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Baby Argyle Vest




I made this one up with only the vaguest, sketchiest plan - I ended up scribbling decrease ratios and armscye bindoffs on my arm with Sharpie as I knit. It's so cute; I wish I could eat this thing up with a spoon.

Pattern: My own
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull in colors 5755 (dark blue), 5703 (sky blue) and 0020 (cream).
Yardage: approximately 250 yds MC, <50 yds contrast colors
Yarn Source: All About Yarn
Needles: 2.50mm Addi Natura bamboo circular
Gauge: 9 st/inch; 24" around chest
Modifications: --

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So. Cute. Another great FO. Hope your holidays are going well!

Wow, did that little vest come out cute!

Absolutely adorable! I love baby sweaters that button at the shoulder so there's no fighting to get the sweater on.

Oh my goodness. That is the sweetest thing! Love it to pieces. The button detail is so smart, too.

I love it, the colors are great together.

That is super, extra, fabulously cute. Great job.

*SO* cute!!! I wish I knew a baby so that I could knit that. Maybe my cats would like one??? ;-)

boy, oh boy, is that vest darling? awwww. . .

very fine work as always, eunny!

Really cute little vest.

Hope your Christmas went well. I love the vest. My baby days are long over, but after Meg graduates College,travels around Europe, then settles down, then maybe I'll be a Grandmother. I hope you got some Knit related Christmas Stuff. Do share what you got, and how they liked their shawls. I got "Folk Shawls", "The Art of Fair Isle Knitting" , and a 50.00 gift cert. to Angel Hair yarns in Nashville! HOLLA!

Very cute!! Love the colours!

The intarsia-ed inside looks menacing, but the vest is oh-so cute!!! Congratulations on a great knit!

Really beautiful sweater vest. I love it.

Adorable :) Love the button closure on the shoulders. I laughed when I saw you used Baby Ull - no suprise there :D I've never used it, but I'm coming to love knitting fine gauge items. It's funny to me when size 3's feel huge!

It's so cute, you did a great job with intarsia! And I really like the colours too. You're so talented :)

So cute! And the buttons are a nice touch -- very helpful when you are trying to get something over a baby's head.

You know, Dale of Norway really ought to be paying you! You are an effective spokesknitter for them! :)

Very cute! The buttons are really nice too

Precious! The buttons are a really nice touch.

I LOVE argyle- and that sweater is precious. I must try me some argyle... maybe start with just a little bit on a sock - yeah, yeah....

Adorable. You're so very talented.

This is adorable! I really like the colors you chose. I made a similar argyle cardigan for a friend's baby.. but there's no way I could have made up the pattern like you did! You're quite talented.

That's a cute baby top!

what an adorable vest!! i need to knit something similar for my nephew, yours is a great inspiration.

Okay, that is too cute to bear. I absolutely love it!

Absolutely gorgeous! What a classic design. I love it! I've never knitted with Addi Natura bamboo circular needles. How are the join and cable? Is the cable similar to the Addi Turbos? Thanks.

Your argyl turned out beautiful. well done



this vest is adorable! what size is it and is the pattern available?

I love that great looking argyle baby's vest does anyone have the instructions for it I've been looking and looking and can't seem to find anything!your help will be greatly appreciated.

Your baby vest is just lovely. It is definitely something I would love to knit for my great gransons.
Will you be making your beautiful pattern available for sale?
Please keep me in mind if you do.
chloe >> eholc77 at aol.com

Eunny! Please can you post the pattern for the Baby Argyle vest. My grandma wants to knit it for my son. It is sooooo difficult to find argyle patterns, even in New Zealand.

This baby vest is adorable! It would be great on my Grandson. Will the pattern be available?

I too would love to know when this pattern will be avaliable. Thanks

How can I purchase your Baby Argyle Vest Pattern?

That is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen! I'd love to buy the pattern too if you're going to sell it. Please please ...

HI: Just adorable; great work!!! Are you going to sell the pattern? I have been looking for just this type of pattern. Hopefully you will consider. Thanks so much.

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