't know how you knit everything you knit and do everything you do on this site, but i'm glad you do it! i hope you'll be publishing this pattern, because i'd sure plunk down the proverbial pretty penny for it!

oh, and one question - the argyle pattern you used is really inventive... i haven't seen one like it before. did you design it yourself, or does it come from somewhere else?

wow. it's beautiful... i've been lurking here forever and am constantly amazed and impressed with your knits. you are a constant inspiration.

Your vest is SO amazing!!! I love it and it looks *awesome* on you!! Great job, Eunny!

Eunny, the vest looks amazing! I am in awe of your knitting skill. Would you ever think of writing up the pattern?

Beautiful--and so speedily finished! I'm impressed.

wow, just wow!!! what an amazing design. i'm too impressed.

damn, woman, you knit FAST! and despite your fears, i think it fits rather well! rock on!

That is stunning! It fits very, very well. You knit so fast I bet your needles are a blur.

I can't get over how fast you are! It's taking me DAYS to work on one little sock! And I actually get a fair amount of knitting time in!

The vest is beautiful, and looks great on you!

gorgeous work!! it IS very sexy librarian. i love how the neckline was steek-created.

Wow! It looks amazing.

Sexy librarian. THAT's the look I've been going for. Sell us the pattern please.

;-) ;-) ;-)

Man, you knit so fast! And it looks fantastic.

I'm not going to bug you for a pattern, but if you did publish it I would definitely (attempt to) make it :)

Thats absolutely fantastic. When are you giong to get your book deal!

Absolutely positively stunning! The sexiest vest I have ever seen. Haven't thought about vests in years, may have to change my mind. Great work!

That's what I'm talking about! No one believes me when I say vests can be hot and hip. Take that, naysayers! Awesome job and super fast, how do you do it? Are you an insomniac?

Oh My GOSH. I just started reading your blog and was thoroughly in awe of your fair isle steeking lesson; I kept thinking that you should print up some steeking booklets and sell them!

And now this vest. I live in hope that someday, I will be able to design funky sweaters and vests for myself!

At the risk of sounding like a freakish knitting stalker, is there a single handknit you don't look gorgeous in? I mean, really -- the vest is awesome, and you look a-MAZE-ing.

Soooo cute, especially paired with the pink tops. Very flattering on you! Well done.

the photos of this vest should be in a designer knits catalog. i love it. you've got something great goin on!

It's so chic! I adore it.

Eunny, it's perfect.

It's DARling! I love it, and I am an actual librarian. Would love to add it to my own wardrobe!

i just started reading your site and boy am i glad i did! i've always wondered about steeking.

that vest is amazing. really, it looks so complicated! but reading over your posts, your process makes it look much easier. i hope to try steeking someday!

Wow your vest is absolutely beautiful girl. I'm so impressed. You did such wonderful job. It's so cool, very vintage looking, simple and chic. Bravo!

I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying all your Fair Isle postings and knitting. Your steek tutorial is fabulous and your finished vest beautiful!

awww soooo pretty! I wish I could knit that fast too.

Wow! That is an awesome vest. And I'm totally in awe of how fast you knit! You're like a machine. Amazing.

Man Eunny!!! -How do you knit so darn fast with two colors?!? Or even if it was one color! I'm so jealous about your fast knitting and skills!

I feel like a turtle, even after knitting almost 3 years.

it looks really amazing! i'm inspired to knit my own now, or at least give it the ol' college try!

It is gorgeous! I don't knit fair isle and I am willing to give it a try to make me one of these vests ;)

Absolutely gorgeous! And you say you're not a designer, silly girl! You got style!

so gorgeous I might be tempted to go back for steeking... MIGHT.

(serious the trauma of cutting through a Dale of Norway Ladybug... takes time to get over :)

I, too, will buy this pattern if you decide to sell it. It is sooo amazing, and I, as many above, don't normally like vests, either. It's supercute and looks wonderful on you!

i love this vest.
i have been looking for one that has a deeper "v".
when you post it for sale, i'm definitely throwing in for it, & will bite the bullet & learn how to steek.

I love the fit of this vest. Was the fabric stretchy? Looking at the styles that are coming out for Spring, I bet you will wear that a lot.

Great work!!

Awesome! Vests aren't my "thing" but gee...The V-neck is great! Thanks again for the steek lessons. :)
Happy knitting! from Maine

That looks fantastic :) I normally dont like vests either but I'd probably consider knitting one like that. I'm going to have to join in on the clamor for a pattern!

You did a great job, both knitting it and designing it! Oh and modeling for it too! Love it!

WOW! That's so beautiful! Please, share the pattern with us who aren't able to create that beautiful things!!

I too am green with envy, of your vest and your knitting expertise both. Did you make up the argyle pattern too? If so I would love to hear about your design process.

You are a GENIOUS!!! I've been watching this project since it started and never really got the idea where you were headed with it. Now that it's all together and modeled, I'm just in AWE!!Great design and execution and it looks do CUTE on your figure! Thanks a ton for sharing the process with us. I can't wait to see what you knit next. :)

Wow, wow, and wow. I certainly hope you plan to write the pattern out!!

From start to finish, just amazing.

Thank you for your very informative steeking instructions! I've printed them out, and suspect that I will be using them for reference quite frequently during my very first color-work project: Dale's Torino.

And I really like the vest!

That looks AWESOME! One day. . . one day. I don't think I'm at the steeking stage of my craft yet, I'm also not yet to the two color knitting stage, but one day. . .

Cuteness! My sister has gotten the Air Force to send her back to the "motherland" and arrived in Taegu earlier this month. Being the textile capital of S. Korea, she has orders to be on the look out for yarn for the next two years.

Wow - that is so amazing! I can only dream of being able to (1) design something that amazing and (2) actually knit it! You are my new knitting guru!

Damn Beautiful. Just beautiful.


Stunning. You are a super knitting genius.

Wow. That is one sexy vest. I love the lines and the deep V on it. Nice job, Eunny!

Argyles seem to be the thing this year. I'm doing my own design in argyle too!

STUNNING. I'm kind of obsessed with this...wow. Amazing work.

That looks FABULOUS, and you really know how to wear it. Well done!

You are sooooo talented!!! I love the style of this vest & how low cut it is!! Absolutely gorgeous!!!

Nice boobs.. sweaters not bad either.. man you get alot of replies for a knitting site..

Wonderful, I love it. And it goes nicely to the pink shirt.

Very beautiful vest and the color combination is great!