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Baby Fair Isle colors:

We'll see how all this works out.

And don't think that I haven't been busy working on other things -

That's the first 17 repeats of the Print O' The Wave scarf, stretched for a little mid-morning preen. I love the fabric, I love the lacyness, I love the pattern - it is, however, a bit shorter than I expected. 20 inches for 17 repeats, when it should be at least 22"...there's some thinking that has to be done here. I've been obsessing over border and edging choices, like staring-at-the-ceiling-before-falling-asleep and dreaming-violent-dreams-involving-YOs-and-tatting-shuttles kind of obsessing, with the result of wishing that I'd just started with a plain garter stitch border and worked it straight.

Ah, well. The original plan has been slightly modified to include 20 or 25 repeats (depending on whether the length is livable), working the other half, grafting them so the waves flow away and down from the shoulders on either side, picking up the border and working it, and finally knitting on the edging. I'm thinking of a very simple frame of lace mesh for the border (is that the right way to describe it? You know, like where every other row is just "YO, k2tog, YO, k2tog" and it makes a fishnet kind of thing) and then a variant on English lace for the edging.

The thing is, I want the edging and the border to be unobtrusive (the better to showcase the center panel), but not so blunt and plain that they appear incongrous or - worst of all - clumsy and thoughtless. I'm worried, too, about the shape of the thing - am I knitting a scarf, which should be quite long, or a stole, which is wider and may possibly be okay being a bit shorter, or a little neckwarmer piece like the Fiddlesticks Whisper Scarves? Gah! Let the hand-wringing begin.


Your knitting itself is delightful, of course, yet what I appreciate and most enjoy reading is your thoughful deliberation over yarn, pattern, size, etc. You are a craftswoman indeed.

I think your plan for the border will be lovely - it seems to me that it would go nicely with the lacey bits in the center portion. I don't think there's anything wrong with a bit shorter scarf when it's lace. I think long ones are a bit disproportionate - too long for their lack of substance if you know what I mean. I know that whatever you end up doing will be perfect - you just have a good eye and a great sense of style.

The scarf is turning out gorgeous. I hear what you mean by keeping the border simple. Something that frames it nicely as opposed to competing with the main panel.

I know you don't want to hear this. But I am thinking "crochet border". (please don't stab me with your tiny bamboo needles when next we meet for saying it!)*grin*

How pretty! And, I'd probably second the crochet border...

I hate those knitting problems that make you knit all night in your dreams. While knitting my first lace project, I was almost afraid to go to sleep at night... I knew I'd just relive it all night long!

Very pretty. I love the color.

uhh I dont think I have any advice really. I think you need a border that has some "waves" in it, to keep the shape of the piece. The length of a stole would be nice in this, Im thinking something like River where I can wear it as a scarf, stole, or even a wrap around my neck.

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