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Not much in the way of new knitting today, as I'm working on relaunching this site together with my proprietary food site and looking into moving Blogger archives to Wordpress. Come ONE, come ALL! You'll SEE categorized posts! You'll THRILL to reliable images! You'll be AMAZED at how much better it looks!

I did get a very leeetle bit done on the second intarsia panel of the Felted Floral Bag while watching 13 Conversations About One Thing (the characters and storylines are engrossing, but thought-provoking? Not so much. The pretension is so thick you could float a raft built of not-cigars on it and sail away).

Compare, please:

I really went fast and loose with the first panel, getting sloppy about tension and ends and holes because I figured it would all come out in the wash (har har har). I'm doing the second panel more carefully - starting a new strand for every block rather than trying to fudge long floats, paying attention to the twisting tension, and generally doing, you know, real intarsia as opposed to whatever Fair Isle mongrel thing I was winging before.

Now, of course, I want to rip back and redo the first panel. Which would be ridiculous. When felted, none of this will matter. Right? Right?

I realized, too, while going through my blog template, that I never showed pictures of one finished object. So here it is, the kupukupu, the sommerfugl, the papillon, the pulelehua, the farfalla, the mariposa, the paru-paro, the schmetterling - that is, Rowan 37's Butterfly:

(Please don't mind that odd pose. I think something in the stack I built to hold the camera at the proper height - a coffee mug on a stack of books on my alarm clock on the nightstand - may have been a bit askew. More than likely, of course, it was me)