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Similes and Metaphors

Sunshine! Blessed, precious sunshine! I feel like dancing. That is, I would, if I didn't have roughly the same amount of grace as an elephant on a trapeze. Cirque du Soleil, indeed.

After hurling more expletives than a sailor with Tourette's and hating myself more than an anorexic celebrity, I have this:

What a difference some stem stitch makes. This is what it looked like last night:

Ugly, right? I was cursing, rubbing my raw fingertips together, seriously questioning my sanity and wanting to write a hateful letter to Nicky Epsein care of Interweave. Sadists! Jerks! How could you publish a pattern that clearly exists solely to shame and humiliate knitters who attempt it?! Who knit the sample in the magazine, anyway? A magical friend named "Photoshop", that's who. I got a box out and shoved the knitting in there, still on the needle, covered it up and went to bed.

It looks a lot better now. I went with two colors because I wanted a really graphic quality to the flowers; as written, I thought it looked a bit fussy and precious. It was pretty, and cleverly charted to make the flowers look three-dimensional...but for me, I thought it was twee-er than a toile-covered toilet paper holder. In stark brown and white, though, the shapes and lines really pop.

< very small voice> Besides, this would have been a pricey little project with seven colors. Spendier than my sister with other people's credit cards. < /very small voice>

I can't wait to see this felted. I'm thinking that I'll add leather handles rather than the felted I-cord called for, line it, and do a different finishing treatment for the sides and add a closure. And then I'll have a great little bag for portable knitting projects. I'll be cooler than a penguin martini.


I plan to make this bag for my mother in law for Christmas. Yeah, I actually adore my MIL - as proven by the fact that I'm willing to make something like this for her. I am so glad someone with an awesome blog and an even better sense of humor tackled this project before I did. I am actually using all 7 colors (I think Cascade Pastazza or Brown Sheep). I'm watching with great anticipation to see how yours turns out! Good luck - not that you need it. You are a great knitter.

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