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Am I still invited?

I'm always late to the party. In ninth grade, I was the last person to find out that Allison Whittier and Bryan Kranz had broken up at the senior prom after-party. This was news that rocked the world, people - and I had no idea, until I saw Bryan necking with Shannon Hines.

Then, I heard only that Bruce Willis had a new movie that was kind of interesting, didn't bother to see it, and thus was embarassingly confused whenever anyone brought up the fact that he'd been "dead the whole time." He was staring at me from the checkout line magazine display every week - how could he be dead?

The list goes on and on. You mean those people were high?! Why is everyone so down on Ray Lewis? There's this site, it's pretty funny, called The Onion...oh, you mean you've heard of it already? I don't know, I thought those were pretty nice boots Condoleeza had on.

I think the crowning glory of my shining career in cluelessness came when I realized that the "Every Kiss Begins With Kay" jewelry-store jingle is a pun - you'll receive a kiss when you bring home a gift from Kay Jewelers, but also, the first letter of "kiss" is "k," har har har.

I realized this TWO WEEKS AGO.

So I don't feel so bad that I've just now discovered the wonder and glory that is the nostepinne, or more properly, the wonder and glory that is the nostepinne technique. Sure, people have been doing it for centuries; sure, it's a common-sense kind of thing; sure, I'm an idiot for drawing complex diagrams of a handcranked ballwinder's movements and thinking I'd build one someday. I don't care - I'm too pleased with myself.

Those are the scraps I'm collecting for my Someday Fair Isle Vest, wrapped into neat, stackable cakes with an elegantly low-tech and seamlessly appropriate method. Ahhh, tradition.

Executive Summary of WIPS - the Peacock, she grows. I'm going to limit chatter and pictures, I think, because 1) I know lace-in-progress is deadly monotonous, and 2) everyone saw a thousand Peacocks being worked this summer. Next time you see it, it'll be blocked and draped around the nearest available elephant.

The convertible gloves - I finally got around to asking Jeff about them, and miracle of miracles, he likes them. They fit perfectly, without ripple or wrinkle; he likes the color, the yarn, even the cable. Huzzah! I'll finish those, too, this week, start test-knitting the pattern for smaller hands (crossing my fingers - I think it just might downscale perfectly with smaller needles and fingering weight yarn), and then offer a nice little free pattern. Whoop!


So glad your man likes the gloves. So it looks like you were all worried over nothing. Haha. Can't wait to see your finished peacock even though it might take you a while to find an elephant to model for it. =P

Holy Jeebus.

I never even though about the "Kay"-"k" thing until JUST NOW. And I am queen of all homophones.

*hangs head in shame*

(Extra tidbit: In the Pink song, I always thought she was saying "I'm coming out, so you better get the party started. I thought it was about coming out of the closet. Now I know she's merely coming "up", which isn't nearly as cool.)

Oh you must be a genius! Seriously...I'd never gotten the Kay/kiss connection until you spelled it out *blushing*

I have some land I can sell you down in florida, email me if you are interested! :P

I love winding yarn into little cakes, I wish I could make it into a profession. I use this thing called a "ballwinder".

Glad the boy liked the gloves, he probably got my email that said something like "you better like them or you're getting a nostepinne where the sun don't shine"...yeah, something like that

same here -- didn't realize the kay kiss connection either until you just mentioned it. but i've been using a ball winder for years ;)

oh, those Kay people are so clever! I didn't get that until just now too.

I like the idea of the nostepinne. I am down with the high tech ball winder, but anything that has been used for years and is super traditional like that is extra cool.

Hi! Great blog - I just stumbled upon it, and will definitely bookmark you and be back. Your Peacock shawl is GORGEOUS!

Save me a space on the clueless couch, I never got the Kay commercial until now.

Interesting about the nostepinne, I'll have to look into this as I need a ball winder.

I'm with you on the dense/naive thing, especially the "those people were high?" part. I am the queen of having an entire conversation with someone before realizing they are totally whacked out on drugs.

One time I got upset with that commercial and remarked to a friend that I would never shop at a store that makes women look so materialistic...like they don't kiss people unless they get diamonds. It was only when my friend pointed out that, in fact, every kiss does begin with 'K' that I got it. I still don't like the commercials though.

I totally know how you feel about being out of the loop... I watched a movie in which there were "special" brownies; it took me a few years to realize that special brownies made the kids eating them high... And i watched "That 70's show" all the time!!!