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Oxymoron of the day: listed stream-of-conciousness

1. Thank you very much indeed for the lovely comments about the shawl - I really appreciate them. Some more shots of the Fir Cone have been added to the project entry below - the fact that Jeff is eight feet taller than I am makes his photographs of me come out looking like they're of a foreshortened elephant man.

2. I've realized that personally, I feel pretty "meh" about this one. I was joking, of course, when I ranted and raved about how miserable the experience was, but I really am very underwhelmed by the finished object. It might be just because I'm not really big on frilly lace, personally, or it might be this particular arrangement of patterns - I think the border patterns are way too simple and geometric for the organic tessellation of the center square, and the edging needs to be much wider to put the thing in proportion. At any rate, I'm starting to understand shawl constructions fairly well - the Peacock Feathers shawl is the next one I'll do (to get a taste of triangular shawls) and then I'll buy a dictionary of Shetland lace stitches and bid good riddance to $10 patterns and $40 books.

3. The Christmas gift pile grows.

Unfortunately, so does the list of gifts not yet knitted. Among them:

  • Peacock Feathers shawl for my grandmother
  • One more shawl (maybe) for J's mom
  • Incomplete sweater for my dad
  • 2 pairs Knitty's "Cigar" gloves for my cousins
  • Incomplete Felted Floral Bag for The Most Totally Awesome Swapping Of Seasonally Appropriate Gifts Ever
  • 32904829038409 pairs Fiber Trends felted slippers for everybody I've ever met in my life. It's a very well-written, clever, useful pattern indeed...too bad I'm starting to think just poking myself in the eye with a needle might be more fun than making another pair. People love these slippers. I loved them, too - that is, the first four sets, or so.

4. Dale Hauk is...weird. I can't say it's a pleasure to work with, as it's rough and oddly dry-feeling and slightly oily at the same time. The finished fabric doesn't exactly repel water, but it does dry much more quickly than untreated wool of the same weight.

5. I guess Jeff's convertible mittens are next up.

Here's the cable I'm planning to use for the back of the hand. I apologize for choosing such a dark grey for this project - not very blog-friendly, but I was going for subtlety, here. A manly cable, if there is such a thing.

6. For everyone to whom I promised cardigan mods by today...we had some fire engine-requiring excitement yesterday (everyone's fine!), and I didn't get around to it. This week, though, I swear!


Just wanted to say that I love your blog and your knitting!

As to your holiday knitting, sounds like you may need to call Harlot's toll-free holiday knitting hotline (just in case you haven't yet :D ).


Wow, just stumbled upon your blog. How gorgeous everything is! One question: are you really giving away the USMP? I'm astounded, it's so perfect on you! I don't think I've reached quite that level of unselfishness in my knitting yet. You are very inspiring.

are you starting fires again?!
That dale hauk sounds extremely weird.
I understand what you mean about shawls, I find that a lot of the borders chosen are incongruous to the actual lace. It's almost as if the two 'patterns' weren't chosen with the other one in hand.
sigh, our gift lists are about the same length, though you have a lead.

wow, are you giving the USMP away as present? i hope you are keeping one of those shawls for yourself as they are stunning.

Peacock too me a month of dedicated knitting: you might want to give your grandmother the fircone and save the peacock for yourself, or give it to her and offer to trade when peacock is done. It's a fun knit, but save yourself for the felted slippers. Love your blog! It came highly recommended.

Ohh mods for the cardi... *drool* I can't wait!! I am in love with it and want to make one... one day, when I grow up.

I'm shocked! You're giving USMP away?! It looked so great on you! I hope the reciever deserves it... ;)

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