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I really thought the whole armwarmer thing was silly and pointless, until I realized how cold my hands get when I'm hunched over the keyboard. Gloves would be entirely too cumbersome; wristlets are ridiculous-looking; what I need is something that fits my arm and wrist and hand, with a thumb gusset, that covers the fingers to the first knuckle. Yeah, that would be great! How come no one's thought of this before?

Wait a minute.

So anyway, here's some (further) proof that I am totally barking mad:

I had a couple uninterrupted knitting hours last night (a treat for myself after braving the grocery store during rush hour). I could have worked on the felted bag. Or my dad's gansey. Or gotten cracking on some of the umpteen felted slippers I have to make.

No, I sat down and started A NEW PROJECT.

Because life is nothing without giant, awkward rationalizations, I'm telling myself that this is a learning project, an exercise in combining colors and shapes. It'll take the place of my Fair Isle Vest as The Colorwork Project since instant-gratification knits are more conducive to experimentation than ones that take forever, but the process will be fairly long-term, relegated to spare moments here and there - I don't expect to have a FO I'm satisfied with before Christmas.

The sample you see here is v.1.0 - a far cry from the "sophisticated Fair Isle" I was trying to achieve. My main problem with it is color-related - I just merrily combined colors I thought were pretty together, with no mind to hue intensities, making the finished pattern look sort of incoherent. This done totally in shades of blue and grey, or in natural fleece colors a la Ron Schweitzer's spectacular designs for Shetland 2000, might be a lot more adult.

The other big issue concerns the pattern itself - I didn't know whether I wanted something Norwegian or Scottish in flavor. Obviously I went with the former, but I am a little disappointed with the size of each motif's footprint on such a small piece. An arrangement of some narrow, traditional Scottish FI borders might be better suited.

Technical problems:

1) I should have striped the gusset in vertical columns to hide the end-of-round jog and give strength to the fabric. Easily fixed.

2) The star pattern I made up kind of sucked - there needs to be some sort of accent between each star to anchor the thread.

3) The brown borders make no sense here. All they do is visually slice.

4) Not marked, but there really needs to be some gentle shaping at the bottom of the cuff to prevent the motif from twisting. Also easily fixed.

All in all, this turned out...okay for something done on a whim, with no swatch and no tape measure. I'm going to keep refining the pattern and the design itself, until I have something I'm happy with - I think it might be kind of fun.



Girl, you are a knitting machine! I can't believe you did that all last night AND survived grocery store rush hour traffic. You must teach me your ways. Can I enroll in the EJSoK?

Girl, you are a knitting machine! I can't believe you did that all last night AND survived grocery store rush hour traffic. You must teach me your ways. Can I enroll in the EJSoK?

I so love coming here to see your projects, especially when you post the progress from sketch to finished object--you are so talented and skilled! I would like to enroll in the EJSoK, too. If you are barking mad, I'd like to be, too.

I really liked the picture and couldn't see right away what you didn't like. You're a tiny little bit mad critisising yourself that harshly. But I can't wait to see this project develop, if it starts out like this, it's bound to be really really beautiful. I am wearing gauntlets all the time, and was thinking about making something in Fair Isle. I'll make sure to check out your progress regularly. Great work!!!!

I think your armwarmers are beautiful!!

Man, you knit fast, Eunny! Those armwarmers are beautiful!

Like the other commenters, I think it looks great, though I do think your changes would be improvements. Can't wait to see it once all the details are ironed out!

Wow, that's all I can say. I think the colors, pattern and the whole FO is just beautiful! You are amazing! Wish I could just whip stuff up like that. Good luck on your improvements, but I can't imagine how it could look any better!

Those are awesome, as usual! I'm going to try my hand at Fair Isle after Christmas. I'm usually a one-color gal, so it'll be a change for me. Of course, I don't think my Fair Isle will come out quite as fast as yours! How do you do it?

I have to say, I look forward every day to your updates. I was especially excited to see a new project, and one that I thought was extremely impressive. Don't be too harsh on yourself! It looks great.

I think perhaps you are too hard on yourself. I happen to like the colors you chose, as well as the snowflake pattern with the brown border. Of course, you're the one that has to be satisfied by it all, but I think this was an excellent first attempt. So I'm sure the next finished object will be to your perfection (satisfaction).

But I think it looks fabulous!
I really love coming to your blog and see all your amazing creations ;)

Eunny, I'm speechless. Well almost: I think your armwarmers are so beautiful! You are my knitting super hero.

i'm a regular lurker (hi eunny! i love your stuff! i don't knit myself, but i like to pretend my FO's would turn out like yours...) but now i HAVE to comment. i love those armwarmers! and i thought to myself how unexpected and lovely the brown was with the other colors- kind of like a modern twist on delftware. and the snowflake motif is gorgeous the way it is. they're completely and utterly fabulous.

I bounced in here from who knows where and have fallen in love with your fingerless gloves!

Please do all the tweaking you want but post the pattern when you are done! So cute!

I have been wanting to give color work a try...

I live at 53528 Commonwealth in Seattle. Been up here before?

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