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Floral Felted Bag




I am really proud of this one.

Pattern: Floral Felted Bag, by Nicky Epstein for Interweave Knits fall 2004
Yarn: N.Y. Wool (Korean) Fine Wool merino in chocolate brown and cream
Yardage: Approximately 300 yards main color, 150 yards contrast
Yarn Source: Gift
Needles: 4.5mm (US7) Crystal Palace bamboo circular
Gauge: 14st/4" before felting; 18.5st/4" after felting
Modifications: DK weight merino substituted for Jamieson & Smith Double Knitting; two colors used instead of seven; side panels narrowed instead of pleated; leather cargo-style handles used instead of twisted, felted icord; purse feet and magnetic closure added; backed with heavy-duty interfacing and cardboard bottom insert; lining with zippered pocket added.

This was an adventure for sure. It's not perfect - one of the handles is a bit wonky, and my sewing leaves a lot to be desired - but I hope the overall effect is "carefully handcrafted" rather than "shoddily homemade".

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I'm standing and clapping!

Beautiful work, as always.

hello, gorgeous! your hard work was well worth it. that bag is beautiful. and great job with the finishing as well. that lining is perty as hell.

i've been waiting all day to see the finished product! it's soo beautiful, i hope you are keeping this one for yourself!

Beautiful job!!

I love it! You did a great job! Your recipient will be (or should be, because if she's not you should give it to me ;) really happy with this gift!

eunny, you are the queen of intricate knits! props for having the patience to work your way through it all... this bag is amazing, right down to choice of hardware. congrats!

Wow!! It's beautiful. It looks so polished. I love that you put little feet on it and such a pretty lining.

That is incredible.
You are a knitting god!

Very impressive. I love your attention to detail. The finishing takes it from cute to beautiful and functional.

That's gorgeous. I'm not a fan of felted bags, but that's really, really beautiful.

That is gorgeous! Love the lining, the finishing detail is icing on the cake!

This is my absolute favorite FO ever! Attention to detail is your strength, wow! I still haven't sewn buttons on a sweater I knit over a year ago - for me once the knitting's done, so is the project! Many props to your finishing skills :)

"Carefully handcrafted" is such an understatement! That bag looks wonderful, I especially like all the little touches like the purse feet. Enjoy using it, it's a delight!

The little touches are beautiful and it's certainly more handcrafted than shoddily homemade. I always enjoy looking at your sketches as they're so inspiring.

What a lovely!!! You always do the best work & this is no exception! The entire look is amazingly well put together!

I'm swooning!!

Wow! Some day I 'll be brave enough to attempt a project like that. Knitting (with intarsia!), sewing (leather, zippers and pockets!), and leather work. I repeat, wow.

Wow, way to go on this one. I'm so impressed by your eye for detail. The bag is gorgeous.

That bag is priceless. You did an awesome job. I can't believe you made that. Be very very proud.

sooo impressed!! you are unbelievable. great job.

I lurk on your blog because everything you make is gorgeous, but you've really outdone yourself with this. And I can't believe you even put a zipper pocket in the lining - wow! I think I'd be afraid to use it - I might be tempted to carry it around in a big ziploc bag to protect it!

*never* let it be said that eunny jang does not have an eye for detail. that bag is a beaut!

Wonderful bag.

I too have been waiting all day to see the finished product. Well worth the wait - it is positively stunning. I'm in total awe of your talent!

Absolutely beautiful. Oustanding job!

You should definitely be proud of this one!! It's GORGEOUS!!

Quite an accomplishment! I envy your patience and attention to detail. The bag is simply gorgeous.

Holy cow, that's gorgeous! Honestly, that purse is something I'd expect to see in a high-end store. Wow. Well done :)

What a gorgeous purse! You did such a great job. Your version is even better than the one shown in the mag.

So beautiful!

I desperately want that pattern now.

Outstanding job Eunny!! I know the recipient of the bag will absolutely love it!!

I love it! If I ever make this bag, I hope it will turn out as great as yours!

It looks amazing!! Great job!

That is a really beautiful bag!! I love the little details like the feet and zippered inside pocket. What a lucky recipient!

Totally awesome. You're keeping that for yourself, right? If you really do feel the need to give that away, I can give you my address!

Honestly, beautiful work, as always. I'm not good at intarsia AT ALL, but since it'd be felted, I might be inspired to take a crack at that. Felting always hides sucky knitting!

Stunning!!! Definitely beautifully handcrafted, and wonderful attention to detail. That's what makes it stand out, far apart from anything "homemade."

Oh, me again- just when I thought it couldn't get better... the zippered inside pocket! You didn't miss a thing. Perfect!

Holey moley that is one beautiful bag - excellent job!!!!

stunning, Stunning STUNNING! i think what makes this bag so special is all the carefully chosen elements that make it the masterpiece that it is! absolutely gorgeous- i must admit to sinfully coveting your bag, eunny!

Beautiful--I adore pink and brown together. Thanks for showing all of the steps--you did a fantastic job!

Oh My!!!! It is even cooler than I had thought it would be. I love it! You did such an amazing job.

It's fabulous. I love, love, love how it turned out. I got my pattern in the mail, now I just have to find the time to try it.

I just have to add to the compliments--that is so beautiful! I love the little details.

This is THE nicest thing I have ever seen handmade. I just cant believe I have watched you construct this from nothing. Fab job Eunny.

somehow i missed this post...it looks awesome! all the details -- especially those purse feet and the handles -- are wonderful!

That is what one calls a "masterpiece." I admire your patience and talent!

My god - it's beautiful! What wonderful attention to detail. I would never use another bag again. Kudos to you!

I have only been reading your site for a short period of time, but love the projects you pick and the colors you use. This bag is your best yet. Absolutely gorgeous!

It looks so beautiful! What a fantastic project, I love all the attention to detail!

Absolutely gorgeous! Just love it.

WOW that is impressive. So is your diligence. Love it, great job!!

Now THAT'S a bag! Very professional. I can't believe how neat and even your punched holes in the leather strap turned out. Great work. You've inspired me to move my bag-making up a few notches.

Beautiful work. Your eye for detail is most definitely inspiring. Brava!

Truly amazing job. Really enjoyed seeing it all come together.

Truly amazing job. Really enjoyed seeing it all come together.

Did you buy the wool in Korea...or was it just made there? When I go to Korea this summerI want to have some yarn shops to check out, so if you know of any could you share them with me?

The bag turns out fantastic! Love all your details.

it's amazing. I want to take mine out of the closet right now and redo some of the finishings.

Beautiful work! It's the attention to detail that makes or breaks a project for sure. I love what you've done, and it makes me want to look at that pattern again. Too many knitters don't take the time to do proper finishing I've noticed (knitting is NOT a race)!

You are my hero. Oh, to be so accomplished! This is a beauty!

I love the completed bag, it's just beautiful! You did a wonderful job on the modifications.

This iteration of the bag is far lovelier than the version in IWK...I love your customizations.

I am a Nicky Epstein fan but you have outdone her with your version. I hope I have this magazine so I can do a similar version (I'm thinking black however). Thanks for the great inspiration.

Beautiful bag. Could I ask ... where did you get the leather handles?

Lovely, Lovely, Lovely!

This bag is incredible!

Where did you get the leather for the handles, and did you sew it on yourself? What kind of machine do you have?

Oh,my god .All the knit items you make are so cool ~

OMG!!!! That bag is beautiful!!!! You always manage to surprise us with your work.

Im dying right now...dying I tell you! That is the most amazing bag...BRAVO!!!

Beautiful purse. Can you tell me where you found the leather straps and hardware?

awesome really well executed