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Re: Joe's party - you guys are great. Thanks to the people who nominated me, and to everyone who voted...it's just a fun little bit of frivolity, but it sure is nice to know that people are enjoying this corner of the in-ter-web.

Re: the cloche - the one I felted today was an unmitigated disaster, so much so that I didn't have the heart to take a photo of it tonight. I know exactly what I did wrong, though, and will get started on another one soon - it's awful hard to play Scott and Zelda without one.

Re: the baby Fair Isle - the paper planning is DONE.

The math works out perfectly, horizontally and vertically, repeat-wise and gauge-wise, shaping-wise and armscye-wise. I need some opinions, though, from all you insightful knitters, you:

Pattern 1

(a) (b)

Pattern 2

(a) (b)

These are the two border patterns I've decided on, and the color combinations I picture them in. I want to keep the continuity going by keeping the blues background and the pinks pattern, but I'm having a tough time deciding the gradient direction. Right now, I guess I'm leaning towards 1a and 2b, but I'd love to hear your advice.

By the way, the color accuracy here is pathetic - the true colors are more like this:

(that would be number 2b).

The other issue concerns my lack of comprehensive peanut-related experience. How do people wrestle their babies into clothes? I was thinking at first that I'd do this:

with buttonholes at the left shoulder and all along the left arm, but it occurs to me that this might be cooler-looking than it is functional. Pullovers, even cool split-neck pullovers, probably aren't ideal for months 0-6, right, or at least until the kid can hold her head up on her own, yes? Would one of these make more sense?

The only options that I can think of are to have closures at the side and up a raglan seam, or to just make a cardigan (not preferred). Those of you in the know - which of these would be LEAST likely to make you roll your eyes and think, "a cluelessly childless person conceived this"?

Pun not intended.

Okay, I lied, the pun was intended.


As a parent of a 3 month old I can tell you don't put the buttons down the entire sleeve or down the entire side. On the sleeve I would worry about the baby getting the buttons in his mouth, and down the entire front I would be cursing the whole while that I was buttoning. A squirmy kid and lots of buttons do NOT mix. lol. I do think that your last option of buttons down the raglan increase is perfect, harder to reach by the child, not so many buttons that we start with the crazy making. Just my ten cents.

I'm not a parent yet but I do see baby sweaters with three buttons on the raglan seam. In fact, I just made a pair of them from an Erika Knight book for a friend's twins. It's a big enough opening for getting a squirmy head through but not so many buttons that would make a parent crazy. At least, that's what I'm hoping...!

peanut wrangling can indeed be difficult. most infant tops have the buttons in the back to keep them away from creatures that want to mouth everything. the best onesies that we had used a split neck which is somewhat hard to describe. there would be a wide oval opening for the head. the front of the opening was joined to the back of the piece and the back of the opening was joined to the front so that from overtop it looks like two crossed crescents. they were only joined at the shoulders, so that even though visually the neck was of a standard width, in reality the parents could open virtually the whole top of the piece for that big baby head. mind you, i don't think i've ever seen a knitting pattern which used that method so don't feel you need to recreate that. i just wanted you to know what you're aiming for - maximum opening. buttons along one edge are also a good idea. and oh yes, everything machine wash & dry or there is a good chance the kiddo will never wear it.

i have no peanuts either but i've seen lots of baby sweaters with the raglan opening. they have surprisingly big heads (*crossing legs*). you're so organised, all the plans and sketches. i should really learn to open my notebook more often, not just cast on and go.

just adding my 2 cents that the raglan opening seems to be a popular one.

i'm also wondering if a keyhole opening in the back would work too. no buttons in the vicinity of the mouth and hands but yet a big opening.

ps - i think something is wrong with the 4 images you posted as pattern 1 a and b and pattern 2 a and b. they're coming up broken for me.

I'm so glad I found your blog. Wide opening is appropriate; I like the one "G" described. I'll be watching your progress.

I have a peanut, and throwing in my 2 cents also, while mostly aggreeing with G. Buttons down the back of the garmet are super frustrating as mom can't button them fast enough, and a 0-6 month old peanut can't sit up so they get their feelings hurt as while the back buttoning is taking place, they are face down in the carpet, getting very mad. I have shirts/ onesies of the wide neck that G is writing of I could take a picture of and email you if you wish. The raglan/side buttoning would work too.

As the parent of two girls, now ages 8 & 11, I would actually vote (if I had a "vote") for the least amount of buttons possible. An overlapping onesie type neckline, as described by "G" would be great. It's basically like a boatneck that overlaps at the top of the shoulder.

Click on this link to see what I mean - click on the picture to get a much better idea:


I vote for the buttons down one raglan opening. Pick yer side . . .

My peanut will be 6 years old next Friday (aack!). My vote is for 2 or 3 buttons on one shoulder or down one raglan seam, or the boatneck thing like onesies do. (Wow, that's a horribly written sentence, but I think you get my drift.) You just need a way to make the neckhole bigger temporarily with minimal fuss.

