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I am remiss for not posting this sooner - Yahaira sent me a gorgeous scarf early this month.

It's Cashmerino, in a delicious apple-y green. It's funny - I've been knitting for going on twenty years now, but I've never before received anything handknit. I am so in love with this thing, what with the baby-softness and the maxi length and the color and the fact that it was knitted! Just! For! Me! I've been wearing it every day - since I basically wear nothing but black and white and shades between, it's a great little bit of pop against my face.

But then, this unbelievable package came. I mean, just LOOK:

She's sent me some HPY laceweight in Polar, along with some jaw-droppingly gorgeous bamboo yarn hand-dyed in pinks and purples and cerises and crimsons. I'm boggled by its delicacy - just for yuks, I've unreeled a few inches of it next to a strand of green cobweb weight (my usual lace yarn) and a strand of pink fingering weight. Humbling, huh? I have to think long and hard about the perfect project for this - lace, of course, but something exceptionally fine and dainty, I think, with the bold colors being a saucy little wink and saving the whole effect from being too twee. Thank you so much, Yahaira!

I've been doing very little actual knitting lately - I think I'm kind of burned out from the Christmas crunch. I have, however, been working on a little hat:

In doing some seat-of-the-pants Googling to research the design, I came across a lot of interesting information (most of it apocryphal, I'm sure) about the cloche, a lot of it very Womens Studies 101 kind of stuff about burgeoning political enfranchisement and the symbolic shearing of feminizing characteristics. I'm shallow, so I'm more interested in the shifting details of a style that was popular for nearly thirty years - I think I'm going for an early twenties look, before the cloche became a truly severe skull-cap and was still a proper hat with a low, brow-skimming brim that guiltily recalled the modesty enforced by the previous century's bonnets. I know very little about millinery - I know true felt hats are draped and steamed to shape - but I believe crowns were occasionally made in pieces and decoratively seamed, particularly when it came to furs and skins. My little topper will have two columns of cascading, traveling purl lines to simulate construction seams in the (felted, brushed and clipped mohair) "fur" of the finished hat, a very deep crown, and a fairly wide, shaped brim. And flowers - oh yes, there will be flowers.


What a lovely scarf! Isn't Yahaira the best? I got a lovely ball of Zephyr laceweight from her just today!! What a sweetie!! It's just enough for your print o'waves pattern!! :)

What a wonderful gift. I can't believe you've never received a handknit gift before. But this one makes up for it, in spades. What gorgeous yarn - I can't wait to see what you come up with. And the hat looks super cute.

Oh my, that delicate yarn is so fine! Beautiful, but yeah--humbling. That's like wedding-ring shawl stuff, which I haven't gotten around to trying yet, either.

And do you know, I don't think I've ever gotten a handknit gift, either? A crocheted afghan from my grandmother when I was still in my teens, but that's the only thing I can think of, outside of some childhood knits that may or may not have been handmade by distant relatives. (I wasn't exactly paying attention at the time.)

A delicate goodie with a pop of color sounds delightful for that bamboo! I look forward to seeing it in action :).

I can't wait to see your finished cloche! Your knits are always amazing!

I haven't ever received a handknitted gift, either. I just thought of that the other day. I think I'm going to join the next round of Sockapalooza (if there is one) just so that someone will knit something for me. I don't even wear socks that much, but who cares?

Wow, I sound like a pity party - sorry!

What interesting details on the cloche, I look forward to seeing how you style your flowers. You have such beautiful & delicate knits!

I love cloches, actually have about 5 or 6 of them too. I had a friend who was a milliner....when that pattern is done I soooooo want to try my hand at it. You have my info, send it on sister!

And Yahaira did a great job on that HPY. I'm finishing a lace job with some HPY right now. Its soft and airy. You'll love it.

Yes, I'm eagerly looking forward to your cloche too. I think it's going to beautiful.

Oooo, can't wait to see that cloche! I've always been in love with the fashion of the 20's and 30's (blame it all on The House of Eliot) and would love to something in that fashion too.

How fun to get such a gorgeous knitted gift!

I love classic hat shapes, so I look forward to seeing how your cloche comes out.

I love that you're knitting this. I just saw King Kong the other night and was just absolutely in love with her hat (even though it was more of a 30s style choche, styled after the original in the first movie, I still love it) and I've been wanting to knit one for the longest time. Maybe you'll grace us with a pattern when you're done?

Just stumbled across your mention of that cloche on craftster, and I was wondering if it worked out. I couldn't find it on your blog after this post, so perhaps not...but it did have such promise. Thanks!

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