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Christmas Spirit

I started the Print O' The Wave Scarf last night.

It took a long time before I could figure out a way to even up the edges - though the number of YOs and compensating decreases matched, the pattern kept migrating one stitch to the left with every row. After trying umpteen different things, I finally settled on adding another half repeat on either side - this seems to work fine, though it feels clunky and inelegant. However, the wonderful website that Jody referred me to (thanks!) had a couple of very similar patterns. They seem to incorporate the same idea behind their edge treatments, so I'm not going to obsess over it too much.

After all, there are always other dubious choices to be tormented by. Take, for example, my working needles:

That's a dime, friends, included for scale next to 1.75mm (US00) needles. Madness, you say? Wait till you hear this: I had four repeats done on 1.5mm (US000) needles, before I frogged and started over with the larger (hah!) ones. It all came down to the pattern - this lace looks better with every additional repeat; the pattern seems to pop and create this interesting ripple illusion when several of the "wave" columns are lined up. I definitely wanted at least four repeats - but done on US2 or 3 needles, the piece was a) huge, and b) sloppy-looking. That ruined the greatest charm of the stitch, which for me lies in the way very crisp, sharply delineated shapes successfully describe a rolling, wavey subject. I tried the smallest needles I had - the 000s - and was knitting merrily away when I realized I didn't like the fabric they formed. 000s are really for gossamer-weight thread, I suppose, and the lace was stiff enough that I had my doubts about how much blocking would relax it. So, then, on to the US00s it went, and we seem to have struck the right balance between crisp and lacy.

The only problem is, am I going to get this sucker done in time? Each repeat will give me about 1.25 blocked inches. I want this thing to be at least 54" long. Given 1.5 inches each of edging and inner border (a YO row and maybe a couple bead stitch rows), the central panel must be 48", or about 38.5 repeats.

Yikes! Leaving time to do the border and edging, I would need to knit at least three repeats a day. Can I do it? I still have a gansey to put sleeves on, the bag to finish, and at least three pairs of slippers to felt.



Eunny, you can do anything!

Knitting on US00 may or may not be a little crazy, but the product right now looks absolutely great! Sure, you could have knit that sucker on 3s, but it would be nearly as nice, even if quicker :). Looks great!

The scarf is looking fabulous, and the lace is really taking on a nice texture.

Of course you can do this!

That's beautiful. And the size of your needles is awe-inspiring.

OMG Eunny! You are a lace machine. I can't imagine using needles smaller than 3's...you have so much patience! I think I better do some math as well, as I'm not sure I'll make it with the millions of holiday knits to go!

That is going to be absolutely beautiful!!! Lace is my favorite thing to knit, but I haven't ventured smaller than a 2 at this point in time. You're my hero, knitting on 00s. Yikes is all I can say.

I'm sure that you'll get it done on time. If you can knit that USM Pullover in 5 days, you can do anything! And you sound like me - I love to impose crazy deadlines on myself at an already stressful time like the holidays. I've got to finish a hat, dye 4 skeins of yarn, knit 2 scarves, finish a cable sweater for my 6'5" husband, and possibly knit a ski hat for aforementioned hubby and sew a jacket for a 2-year old. And I have 22 days in which to do all these things - aack! Must go knit!

Your scarf is so lovely! It will be a treasured gift whether or not you get it done on time, but from all the comments it sounds like you are the kind of gal that will.


If anyone can do it, you certainly can. It's just beautiful so far!

It looks lovely Eunny. Have you timed how long each repeat takes you? Maybe attack the sleeves one day, the slippers in a couple of days, and work on the lace a bit each day until it's all you have to work on.

Okay, I am insane enough to actually be a little jealous by the knitting on 00s. It's so pretty and the needles are so tiny! So impressive.

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