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Those crochet loops - gah! What miserable cur decided to inflict this scourge upon the suffering world? What kind of insane revenge plot prompted the designer to include a crochet bind-off? What mad scientist invented crochet in the first place? Crochet sucks; crochet is impossible to do; the yarn keeps splitting; what kind of magic witchy fingers are needed to do this properly . . . what? The yarn goes around the needle?


After that, they flew by, and now we're just waiting on blocking, here.

Items on today's to-do list include:

  • Block the Peacock Feathers Shawl
  • Go to the yarn store
  • Finalize Thanksgiving menu
  • Do the Saturday Quote-Acrostic in the Post
  • Assist in the purchase of a chainsaw

Not necessarily in that order :)

Anyway, look for an FO this afternoon! Huzzah!


for some reason I'm most interested in the chain saw.

remember to look for kookaburra at the lys!

Beautiful! I can't wait to see it spread out and to see what FO you're going to show next.

BEAUTIFUL shawl - and not a bad Saturday to-do list!

Sounds like a fun Saturday! Thanks for your advice about my Kepler. Now I just need to get off the Internet and KNIT! :)

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