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Wow - thanks for all the wonderful feedback on the stole! I'll have the pattern up soon - I'm thinking that it would be doable at a number of gauges, like cobweb for a delicate neckpiece, laceweight for a proper shawl, or even fingering for a wide, long scarf. It would also be a good primer, too, for anyone who wants to learn some traditional shawl construction methods: grafting, picking up stitches to work a border, and knitting on a perpendicular edging (thus eliminating a constricting bindoff row) are all covered. It's coming soon!

In the meantime, bitch bitch bitch. I went to the store today, to pick up a copy of the Fiber Trends felted clog pattern - I bought a copy years ago, but seem to have lost half of it. I'd gotten some great colors of Lamb's Pride Worsted yesterday:


to make a pair for Jeff's dad in a houndstooth check, letting the Fair Isle stranding take care of the double-thickness requirement. Anyway, so I went in the shop (I'd called around, and this shop - not my usual - was the only one that had it), poked around for the pattern, and finally found a copy buried in the middle of their sock binder. I was turning towards the register, when I heard a woman exclaim, "Oh! That's the pattern I came in for!"

Of course, it was the only copy they had left. I had no intention of giving it up - I was there first - but this woman started moaning about how she was only in town for a month(!), couldn't pick up a copy anytime like I could, was going to Japan, blah blah blah sobstorycakes.

I mentioned that Fiber Trends published a very similar felted slipper pattern, of which there were many in stock, and that we could perhaps compare them to see if it was just a reprinting of the same pattern or easily adaptable. Her husband basically knocked me out of the way and grabbed the pattern out of my hand to compare, as though he didn't trust me - when the yardages proved to be different, he started glaring at me as though I'd tried to decieve them. It was such an awkward situation; I clearly didn't want to give my copy to her, but she either failed to take the hint or was just knowingly putting the screws to me in a busy shop full of people, escalating in volume and hysteria until I finally just told them to keep it.

The Husband, with the most provoking air of condescending generosity, offered to make a photocopy for me. He said it right in front of the store owner, who was understandably peeved, and got more annoyed when he cut her off with an "I'm not talking to you." I demurred, he pressed, she got angry, and they got into a bit of an argument over copyright law while the Wife told me that I could buy a copy when some more came in, and that she really needed it a lot more than I did.

I wouldn't have really cared if they hadn't been so aggresively obnoxious. Apparantly, boorish is the new macho, and shameless is the new gracious. I must have missed the memo...or maybe this is just a cosmic hint for me to clean my house.

Bah. There's knitting to be done! There's a baby I forgot about - he's getting a little argyle vest, made out of the stash:



I'm sorry I wasn't with you!! I would have made a lovely scene in my southern accent about how rude northern people are and how they just crush my Christmas spirit. Scarlet O'Hara would have been proud when I finished.

Sorry it was such a crap shopping experience!

Sorry about the crappy experience! My blood pressure would have been way high if I were there. Agh! Afterwards, I hope the couple felt bad about the way they acted...but I doubt if they do. I can hope. ho ho ho!

But wait - you DID leave with the pattern, right??

So. Rude. Unbelievable how some people feel more entitled to things than others. I'm so sorry you had to deal with them. Ew.

On a happier note, your baby argyle vest is so precious. Love it. Love it to pieces.

For crying out loud, those people need a good smack upside the head! If that's the pattern she came in for, well, too damn bad. You did get there first, and since she didn't have an employee put the pattern aside, then it's up for grabs. By anyone. Specifically, the first person to grab it. If it had been me in that situation, I'd have told them where to go, quite honestly. "First come, first served, whining gets you nothing."

Of course, having worked in a number of places that seem to attract bitchy customers like honey does flies, I'm a little bitter.

Cripes, some people make me want to become a hermit!

Ugh... I'm sorry you had to go through that. I can't stand dealing with rude people - I worked at Disneyland for 5 years and dealt with rude people from all over the world. So happy I'm not at the happiest place on earth.

But, on the bright side, your vest is adorable! And all of your knitting projects have been wonderful. I love visiting your blog!

wow. amazing. what a perfect pair. how lucky they were to find each other (and how lucky every one else is not to be stuck with one of them).


I would hope that this story gets around on the internet blog world and somehow gets back to that lady to shame her, but she seems like the type who would think that she did nothing wrong and complain about you slandering her.

And yes, that argyle vest is so cute I just want to eat it.

OMG. I can't believe that happened to you. I'm not sure how I would have reacted, but I know I would have been really pissed off.

That makes me unspeakably mad. The shopowner should have pitched in a word or two for you, or tried to kick out the couple. Like Chris, I would like to know what came of the situation- I hope you got the pattern back!

how RUDE!! You did manage to keep the pattern, right?? Finders, keepers & all that stuff. Besides, it's the pattern YOU came in for as well!!

Never mind, I see that you told them to keep it.

gah. I hate these kinds of situations, sorry you had to deal with that

Ah, the best way to handle that kind of situation is to smile and say, "Sorry."

That woman doesn't deserve to be a knitter. I hope she knows that she is now cursed and nothing she does will make those clogs turn out right. I wasn't even there and that makes me so mad.

Sounds like you had an uncomfortable experience like I did a couple of weeks ago (and am STILL having to hear about!). Sorry. It'd be nice if everyone acted their age and not like 12-year olds.

