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To do a rather serious disservice to a certain fun-loving founding father:

Ballwinders are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy. That's 1,365 yards of cobweb weight Merino, baby, all wound into one beautiful, silky-soft, endless, stable center-pull yarn cake. Ahhh.

The skinny on Peacock Feathers:

This pattern is very pretty, and by "very pretty", I mean "even people who normally find lace too fussy and precious see it and are immediately consumed by the sort of white-hot lust that builds up behind eyeballs and turns the brain into a quivering mass of covetousness". Thus, it would make an excellent all-purpose gift for nearly anyone who likes pretty things.

I knew all along that I'd have to purchase a skein in a new color to make the Peacock that will complete the Lace Trifecta for my mom, my auntie, and my grandmother, but I also had 75 grams, or 1,023 yards (if the label is to be believed) of the same yarn left from the FIr Cone Shawl. It would be the perfect color for a Peacock for Jeff's mom, if only I could get a whole shawl out of it.

The pattern calls for 4 ounces, or 1,260 yards, of laceweight on 3.5mm (US4) needles to make a shawl measuring 88" from tip to tip and 43" from the neck to the lower point. That's big, and by "big" I mean "the size of a damn parachute." Some women could certainly pull that off, but not my 4' 8" grandmother.

Then there's the issue of the yarn substitution - I'm using Merino Oro again. The shawl pictured looks quite solid in the straight stockinette portions - I would have to use a much smaller needle for cobweb yarn. This would, coincidentally, work out to a smaller shawl, which would be fortuitous indeed.

But how much LESS yarn would it use? I didn't get to the store all week, but went ahead and cast on with the yarn I had (the teal, of which I had a limited amount) and the needles in my posession (2.75mms, which make a rather too airy fabric in st st). My progress so far has gone like this:

1. Work three rows
2. Regard knitting critically
3. Hem and haw over whether the finished shawl will still be huge
4. Hem and haw over whether the teal blue will run out
5. Decide to keep knitting a little more so as to "get a better idea"
6. Repeat until all reasoning faculties are sufficiently dulled by endless circular logic, doubt, and apparant hopelessness. Wonder if this is what insanity feels like, to keep doing something though you don't want to and know you probably shouldn't and it's tormenting you every single moment that you continue to do it with self-doubt and worry and why don't you just stop?

Duh. Why didn't I just buy the new skein, which I would have to do anyway, knit that shawl first, and use that as an (obviously) accurate yardage measure and size measure without concerns of running out of yarn? Why didn't I just do that from the beginning?

Why? And why am I spending all this time thinking about this whole silly, easily-resolved conundrum?

At some point, I need to lay off the crack, and by "crack" I mean "lace". Clearly, it's destroying my mind.


Awwww I know just how you feel!

I feel this way about my circular shrug. I keep working on it. Looking at it. Holding it up. Looking at my boobs. Hold the knitting up to my chest. Sighing and then working at it again. I will be very sad to rip the whole stupid thing.

Eunny, oh my goodness! Why on earth don't you have carpal tunnel? I can't imagine ever finishing even one of those, never mind three of them before Christmas.

oh that is a gorgeous color and i really relate to your dilemma...

you are an amazingly fast knitter!!

I just have to tell you that looking at all the lace shawls you do is making me want to do one too! I'm taking baby steps - I'm using my mohair from my Secret Pal to make a lace cowl from Weekend Knitting. Lace, like crack, is addictive, I guess!