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I finished the center square of the Fir Cone Square Shawl last night and pinned it out to get an idea of the size the finished thing will grow into before I pick up stitches for the borders and it becomes a shapeless bag on the needle.

I do have a problem, though - I cast on for this riding shotgun in a car, when no waste yarn was handy for the provisional caston required. Undaunted, I simply cast on with the project yarn, knit a few rows of stocking stitch, and left a long loop at the edge before starting in pattern. My reasoning was that later, I'd go back, cut the loop, unravel the stocking stitches, and be on my way. As it turns out, it's not going to be so simple - the sticky laceweight isn't exactly the best medium for clean "unzipped" stitches.

Oh, how the would-be mighty have fallen.