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Two steps back

Thanks, you guys, for the rooting you're doing for the felted bag. Will it keep for a couple days? I ripped everything I'd done and reblocked the bag last night:

Before, it looked fine - even on close inspection - but it just wasn't even. Blocking it over a form made the shape right, but the seams kind of wandered, and it was annoying to sew the straps on and feel like I was fudging for symmetry's sake. Besides, I think I ironed the wrong side of the interfacing - rather than staying patiently put, it was flapping and flopping around every time I moved the bag. I picked up some more interfacing, and the bag has been pinned to painstakingly precise right angles.

Are you getting the feeling yet that I maybe didn't plan this out very well? You would be right. Observe:

That's the reverse of the latigo saddle straps I'm using here. Ugly - that's the, uh, cow side of the skin. The body of the bag covered it up, of course, on the strap portions, but I didn't have a plan for the handle part - I tried lining it with the pink shantung, with mixed (pretty, but irredeemably wrinkly) success. I thought about lining it with another strip of leather, but that might have made it too thick.


What do all of my handbags do for leather straps? Why did it take me so long to figure out what to do? Bah. It does look pretty though, very finished and polished. There won't be any buckles on these straps - turns out that sewing them in would be way beyond my skills or patience - and this treatment will polish the look, I think, just as well as hardware would have done.

So, two steps back. Still, it's not a total loss. I went shopping last night and am now armed with everything else I need: zippers, magnetic clasps, feet, glover's needles, a thimble(!) - and most importantly, the beginnings of a glimmering of a clue as to what I'm doing. Bring it.


Nice, Eunny! I can't wait to see it! This bag is becoming more polished and professional each time you make any progress on it (I count this post as progress).

this is going to be fabulous! the handle portion looks so polished and professional.

did you mention where you bought the straps?

Better to have it right then not like it. I don't know if you picked one up when you bought the leather, but they make needles just for sewing leather. You can get them with nice thick wooden handles - two benefits to this - the needles doesn't hurt so bad and it gives you more leverage to push the thread through the leather. It might be worth it to get one if you're going to roll the handles. The straps look great and will look wonderful on the bag.

Eunny, your knitting and crafting reaches a level of precision I could not hope to achieve. Way to go, and I look forward to watching this progress.

May I second Colleen's comment above? This is going to be really, really gorgeous. Can't wait to see it! :)

Oh, good luck with all this. It will be such a great bag!

I have a feeling that this is going to look fantastic when it's done! Can't wait to see the FO!

Eunny - that bag is amazing! You are a wonderful crafts-woman. Beautiful.

The blue lace is very pretty too!

Wow wow wow!!! That bag is coming along so awesome. The few steps back are so worth the fabulous finished results you wil have. Fear not, I will continue my rooting for a couple of days - and more if needed!!

Eunny, that bag is just going to be gorgeous. Your a real perfectionist, and it shows. Well done

I really appreciate you documenting all of this. I will make this bag and you are going to save me lots of headaches :D

It's going to be beautiful and the recipient is very lucky to have a friend like you.

It's great! Watching you work on this has been exciting and educational. Go Eunny Go!

cant wait to see the bag! it's going to be great.

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