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Yes, I let them keep the pattern. I felt like a doormat for doing so, but at some point, my principles gave way to preserving dignity. It just seemed so ugly to get into a fight, you know? Still, how frustrating that grown people can successfully use tactics that most six-year-olds can't get away with!

I've sourced another copy, and will be picking one up today, so no real damage done. We'll see if this crazy houndstooth check idea will work, and work in time for Christmas.

In the meantime, I've been putting the sleeves on my dad's sweater (remember that one?):


My main concern with this one is getting it done quickly enough to block before Sunday. I think it'll be okay if I get it done tonight or tomorrow morning.

But oh! Look at what my mom gave me last night:


It's a 100% lambswool maxi-length sweater coat, in a (lucky for me!) x-large. My mom lost a lot of weight recently, and can't wear it any more - I'd guess there are at least 3,000 yards of beautifully deep brown, fingering-weight wool here. Can't be too grouchy with something like this around.


FYI - a porn site hacked into your url somehow. Query "see eunny knits" at google. Click on link - see lots of porn. I am not on my computer today, and wanted to log in, couldn't remember your url, hence my scary discovery.

Wow, it was super nice of you to let them keep the pattern. I was shocked at how *completely* rude they were! But I'm glad you found another copy of the pattern elsewhere.
Good luck with finishing the sweater!

I'm glad you got another copy of that pattern. Hurry up and crank out a pair so I can decide if I want to make some for my massage therapist!

And your mom is awesome for giving you that coat. Yay for weight loss!

Good luck with your dad's sweater. I'm in the same boat with my husband's. Gotta go park my butt on the couch and work on the sleeves...

I am kinda surprised that the store owner didn't say anything to them...

Meanwhile, Print O' The Wave pattern please?!?

Um, you're FROGGING that sweater coat, right? My initial reaction was, either Eunny (1) has a serious case of body dysmorphic disorder, or (2) has hired a model for her blog. LOL!

Hahaha, I agree with Laura completely. Until I read the part about you frogging it, I was like "Wow, your camera sure takes a LOT of weight off you!".

Hi, Eunny, I've been reading your blog just recently, but somewhat obsessively -- you are so eloquent about your processes. I find I'm not careful, technical, enough about planning out my projects, so it's very helpful to witness your analytical prowess applied to yarnworks. Fantastic FOs! I can't wait for your Print o' the Wave chart, because I have been clamoring for that st pattern for a month. Btw, I totally would have done the same thing about the pattern -- argued, given in, and kicked myself in the butt afterwards. C'est la vie of the nonconfrontational.

Yay for another pattern. I like your dad's sweater and I imagine you'll get the sleeves done with time to spare. The coat is fabulous and should lend you miles of yummy yarn.

Sorry about the pattern ordeal! At least you were the bigger person & you found another pattern!

I also can't wait for your print o' wave pattern! I just got some lovely lace weight merino that would be perfect!

Wow! Scary pattern stealers. Karma will probably catch up to her and she'll have tons of problems making the clogs--or lose the pattern herself.

I really like the sweater you are making for your dad. The color is great.

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