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Sweet fancy Moses...

Check this out!

All those times they tell you in school that x is not a popularity contest? Yeah, it didn't stick. I'm unreasonably, childishly, burblingly excited to have found this.


Yay! I hope you win. Your blog is definitely one of the ones where I'm excited to see a new post.

It's not a popularity contest. In my opinion, your blog is *clearly* the best new blog out there. I'm surprised you didn't make the cut for best overall blog. You have my vote, and you certainly deserve to win. (I don't mean to sound like I'm kissing up. Your blog is just that good.)

Oh, I'm all over that *stuffs ballot box*. I'd be darn excited too!

Very cool. You should be excited!

Congratulations! I just cast my vote for you!

yay! i nominated you! hehe i hope you win!

I had heard about this and was hoping to see your blog among the nominees for one or the other of the categories. Of course, I voted for you. :)

Congratulations. I'd be excited too, to see my name up there in shining lights amongst the other stars :)

Sheesh, no competition! Crazy Aunt Purl is funny, but girly you've got skills! Bow hunting skills, numchuck skills, knitting skills.............

I just voted, too. Just guess which one? ;)

Yay! I just voted for you. You are by far the best new knitting blog out there. Congrats!


Congratulations! You already got my vote!

Go, Eunny! Go, Eunny! It's your birthday!

Of course you'd be on that ballot, silly. You're a superstar. I already voted for you. You are, hands down, my fav knitblog from the others listed. Honest.

I nominated you, too. Thanks for such a great blog and double thanks for the free pattern!!! Even if you don't win, I'll still be a fan!

I saw this earlier today and already cast my vote for you. Your blog would be hard to top.

This is cool! I just put in my vote for you, yay!!

You get my vote :)

Got my vote! What an honor. I hope you win.

Just voted you for the Best New Knitting Blog! Woo hoo. Let us know what you win. Haha.

Woo-hoo! Congrats. :D

I was sorry missed the deadline to nominate you; I'm so glad to see others weren't as remiss. Go Eunny!

Of course I voted for you!

I just went and voted for all the categories. Your blog is the one I'm inspired to visit the most, so I'm not surprised to see you on the ballot at all. Congrats!

my vote for you is cast! congratulations on the nomination and so well-deserved.

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