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I'm still working on the Peacock shawl...and the Peacock shawl is still a crumpled rag o' ugly.

Now, I need to make a plan for the rest of my Christmas knitting - I have a pretty good idea of what needs to be done for everyone, except when it comes to this:

Jeff's mom would, I think, like the color, and it's just enough (about 1,000 yards) to make a pretty piece of lace. I was convinced I'd make another Peacock shawl with it, until Jeff informed me that he thinks his mom might prefer a scarf, or a long, rectangular shawl she could wear as a scarf. This is fine with me - Peacock is a fun pattern and everything, but I don't know if I want to knit two of them one right after the other.

Maybe I'd do something like this:

the Corner-to-Corner scarf from the Knitter's Review shawl book, though I hate the idea of knitting the same repeat over and over for interminable rows. Then again, the second Fiddlesticks Whisper Scarf, with a few repeats added for length, ccould be mighty nice:

Or maybe I'll use this as my first lace design project, and cobble together some patterns out of a stitch dictionary. Decisions, decisions.

In any case, after I block the Peacock, I'll work on some other things before jumping right into MORE lace. I'll work on the Felted Floral Bag first, then finish up Dad's Gansey, and then, maybe, get cracking on choosing or making up a pattern for the scarf. Lace is excellent in small doses, of course, but lately I've felt it beginning to eat my brain.


The River Stole from the new Rowan might work well as a scarf too if you add some repeats and maybe drop down in needle size.

I second the idea for the River stole. Diana did a scarf version just like how Annie described.

River is nice, but it gets oh so boring fast. How about making up your own lace? (hows that for a challenge?!) It could be cool in a random lace "pattern". Take a break from the lace though and work on your dad's gansey for a bit. I'm scared that I'll see you walking the streets talking to yourself about making the world disappear with your needles.

The Corner to Corner scarf is super pretty.. but designing your own lace pattern sounds like great fun.

Wow.. that white scarf is absolutely to DIE for! I must make it! You said it's from the knitters review shawl book or something like that.. is that the actual name of the book? Love your site!

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