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Lesser nerds, stay away!

Thanks for all the sweet comments about the smoke ring and the shawl, guys. They were both fun knits that receive two thumbs up from the Eunny Jang School of Knitting.

Take it with a grain of salt, though, since, the EJSoK isn't necessarily the most conscientious institution out there. Take, for example, our most beloved maxim:

An ounce of detergent

covers a multitude of sins

Hopefully, anyway.

The construction for this bag is going to be an interesting little puzzle. At All About Yarn the other day, I saw a display of patterns and kits by Noni Bellows, a local designer who makes fresh, seriously good-looking bags and totes with felt. Some of the stuff is fairly standard - cylinder bag with eyelash trim, anyone? - but other items are absolute knockouts, not so much because they're terribly original, but because of a spectacular sense of color and shape. There's very little messy, sloppy frowsiness in her designs (present in almost every felted bag I've ever seen); instead, they walk the narrow tightrope between clean and soft; fresh and romantic. And besides, they're just so pretty - what dark heart beats in he who could find nothing to love in a pistachio-and-dark-brown striped baguette adorned with giant pale pink flowers?

In examining the sample bag, it looked like it had been knit in pieces, felted, cut to size, and then seamed together and reinforced with plastic needlepoint canvas between outer layer and facing. I'd rather felt it already seamed, but I do want to adopt some of the clever shaping ideas I saw with regard to pleats and handle attachment. I'm thinking that instead of doing this incredibly awkward side pleat:

(which even looks awful in the modeled bag, so you know I could never make it work:


I'll do one deep pleat, perhaps by making crease lines with columns of purl stitches. I'm also dead-set against using i-cord for handles, so I'm thinking I'll attach deep brown leather straps around the reinforcing dowels along the sides - maybe sewn into place, or maybe buckled to themselves.

Does anyone have ideas for lining fabric? Right now, I'm leaning towards a rich pink solid, but we are nothing if not flexible here at the EJSoK.


I made that bag about ten months ago, Eunny, and I sewed it up all the way, left stiff plastic stripes in the dowel openings to keep them free, and made a tri-fold pleat in the end, like a capital M rather than the W with extra legs like they recommended. I also made the handles longer than the instructions said to, and I lined it like you plan to do. It was completely assmebled when it went iunto the washer, but for the dowels. It gave me nightmares in the washing (monitor it closely) but after it was all done, I had the good luck to have Pam Allen herself see it and she pronounced it a success. Let me know if I can offer any further advice. It will be gorgeous!

I think I saw that at All About Yarn when I was there last week. There was a felted pink and orange cylinder bag that was very cute. Honestly, I couldn't pay much attention to that because I was so overwhelmed by everything in the store! They had so much. I'm definitely going back soon.

The bag is going to be gorgeous! I've been wanting to make that bag for a long time but now that I've seen your two color version, I like it much better than the multi-color. I'll be interested to see what you decide on the final construction :D

I was about to write that Julia FC knit the same bag several months ago, but she beat me to the punch.

Your version is looking gorgeous! Congrats.

I've got nothing to offer that might be helpful, but still, such a pretty bag!

I saw the pistachio and moss/pink flower bag, and indeed, who couldn't find something to love in that? Rich pink sounds great for a liner for your bag, especially since the rest of the bag is free of pink, if you know what I mean.

I am in full agreeance with the EJSoK - Sounds like you're on the right track with side pleats, and the leather straps are a great idea... if they buckle, maybe they can also be adjustable.

I love the EJSoK, I hope I graduate with your excellence. The bag will look gorgeous with a pink lining, howsabout hot pink, shimmery, silky... very festive.

That bag is going to be beautiful! Where can I get the pattern?

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