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This properly belongs on my other site, but -

Good, clean, simple dinner on Thursday, of

  • a gobbler, roasted in nothing but its own salted, peppered, sage-stuffed skin and plenty of butter;
  • a simple cranberry sauce of sugar, water and berries simmered and irregularly crushed with the back of a wooden spoon - enough to gel upon cooling, but still studded with whole berries here and there;
  • the plainest, best bread stuffing imaginable - a couple of day-old bâtards, relieved of crust and crumbled, tossed with onions and celery wilted in an an absolutely irresponsible mount of butter. Finely chopped sage, salt, pepper, a couple ladlefuls of all-day turkey stock. Cooked within the bird and without (supplemented by browned and minced giblets);
  • trimmed and halved Brussels sprouts, roasted with olive oil in a hot oven until loose leaves frizzled into crispy little wisps and the green heads were ringed with caramel sear round the edges. Dressed up with a bit of peppered slab bacon.
  • asparagus (out of season, but suprisingly decent) briefly steamed standing up in an inch of water, finished with grated Parmigiano and butter under the broiler;
  • mashed Yukon Golds (anyone who sticks with russets for mashed is a sucker, and I will defend that opinion to the death. Go ahead. Try me.)
  • giblet gravy. I burned the first roux and had to start over just as people started swarming through the door and demanding booze (the question of whether or not the gracious hostess swore like a pirate's parrot and flung the ruined pan into the sink with a fearful crash in front of a houseful of guests will have to remain unanswered, but I DID mutter thanks that I'd started with butter and not directly in the pan with my carefully monitered and cultivated drippings. Drippings and stock as aforesaid in the second batch, and all was well);
  • thrice-risen dinner rolls (visible crumbled under the fork handle). I LOVE King Arthur unbleached all-purpose. Light, white, feeds the yeast just right, every freaking time.
  • medallions of sweet potato parboiled and finished in the oven with whiskey, butter, brown sugar and pecans. No marshmallow concoction for me (though I think I could eat a whole dish of it. If no one were watching);
  • the freshest, easiest, most crowd-pleasing green bean recipe I know - blanch trimmed beans until bright green, shock in ice water, and reheat with a dab of whole-grain dijon and oil or butter until the seeds start to pop. Takes five minutes flat for a perfectly balanced little side, the grassiness cut by acidity and natural sugar tempered with spice.
  • not pictured: stuffed Vidalias; satsuma-juice-glazed carrots; creamed corn; my famous apple and not-so-famous pumpkin pies and the accompanying whipped cream; my sore right (whipping) arm; various and sundry (empty) bottles of wine and beer and spirits; inky coffee as only my dad makes it; convival people; smiling, ingratiating kids and sulky, tantrum-throwing ones; good cheer; bad puns and funny stories; gratefulness for the bounty that imbues our lives, in ways big and small.


Yum! I'm glad to see it looks as though you had a great Thanksgiving!

(BTW, totally with you on the Yukon Golds. Also make great french fries.)

Awesome fricking entry....I hear you on the KA Flour, I never buy anything else. Looks and sounds like a great Thanksgiving to me!

Yummilicious! I totally agree with you about the KA flour, too. Best brand I've used--even worth mail order. You have another site?

Found it! More yum!

WOW...I'm so impressed! I also agree with you about the Yukon Golds.

Hey, I have those dishes, too!

Dinner sounds yum-o-licious.

Wow~ heaven on a dish. Looks and sounds absolutely wonderful.

Holy Cow! That was a feast!!!

I will have to try the King Arthur since my precious White Lily isn't sold up here. Once I run out of my special delivery from my family that is...

Sounds (and looks) delicious! (And DH and I are totally with you on the Yukon Golds - although I'm embarrassed to say we just discovered them for mashed potatoes. What can I say - I don't cook very much.) I'd love to be invited over to dinner sometime (except that we don't live in the same state) but then I don't think I'd be able to fit into the sweaters I like to make for myself, or the size 4 jeans I'm so proud to be able to wear. I also think I'd be so stuffed that I might throw up in the pool during a swim workout, and the other swimmers might not like me very well after that.

I really didn't think it was possible that I'd ever be hungry for Thanksgiving dinner again after Thursday, but you've done it! Your meal looks delicious (and like a lot of hard work) brava!

yum!! i agree with the yukon potatoes, and i must try your way of preparing green beans!

I agree 100% about the Yukon Golds! Best potatoes going. I need to run to the grocery store now :)

I agree 100% about the Yukon Golds! Best potatoes going. I need to run to the grocery store now :)

hey looks and sounds sooooo good. I always use the yukon golds for the mashed, but this year i threw in a bag of dried cherries with cranberries to simmer merrily.. very, very good!

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