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Forgive your enemies, but don't forget their names

Oh baby, do I forgive you. It's such a pretty thing, it would be a sin not to make peace with it. Or to throw it out of an eighth-story window and hope it lands in the street to be crushed by a passing delivery van, or lay it too near the stove in a wild hope that the pilot light will catch, or anything, uh, hypothetical like that.

Thanks for all the notes of commiseration you guys left :) It really is inexplicable, isn't it? Clearly, this shawl wants to be, needs to be, IS GOING TO BE a full 88".

Fighting against destiny, I got out my graph paper and my calculator to do some fancy footwork with repeat elimination - I thought I would take out two of the "feather" sections in the middle charts. That threw the design out of proportion; the "plume" section was too long now. In trimming the plume section, I found that the only logical place to cut it would make the feather section too long again - but I'd already knitted way past the point at which I'd have had to stop with the feathers. I'm a high-strung, twitchy sort of knitter if there ever was such a thing, but even I draw the line at tinking lace that doesn't have to be tinked. So, this shawl is going to be large, and my dear little grandmama can gather it with a pin when she wears it.

Or use it as a bathrobe, or a painting tarp, or go parasailing with it; just so long as she enjoys it. Right?

I'm about halfway through the 7th chart now, and should probably have a FO by the weekend (yay! I lurve blocking; it's my favorite part of knitting lace)


gorgeous Eunny.

like all your projects this one is really beautiful. I can't wait to see it finished.

I think it's important to give people multi-functional gifts. Who knows -- your grandmother may secretly be itching to take up parasailing, and she's just lacked the materials until now. She'll be forever grateful!

Really, truly, absolutely beautiful! Great job!

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