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Crazy in love

To whosoever receives this message:

Please help me. I am being held hostage by infinite butterfly skeins of merino. I don't know what they want with me; only that they are unwilling to listen to reason. They made me cast on; they made me do intarsia. I don't ever do intarsia; I hate intarsia; I'm sick with self-loathing over giving in to them. There seem to be more of them every second...I don't know where they're coming from.

Send reinforcements. And also, bobbin holders.

P.S. - Blossom over at Whispering Pine received the Trinity sweater! She looks absolutely gorgeous in it...and I can comfortably stop with the knitting-but-not-wearing guilt. AND, she's sending me some incredible sock patterns! Millstone riddance and new patterns, all in one day...huzzah!