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I'm working on putting together a little tutorial on how I calculated the stripes and dyed the yarn (for those who asked - it's not sock yarn per se, but rather, just Dale Baby Ull, a superwash fingering wool. The superwash drinks up the Kool Aid smashingly well)...but in the meantime:


Yankee navy blue: 3 packets Grape, three packets Berry Blue, sprinkle Orange.


Cute Jaywalker. I love the yarn and the Yankees socks look cute so far.

I'm with you on the Yankees! We're big Cubs fans (there's nothing better than sitting in the bleachers at Wrigley Field with a slice of Connie's Pizza and a beer in the middle of the summer), but Kyle Farnsworth, who used to be one of our pitchers, got traded to the Atlanta Braves (yuck) and now is going to New York. His beautiful quads will look sooooo good in pinstripes.

Geez, this comment sounds like it was posted by a man - a gay man who thinks Kyle Farnsworth is extremely sexy, but a man nonetheless. Pardon all the baseball talk.

Oooo, those look great!!!

Yankees, feh! :-).

Love the Jaywalker! I really want to start another pair but I've got so many other things in line ahead of that. Maybe I'll try to sneak another pair in.

Did you dye the yankee sock yarn too? If so, how did you get that dark color??

The jaywalker looks fab. I wonder if Dale picks up color better than my standard Knit Picks sock yarn...

love the jaywalker socks. how many skeins you use to make a pair?

Love the Jaywalker colors--they are so vibrant!

Don't you just love that pattern!? It makes me just want to buy all sorts of stripey yarn. I love the beach socks, the colors sort of remind me of the vesper ones, but with better striping. I really like the thicker stripe.

Ooohhh...love those stripes and the color!
Where did you get the pattern?

i am so amazed that you made self striping yarn. that's the most impressive thing i've seen on here i think (and i'm impressed by darn near everything!).

i adore the colors of the jaywalkers. just so fun and whimsical. and how impressive that you dyed them yourself! makes me wanna knit socks ...

I love the colors of those socks!

Wow! What a great looking sock! Love that dye job.

I've been saving some KnitPicks undyed sock yarn until I decided how I want to dye it - pefect timing for your tutorial. Can't wait. Your stuff is all gorgeous.

Those Jaywalkers are so completely awesome. Times infinity million plus five!

Please post some sort of tutorial for your striping method!

Looking at Jaywalkers has become one of my favorite pastimes and yours are very cool!

Go Red Sox!!!

I'll lay off the hatin', though, since you have dyed the most beautiful beachyarn in the world. :)

Wow your socks are great!!! Love the stripes!!! Makes me want to go try to dye some yarn.

Where can I find the pattern for the yankees socks? and the yarn????

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