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It is begun

I finished the lace borders of the Fir Cone Shawl last night between candy dispensing and did two repeats on the edging.

The last border round was made up of 860 stitches. Yes, you heard correctly - eight hundred and sixty. The edging, which is knitted together with the body on every wrong side row, will consist of nine hundred and four rows, since a full repeat gets done over each corner.

You can't see it from there, but blood is dripping from the walls as I type.

A lot of people have asked for more details on the cabled cardigan:

The book is Adrienne Vittadini 15, published in the fall of either 1999 or 2000. I've had my copy for ages, but I *have* seen some back copies in stores as recently a couple weeks ago. Be warned, though, it's a pricey book - I paid $19.95 for a book with just two patterns (the cover and the cardigan) I made any use of.

The pattern is really quite different from what I ended up with. The book calls for light worsted wool/alpaca on 4mm (US6) needles, while I used a mercerized cotton yarn on US4 needles. I split the garment down the middle, did more of the waist shaping at more frequent intervals, added some short row shaping at the bust, and knit on a stocking-stitch hood adorned with a cable that trailed up from the body of the garment.

If anybody would like more details, I'm always happy to provide them, though I didn't keep extensive notes. For the most part, I made things up as I went along, dealing with construction issues as they came up (my motto: Speak softly and carry a big calculator).


Thanks for the info on the cabled hoodie cardigan!

woweee. that's some modification, adventurous lady! did you split the sweater with a steek?

you are very brave to make up mods like that on the fly!!! i'm too chicken to even try to mod a simple pattern to fit me properly!

I absolutely love that cardigan and I would really appreciate any pattern modification etails you can provide. Do you sell any of your patterns?

Hi, while I love the sweater you chose to make from the Adrienne Vittadini catalog, I am trying to find the pattern for the cover sweater!! Since it's about 5 or 6 years old now, I was hoping to find it for cheap. If you can help, let me know!! Thank you.

I absolutely love your craftmanship and your expertise and desire to be innovative.
I learn something everytime I visit and want to thank you for being so generous with your time.

I love what you've done to the pattern and I am wanting to knit one for myself. I don't have the experience to work out this pattern as you did. Please, please consider publishing it. I would be glad to pay for it. Thank you!

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Yes. Please consider publishing this pattern I'd gladly pay for this.

I would love to adapt the same sweater into a cardigan. I have been searching the internet, fruitlessly for this pattern. Do you have any ideas how I could find it?
PS I love your work, it has been distracting me for hours! Thanks for sharing!

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