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Well, I still hate it.

Blocking helped a lot, but it's still all wrong for me. It's too bad, because it really is a pretty sweater - I just don't think it's particularly flattering, or fits or hangs well.

Would anyone out there want to give this a home in her closet? I don't know anyone IRL who would wear or appreciate this, and I have no desire to rip this or work with the yarn ever again. The garment is 34" at the bust and 22" from shoulder to hem. Bear in mind that it's not perfect - I wasn't particularly technically proficient when I made this, so the knitting is a bit uneven and the ends aren't woven in very well. Still, it's a nice enough lightweight sweater...or you could cannibalize it for the yarn. I'll include the extra skein of Trinity left over from this project, too.

If you'd like it, just email or leave a comment, and I'll be happy to mail it out to you. In return? Send me the link to your site, so I can beef up my files of reading material!