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Only a little bit to report on today: the sweater jacket is progressing, very slowly. I'm working the pattern out as I go, and keep running up against miscalculations and construction conundrums.

This is the right side of the back. The wonky bit in the center is the line along which decreases are being made, in this fashion:

It looks much better in real life; less like I screwed up with the Fair Isle and more like a piece of patterned fabric that has been cut and seamed, matching the pattern. Which is precisely why I wanted to do the shaping along tailoring lines in the first place.

Kate asked about the yarn - my mom brought it back as a gift on her last trip to Korea. It is sport or DK-weight virgin merino, in a chocolatey brown and a very pale cream-grey beige. The label is a bit mystifying:

I can't tell if "Fine Wool" is a brand or a generic descriptor; the Hangul at the bottom of the first picture just spells "Pa-Een Ool", or "Fine Wool" transliterated to Korean ears. So then, is "NY Wool" the brand? Or "Textiles Vertrauen?" And how many yards are in 100grams, anyway, like 200 yards or so? Ehhhh.

It does seem like a very high-quality yarn; it's wondrous soft, evenly spun, and has had no defects I've come across. I don't think it's highly processed to feel that way, either - it has a marked tendency to felt, to the point that I feel it happening a little as I knit it up. I know a lot of Shetland wools will do so, but I've never actually had it happen before. Should have made this sweater with those crazy no-sew steeks, heh.

Postscript - Sorry about the ads, guys. I'm just trying a couple things out; they might not be permanent. Quick headcount - do they bother you or make reading the blog irritating?

Post Postscript - Do you know anyone who appears to gain a lot of nourishment from self-created drama and loudly proclaimed martyrdom; who actually seems to draw life from manufactured angst and until he becomes a monstrous, self-parodying caricature buoyed up by nothing more than his own bloat and the backs of bystanders steamrolled into taking part in whatever that day's ridiculous emotional distress happens to be? And then has the nerve to be vain about it? Uh, not that I do, or anything.


A bit late here, but seeing as nobody commented: "textiles Vertrauen" is German and means "textile (but used as an adjective) confidence/trust". Or in other words: marketing nonsense. Or in other words again: nothing to do with the brand or yarn name. There's a lot of German on that label, which would seem odd as the yarn was purchased in Korea. Or, in other words again, I'm no help, am I?

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