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I finished up the first Norwegian Stocking (Nancy Bush, Folk Socks) last night, while watching the Caps lose (again).

I am completely, perfectly in love with this clever little pattern, where function and form coexist quietly.

The sole of the foot and toe are worked in a basic 1x1 check, giving strength to the fabric and producing a marvelously thick, sturdy, cushy piece of knitting.



The heel flap is a pretty, larger check, with the turn done in a plain color. The decreases are written such that the double line of blue continues from hem all the way to the toe uninterrupted. Brilliant.



The calf shaping is done all in one row, within the pattern. The color shift you see in the wrong side of the work can be blamed on switching from one-handed to two-handed when my left hand cramped, and being careless about which color went on top.



And then I cast on for the second sock.

These are a fun, fairly quick knit...and Fair Isle always goes like lightning anyway, it's so interesting to see the pattern emerge. I didn't pull an all-nighter for these things (though I was sorely tempted to)...three or four hours of knitting for two days was enough to finish the first stocking. It's so hard to put something down, once one is obsessed - you know how we do.


Hi Eunny, guess what.....I copied this sock just by studying your photo's and what's more; to do so I first learned to knit with a circular needle, wich wasn't that easy, a sock is a small thing.
Then......I learned to knit with two colors and soon found out theexsisence of continental and Englisch style.... so.......I learned the continental style...
Please look at : My-first-ever-ever- Round knitted-Two color- Two hand knitted Sock!
( funny shoes heh)
I hope sock nr 2 will be finished by autumn. P.s. I enjoy reading your log. I am machine knitting with very fine gauge, almost lace.We share some ideas in body- fitting style,

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