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The 1,002nd night's story

Thank you so much for all the positive feedback on the cable how-to. I'm glad you guys found it helpful!

One glove:

The problem is, I'm about 98% positive he's going to hate them. So do I ask him to try it on now and spare myself the work of finishing when he says he hates them, or do I wait until later and feel bitter and angry when he says he hates them? Would I knit another pair of gloves when he says he hates them? Would I throw the yarn down a well in disgust when he says he hates them? Am I working myself up into a frenzy of knitting angst, because I think he's going to say he hates them? Am I being totally unfair here by assuming he's going to say he hates them?

Probably should, probably shouldn't, probably would, probably wouldn't, wouldn't doubt it, and yes.

And now, a charming bedtime story to tell your children:

The Improvident Girl

Once upon a time, there was a rather insufferable girl who lived in a faraway land of decadence and bloat. She ordinarily sniffed self-rightously at the careless, frivolous consumption she saw all around her, rolling her eyes and speaking in sneering tones of the Walmart society of bigger, now, easier, faster, more, More, MORE!

She was smugly making some peacock-patterned lace out of leftover yarn, blinded by her self-satisfied resourcefulness to the irony of arrogance about thriftiness at all, much less thriftiness about a symbol for vanity. Then she started worrying about yardages,

which made her worry about needle sizes

which made her worry about finished dimensions

which made her wonder about finishing techniques

which made her think about blocking wires

which made her wish for no-rinse wool wash

until she was scribbing a list that included new yarn, new needles, a new pattern, a book on finishing, wires and soap. She stopped on her way out the door, realized she was completely insane and a hypocrite to boot, forgot to eat from shame, starved to death, and was buried in a potter's field in a deliciously gruesome demonstration of Nature's wit.

The End.


Yes, but did she get to be buried with her yarn??

Eunny, you are hysterical!!! And I say let him try on the gloves, and if he hates them, you gift them to someone who will love them and think you are amazing because you made them.

ask him!! If he loves them, then keep going. If he hates them, then make him eat them...I mean frog it, yeah that's what I meant.
I've found that I constantly "need" new things for my knitting, it's kind of sickening really

The amount of things I continually discover I need to knit really is amazing. It's sad.

But I'd just ask him. Why bother with the pain and agony not knowing and knitting a second or the pain and agony of knitting a second and him not liking? Boys are picky.

so, did you ask him? did he love them? or hate them? Personally, I think they're great, but then again, I'm not Him.

Heh. There's a perfect example of "cognitive dissonence" for ya! Lol.

I love this glove...I have been on the search for this type of pattern, even if he doesn't like them (which he would be crazy not too, my husband won't even let me knit anything for him b/c he's afraid of this problem too) you have helped me out to see it can be done. I have a question though, how did you connect the finger covering to the glove without disrupting the cabling pattern?
Any tips would be great if you find time. Thanks!

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