I haven't a clue on the baby stuff, but it sounds like you've gotten a lot of advice from those who do. I can't see your pattern a & b images either, but I like the little swatch.

The entries in your graph book are so neat. My graph book is just sitting there staring at me. Maybe one day I'll be able to design something. :-D

I have two little ones--I would definitely suggest the one with the 3 buttons down the seam. Too many buttons is too hard to close when they are squirming away. Another option would be to put the buttons down the back, just 3 buttons--babies can't reach back there for them ;). All you need is an opening big enough for the head.
Your sketches inspired...thank you.

i like the b options. beautiful sketches!!

As Mommy to a 15 month old peanut, 3 buttons max on the shoulder would be my preference - this is the most both he and I have patience for. I love your blog, Eunny - your skill and creativity amaze me!

I'm posting again because I can see the options now. I like 1b the best, followed by 2b. But I know whatever you do will be beautiful.

My peanuts are now 5 and 2, but I would suggest three buttons along the shoulder. Babies spend a lot of time on their backs (carseats, sleeping, etc), and my girls found anything with back closures...unpleasant. And they indicated their displeasure rather loudly. Front closures are certainly cuter, but if the peanut spends a majority of their time snuggled against the chest of its owners, a front closure might present similar problems. I think the key, whether you go with front or shoulder, is to sew those puppies on as tightly as is humanly possible. New mommies are worriers.

No peanuts, so no advice.

And 1a! :)

As a mama of three under 6 years old, I'll try to help out, too. I believe that buttoning the entire sweater down the arm would be a bit of a pain. That said, it would look cool as you stated. How about working buttons at the neck and sewn-on buttons on a button band down the arm. It gives the apperarance of buttoning down the sleeve, but doesn't. Plus, I wouldn't worry too much about buttons and safety as long as you sew them on well. I don't think a newborn/young infant is going to be able (or even attempt) to gnaw them off. Dressing a young babe is easy. Dressing a toddler... well, that's a whole different story. :)

On the fair isle color scheme, I tend to like having the darker values of each family at the outside, grading to the lighter values of both in the center. I find it easier to read the pattern that way. When the darker blues are with the lighter reds/pinks and vice-versa, I think the pattern is harder to see.

Re: baby clothes. When my guys were really little I liked pullovers, but with a wide enough, stretchy enough neckline that it would go over the big head easily. If you must, put one button on the shoulder for a little extra ease.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. I made baby sweater sleeves pretty much straight, perhaps the slightest slope. Allow a generous amount of ease just above the cuff at the wrist. Baby arms are really skinny. Make a nice stretchy cuff.

I liked to bunch up the sleeve and put my hand (or fingers) in from the bottom, grasp the baby's hand, and pull through the opening. Voila! Pushing a baby arm through a sleeve is like pushing jello.

How about buttons down the back? I've seen a few sweaters like that for the wee, and it seemed a clever idea. But all I really know about baby sweaters is that they need to have startlingly disproportionate neck openings. :)

no peanuts here, but i have more nephews and nieces than you can shake a stick at (which, really, you maybe shouldn't shake a stick at kids...). I know from my millions of times babysitting and dressing them that the simpler the closure the better, and the bigger the head opening the better! I "vote" for the buttons on the raglan line.

Also, as for patterning choices, my eye was drawn to 1a and 2b continually (here and on craftster)

Your design/knitting skill astound me!!

I have two kids. My vote: 3 buttons on the shoulder.

My peanut will be starting college next fall....but I do remember how challenging it was trying to button anything he was wearing - I agree with Alison, 3 max on the shoulder.
With respect to the fair isle patterns, the pattern seems to 'pop' with 1A - so 1A gets my vote.

i vote 2b, also knitting a gorgeous fair isle for 0-6months is really not feasible...most infants grow out of those clothes in 1 month if not faster!. What i loved for my babies is a sweater for 12 mos, with large head opening and sleeves to roll up so they can wear it for 6 months at least, and wear at 6 months to a year.So that is what i knit for babies now, something to grow into, and out of gradually. Does that make any sense?

No advice, but your design is so pretty!

my daughter said that last note was way too bossy, sorry...i'm a new englander thru and thru. Also when i get my own blog i think it will be called "bossy pants".

I have to agree with clarity's first post (not her second; it didn't sound bossy to me, but I've been called bossy myself). I have 3 children and I found that the child fits the size that is twice his/her age, meaning a six month old wears a "12 month" size. They wear a lot a sleepwear the first few months and by about 3 months outgrow size 6 month clothing, so I think your beautiful sweater won't be worn much if you make the smallest size. The recipient (and future siblings) will get more wear out of the size 12 month sweater. Just MHO. Regardless of the size, the patterns you graphed are gorgeous and your notebook is impressive.

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