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Who built the ark

Rainy day.

The knitting for the Union Square Market pullover is done! The sleeves are blocking, and then there will only be seaming and finishing to do.

I went button shopping today, too. They didn't have exactly what I wanted - I was thinking very small oval or rounded rectangle ebony buttons - but I think these are fine. If I'm out and I see something that really catches my eye, it'll be no problem to switch them later.

The smaller shoulder buttons have a right side:

And a wrong side:

Yeah, I like the wrong side better too.

The finishing instructions on this don't make sense to me - as written, you make the button loops by anchoring the center of a strand of yarn in the hem, twisting, and anchoring the end of the cord in the next stitch. But don't you have to double the kinked strand to get it to "relax" into twisted cord? And don't you have to knot the ends? How is this going to work without being ungainly or awkward? This logic is not our Earth logic.

I finished up the first rib and cable sock, too:

I really like this pattern, save a few quibbles with the heel turn; I think it's a graceful, not-boring, well-fitted basic sock for showing off a pretty fiber. It would look great as knee socks...or as a pair of men's dress socks.

Bizarro tidbit of the day - am I a bad person for finding this to be one of the more amusing things I've seen recently?

I told them they should have made "Thou shalt not use my name for crass commercial enterprise" one of the Big Ten. Either that, or God forgot to renew his trademark. I think the display stand is what really got me - generically Old-Testament style shepherds (you know...full black beard; flowing robes), crooks in hand, happily chomping on these things under a rainbow. Heh.