And I agree with Winter - sometimes I just want to be a hermit too!

BTW, argyle vest is too cute!

You should have said something like, "well, Merry Christmas to you to." What is it with rude people? I agree that she has no business being a knitter - she's by far too rude. I'm so sorry you had such a horrid experience, but I hope the argyle vest makes you feel a bit better - it's adorable.

Nice to folks in the holiday spirit. Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a wretched shopping experience. I love the Lamb's Pride colors you picked out.

Delurking to say, "uh, how obnoxious!!" How it didn't suck the desire to make those clogs away from you! Also, a question. I loved your Norwegian socks so much, I also bought the book, and want to also use the Baby Ull. I am a much less skilled knitter than you...so I defer to your expert opinion. What did you do in terms of gauge adjustments? Were the smaller needles enough? Thanks a bunch!!

after i read this post i just had to comment. LADY, you should have snatched that pattern back from those assholes and told them back the hell off. heck, you snooze you lose. what the hell is up with the whining lady saying how she needs it more than you do. NEED IT MORE? *scoffs*

People like that are poisonous. I'm so sorry you had to be around them!

Btw, that stole you made is gorgeous!

I hope that woman's feet burn in the fiery pockets of hell that will be her cursed slippers.

Cute vest!!

Shameless the new gracious?

Absolutely. Especially in retail settings. I work at Webs and see this kind of thing happen daily. Relaying all of the appalling displays of audacity that I see would take HOURS.

I really wish I could print a little card for a fake charm school and slip it to these people...alas, they are probably too thick to get the hint.

Don't you hate letting people like that win? I hope they get really embarrassed and then have a life-changing epiphany and go forth and bully no more. But I'm not holding my breath waiting for it.

Im with Purly, she'll get hers. Maybe we'll get lucky and she'll make some of the devil clogs for the husband as well.

When did you start that cute little vest?

The compliments on the stole are well-deserved!

The Grumperina would have had a word or two (or 200) to say in this situation, and none of them would have been in that couple's favor. Incredibly rude and inappropriate.

Hmph. Some people just have no class! Boy, that was rude!

We'll have to get together and knit and I'll explain to you my theory of assholes and idiots. Of which those two were OBVIOUSLY both.

(and had I been there I would've embarrassed them so much that they would've run out of the store in tears)


You handled yourself well, I would have done worse I think. What a disgrace to knitters everywhere! I wish upon her no success with that pattern. I hope she knits and frogs forever and a day and when she finally felts them, they are the wrong size so useless. Thank in advance for the patter you are going to provide. You knitting is beautiful and for a novice lace knitter like me it is inspirational, thank you.

"Apparantly, boorish is the new macho, and shameless is the new gracious." Yup, couldn't agree with you more! Somehow this trend seems to have spread all around the world (here in the Netherlands it's just the same). I wanted to say, my compliments to you, how you handled the situation was REALLY gracious. Of course there's so much you "could" and "should" have said, but really, what's the point. Those people are to thick to get it.
Also I wanted to tell you how much I like your knitting, it's really really REALLY beautiful!

Wow, you are a far better person than I am. With that couple being so rude to me and trying to bully me into giving her the magazine with the pattern would have made me defintely buy it instead of giving it over to them.

Now Japan gets to experience the "Ugly Americans" syndrome.

Those two clearly do not understand the meanings of the words "Holiday Spirit" or "Do unto others . . . "

That's terrible! You are too gracious to them. I know I know, I will be as bad as them if I stoop to their level but their behaviour just leave one with limited option! Hope you are able to find the pattern elsewhere.

Cute vest. You should get the recipient to model for it as well! ^_^

When you say "I let them have it" what you mean is "I let them have it where the sun don't shine," right?

Anyway - I've done one pair of the Fiber Trends clogs for me out of Cascade 220. Still has some stitch definition, which is okay, I guess. But I've switched to Lamb's Pride worsted for the next two pair - but haven't felted them yet. Here's hoping to no stitch definition.

Theres nothing funner than a fist fight in the knit store, sorry I missed it!

Criminy. The nerve! I think I would've quickly stepped up to the register and purchased it, ignoring them completely. If they kept at it, I'd offer to sell it to them for, oh, $50.


Takes pattern out of your hand.

Then keeps pattern and buys it.

Then talks loudly about violating copyright laws FOR YOU.


I think you got huge karma points by not hauling off and smacking the both of them.

Ok, not a "holiday spirit" idea, but an elbow to his side sounded like it was in order.

I was informed of your blog a few days ago and have to say, "when I grow up I want to be a great knitter like you". You are one fantastic knitter...where do you find the hours to get all these very detailed, very lovely items knit up? You are an inspiration...thank you.

Oh...and I love the last name...I was once a Giang...kids still are. Different spelling, but possibly the same pronounciation?

I'll be back to check on your blog to see what I can drool over...

Best wishes for the holidays,

I have a saying posted above my desk: "Should you find yourself the victim of other people's bitterness, ignorance, smallness, or insecurities; Remember, things could be worse. You could be one of them!" You took the higher ground in that situation, and have really good knitting karma coming to you!

How rude! I hope women like her don't turn up to any knitting groups I choose to attend..

How appalling.

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